Are All Nintendo Games In The Same Universe?

Today it seems that basically everything that is made by the same company is all interconnected. Well a lot of people are wondering if that is true of the Nintendo company as well. 

So are all Nintendo games in the same Universe? 

According to an official statement by Nintendo, All of the Nintendo games are happening in the exact same universe. Not only that, but characters ( like Star Fox) even evolve from Pokémon.

If you are blown away by this or if you had already thought this was true, then you are not alone!

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If you want to learn more, you can continue to read the article, or you can check out this video that explains the entire thing! 

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Different aspects of this theory

There are many shades to this hypothesis. It’s sufficiently simple to make associations between the Zelda universe and the Mario Universe, as a few Zelda games contain representations of Mario characters and Link shows up in Super Mario RPG. From that point, things get somewhat odd when Samus shows up in Kirby’s Dream Land 3, and animals fundamentally the same as matroids show up in Kid Icarus.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as this hypothesis can go much further. In the Mother series, Giygas permeates growths, plants, and creatures with consciousness. On the off chance that they hold their forces past the finish of the game, enchantment creatures and plants could without much of a stretch drain directly into Pokémon. On top of that, is if conscious creatures continue developing, Animal Crossing is certifiably not a long sensible jump away. Also, if their knowledge continues developing, what’s to prevent the advanced Pokémon from going to space as Star Fox?

Without a doubt, it’s a tangled web that many might even call wild speculations from the fans. If you are thinking about the presence of Super Smash Brothers though, either a bunch of loved characters are fit for interdimensional travel or there has to be some continuity in the Nintendo universe. 

Nintendo is passing up a great deal of chances by keeping its franchises so walled-off from one another

Nintendo is seemingly the most well known game organization on the planet. The best part is that it earned it by developing a bunch of amazing places with so many major characters that are known by all and loved by everyone who has ever picked up a controller. These characters are so well known that even people who do not play games know who they are and what they do! Some people have even compared Nintendo to today’s Marvel or Disney, but of the video game universe.

A lot of people think that it is long past the time that Nintendo should have taken a page from Marvel/Disney’s playbook. You see, Disney characters connect with one another in kid’s shows and films regularly. Marvel, in TV shows, motion pictures and particularly in the funnies, shows every one of their properties as one monster universe where any event that happens, could hypothetically happen where anybody can meet whenever. Is Daredevil ever going to meet Starlord? Even though this may sound like a long shot, it actually is a possibility. 

That is the thing that the Smash Bros. arrangement is. No matter what you think, it is sort of astounding and stunning that almost everything Nintendo has done could all be connected. Of course in Mario Kart 8 they highlighted different characters from other Nintendo establishments, but this is the organization only barely dipping their toes in the water when given their rich library of characters. If Nintendo wanted to, they could simply be cannonballing into the pool. 

If you look at the Nintendo Switch, Mario Tennis Aces is a prime example. Nintendo really makes a great deal of fun games. However, none of these components have any characters that aren’t from a Mario game. Baseball, soccer, basketball, it doesn’t make a difference; all you get is characters that occupy the Mushroom Kingdom. 

Why would only the characters from the mushroom kingdom play in these matches? Are the characters from Metroid and Zelda not as amazing as those from the mushroom kingdom? Will Kirby just do 2D platformers and that’s it? Once more, this is unmistakably not the case since all of the games clearly point to each other. Much like a battling game, for all intents and purposes any games game gives an entirely ideal reason for these characters to associate together in an enjoyable way where the “legend” and “group” doesn’t make a difference that much.

Don’t you need to see King Dedede and Waluigi collaborate on the tennis courts? There’s actually no explanation this can’t and shouldn’t occur. Furthermore, if we consider Mario Tennis Aces has an extremely encouraging looking single-player mode, it would be incredible if characters from different establishments were fused into it. Have Ridley as a chief, play duplicates with Peach and Zelda. This appears to be so mind-numbingly evident it’s sort of a no brainer. 

This doesn’t need to be restricted to sports or battling games. Capcom is essentially the ruler of the entirety of this. In addition to the fact that they have all these battling game hybrids with different characters from their games as well as different organizations, however, they even have a strategic turn-based methodology arrangement called Project X-Zone that has completely worked around this thought. 

I’m not saying this is something that should necessarily  happen all at once, but it definitely should happen. I think that a single game a year appears to be pretty easily obtainable. A platformer with Donkey Kong and Kirby. An extreme hybrid RPG including a large portion of Nintendo’s characters. Mario dropping by in Animal Crossing. A Musou game featuring characters from the Mushroom Kingdom, Hyrule and others, any of these future astonishing thoughts fans would go crazy over.

Nintendo has gone through decades making all these paramount characters and locations. It seems like a waste that they haven’t created a game where all of the characters can come together and people can create their own world with any characters and obstacles they want. 


Even though Nintendo acknowledges that the characters are all part of one world, we do not see this type of game happening anytime in the near future. No matter if you refuse to believe the truth behind the games, I am sure there will be a day where Nintendo makes it clear that all they want is for every single one of their characters to come together and enjoy playing a game. 

Even though some people believe that this might happen with the release of a new console by Nintendo, I believe that Nintendo has already thought about it, and does not need a new system to accomplish this task. Nintendo has dipped into the world of virtual reality, and there will soon be a day where you will be able to play as any Nintendo character you like, while playing any game from any Nintendo console ever created. The only limit that you would have in this game would be your mind. 

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