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Are Arcade Games Haram?

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Have you ever wondered If arcade games are haram? Maybe you were passing by an arcade and wanted to go in, but you were not sure if you could. Have you seen one of your friends playing an arcade game and didn’t think they should be able to? Well in this article we are going to give you all the answers you desire. 

So, are arcade games haram? 

There is no ultimate decision that has been issued on whether playing arcade games is haram or not. Some people believe they aren’t while others believe they are. It is up to you to decide whether they truly haram or not. 

If you continue to read this article We will go into why some people say they are haram, while others say they are not. 

Arcade games are one of the best inventions of mankind. The games have provided us a way to focus our energy on the recreational matter so that our minds can rest. Arcade games have also provided a way for people to settle their difference in a nonviolent way. 

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They serve as refreshment and relieve stress

1. Arcade games are known to be entertaining and refreshing.

The games can take your mind off of things going on around you that may be stressful. 

2. Arcade games promote sports and other brands hence it can be a good way to market your brands.

A good example is the NBA jam and Arch Rivals. They have been great ambassadors for basketball and the NBA. That is why brands like to be incorporated into arcade machines. 

3. They provide a nonviolent way of settling things.

Arcade games have been known for settling a dispute or fight without the use of violence.  Although most people probably laugh when they hear this, they have saved at least a few broken noses as well as probably some broken bones.

4. Arcade games can serve as a full time career.

Through the rise of video games (including arcade machine games) unemployment has dropped in a very large amount. Professions like graphic designers, gaming journalists, gamers, store managers, arcade technicians, and others have been created after the rise of arcade games.

5. They have brought revenue streams and income to owners and players

Arcade games have been known to have global competitions where winners have won prize money. This is how gamers have been able to earn and thus create a more meaningful purpose in their career. Not only that, but the owners have generated a lot of money, and some have even become millionaires through owning multiple arcade games.

6. They have contributed to helping kids have a decent upbringing.

Arcade games have been known to contribute to helping kids gain the best experience for their childhood. Since kids respond differently to correction, the arcade was a place for some to go and let off steam, while for others it was just a relaxing day for them to play games and keep calm.  

7. They have created a way for people to learn passively

Some games contain knowledge about astronomy, science and other topics like space invaders and computer space. Other games like tetris allow people to test their mental ability. This is how people have been passively learning through playing these games. 

8. They increase cognitive thinking and problem-solving techniques

Arcade games come in various types of games. Some of them tend to be strategic and hard and increase the techniques of problem-solving for the player. Games like Pac-man have random algorithms in which require you to think and make split second decisions to solve them. This constant thinking builds up your ability in problem-solving.

9. Arcade games have been known to be cultural

Arcade games are built from companies all over the world. Each company tries to insert an environment that resembles their country. For example people in Africa now know about Michael Jordan or the Dallas pistons because of arcade games like NBA jams.

 Although they have a lot of importance, they are also known to have a lot of cons in the world. 

Some of them are:

  • They have spread the idea of warfare and violence

Many people believe arcade games like Defenders and Tekken have spread the ideas of violence and warfare into the minds of the youth. These ideas have brought a lot of bad influences on the kids and younger generations. The bad part about this is that you can’t restrict a kid from going to the arcade to simply play a few games. 

  • They have been known to promote laziness and unemployment

Some people stay all day long playing arcade games. Doing this can cause people to lose grip on reality and fantasy, and forget their responsibilities. Some of them have even tried making money by playing against people and betting, or by live streaming their games..  

  • Arcade games have also been known to pull children away from school

A lot of parents have reported their kids drifting from schools when they play arcade games. This helped cause the problem of uneducated and uninspired young people today.

  • To some cultures arcade gaming is haram

One of the biggest questions that is asked about arcade gaming is. “Are arcade games haram?” In some societies it is yes. They say that gaming takes them away from God by wasting time on useless things. If you look at it in that way, it does have some truth to it. Arcade gaming can waste time. 

A person can easily spend 12 hours playing an arcade game without doing anything productive or fulfilling his daily responsibilities. This is why in countries with strong religious principles like Saudi Arabia arcade gaming is haram and prohibited. 

Other people who follow the Islamic law, do not believe this way, but believe that the time spent playing arcade machines and games are a way to relax and clear your mind to have better clarity of thought as you go throughout the day. 

  • It is a bad influence and can lead to gambling

There are many different types of arcade games. Some of them are extremely competitive , and this is where people like to wager on who will beat who, or who will win in a face off. There are even quite a few games that look similar to slot machines and even though you are only playing for tickets, you are still gambling, or at least becoming familiar with gambling and losing money at games.  


Arcade games, as with any other item, has its pros and cons. Although some people prefer to dwell on the cons of arcade games, there are others who actually enjoy the time playing them and look on the brighter side of things. 

Even though some people gamble while playing arcade machines, that is not common practice. There are a lot more people who just enjoy playing them for fun and trying to get a high score for bragging rights. Just like this guy who dominated the unbeatable game “Pac-Man”. 

 No matter what you think though, if you have strong biblical beliefs that say you should not play arcade games, you should follow your religion and obey the rules of it. If you do not have a strong conviction against them, then you are probably looking for the closest arcade right now to see how soon you can get there and play some pretty epic games. No matter your religion, we hope you uphold your family traditions, and stay true to your faith.