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Are Arcade Machines Still Made?

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Have you ever been in an arcade or mall and seen the old school arcades and pinball machines? Have you ever wondered if they are still being made today? Well you are in luck! Today we are going to show you what the best arcade machines of all time are, and if they are still being made today. 

So are there arcade machines still being made today? 

Although a lot of the older original arcade machine games are not being made today, there are still arcade machines such as pinball and so many others still in production today! 

In this article we will explain the progression of gaming in the 21st century, as well as the older arcade machines and what are the best of the best. So if you are ready, hold on tight as we dive into the best arcade machines and games in the gaming world. 

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Games in the 21st century

We have seen a number of great video games being made in recent years, and the advancement of technology has changed the gaming world forever! The “Arcade Machine” era has faded away because of these new technologies.

Even with the new technology you can’t deny the fact that there are still gaming centers in the world that are using Arcade Machines to entertain people with games like “Tekken 3, Mario Bros, Punch Score” and a lot more!

Even though companies like Sega, Nintendo, Taito, Data East, Capcom, Konami and a lot more are still offering their customers their games in Arcade Machines, the number of arcade machines continue to fall because of the new game console releases such as “Xbox” and “PlayStation.”

Today we have seen arcade machines continue to grow in popularity in the East of the World,  because Arcade machines were introduced in the East way way before they were introduced in the West. Because of the origin of the games, arcade machines have always been more popular in the East. 

Below we will be sharing the names of the companies that are still making Arcade Machines. You will also be able to order them in bulk form as well. 

Atari Games

Atari is a very popular arcade machine maker and the company is known for the game “800lb Gorilla.” The company was extremely popular in the back 80’s because they were producing so many top-notch games to entertain people back then. Sadly, the company had to close the production of new games when their business owners were unable to create new games. The owners ended up leaving Atari and joining a different gaming industry to earn more money.

The good news is that you can still order the arcade machines from them. They have actually made the process very simple. Below are the steps broken down so you can purchase an arcade machine from Atari. Simply follow these steps if you are interested in purchasing an arcade machine from Atari Games.  

  • Head towards their official website
  • Choose the game from the front page that you want to buy
  • Now they will take you down to the contact page where you’ll have to enter all the information regarding the order and your personal information
  • Once all the information is written, it will take around 7 business days to reach the delivery at your place.

That is how easy it is to order an arcade machine from one of the top gaming companies. If you’re still into Arcade gaming machines and have not found what you want yet, we will move to the next gaming company and let you know how you can order from them.


The name is very famous because of the following arcade machine games:

  • Alien vs Predator
  • Street Fight
  • Captain Commando
  • Striders
  • Progear
  • Eco Fighters
  • A lot more

We can’t list all the names as it would literally take forever, but the company is so famous because of the logo and quality of the games they have produced back in the 80’s 90’ and even the 2000s. Sadly the production of arcade games has been stopped due to so many reasons but you can still get the arcade machines from their official website or from local customers.

The process of ordering the arcade machine is the same as given above, but we are still breaking it down for you.

  • Go to the official website of Capcom
  • Select the country you’re from
  • Now go directly to the gaming store and choose the game for you
  • Enter the information they ask you to enter and submit it
  • They will send you a confirmation message and you’re done
  • You will receive your order within 7-10 working days

You can get a discount if you want to order in bulk. So, if you have the opportunity, grab your friends and family and head over to the website and place and order with Capcom.

The next company we will be discussing is:


This company is my personal favourite because of the games that they produced that we love so much. 

  • Frogger
  • Track and Field
  • Gradius
  • Contra
  • The Simpson
  • And a lot more

The company isn’t closed but the output isn’t as fast as it used to be in the 80’s and 90’s. Though, people in the East and West are still after these games and there are a number of Facebook groups where people discuss these games in depth. 

Are you interested in buying any of these games? You can do it by checking the local ads of different Facebook groups or heading towards the official website that has tons of games. They will even deliver it directly to your door with the post office! If you are interested, but you  don’t know how to order, here’s how you can do it!

  • When going to the official website, you’ll have to sign up before you are able to order any games
  • After you sign up, you can now select the game from the store that you want to order
  • Fill in the information and now it’s time to click on the “Order Now” button
  • The game will reach your place within 7 business days

Note* The company is offering a number of Android and Ipad games that you can download, but they aren’t free. But you can enjoy the trial version of the games as well.


The company is known for so many famous games like:

  • Sonic Series
  • Sakura Series
  • Golden Axe
  • Battletoads
  • And a lot more

With the revolutionary changes in the video gaming industry, SEGA was able to keep up with production as well as changing technology which enables them to continue to produce their games 

If you’re wanting to buy the Arcade Machine games, then you can buy them by visiting their online store. The method of buying the Arcade machine is extremely simple as Sega is one of the easiest online retailers to buy from in regards to their ordering process. 

Top 10 Modern Arcade Games

When you think of arcade games you might think of Pac Man, Donkey Kong, and others but they have been making a lot of new arcade games in previous years. Some of the most popular ones can be found in the video below.


Even though a lot of arcade machines are not produced in mass quantities anymore in the U.S. so many people from all around the world still actually produce arcade machines. If you are unable to purchase a new machine though due to finances, there are always a plethora of great used arcade machines from a number of online retailers as well.