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Are Arcade Punching Machines Accurate? (What Is A Good Score?)

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Have you visited a mall, or maybe an arcade in your area recently, and noticed a punching bag machine? Odds are if you are reading this then yes, you have. These punching bag machines are known as an “Arcade Punching Machine.”

In this article, we will talk about arcade punching machines, and if you should buy one, and if you do, how accurate are they? 

So the question everyone wants to know the answer to is an arcade boxing machine accurate. 

Although arcade punching machines are quite accurate, there are some differences in accuracy between different manufacturers of the machine. You can’t compare a score that you and another puncher had unless both scores were from the same machine.

Arcade Punching Machines are the only machines still made that can accurately check a person’s strength in their punching hand/arm. People of all ages love to play this game because they get to know how strong they are.

Another question that you might have is “If I score higher than my friends, am I stronger than them?” Well in this article we are covering that, as well as other common questions about this specific type of machine that you will find in many arcades.

If you would like to learn more but prefer to not read the entire article you can check out the video below.

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Arcade Punching Machines Are Accurate To A Point

Yes, it is true that these punching machines are accurate, and the numbers that are displayed on the screen show how powerful your punch was.

This is why a lot of people are playing this machine and always come back for another shot. 

Sometimes though if you play against your friends, and even though you are clearly stronger they might get a higher number than you. How is that even possible? You might even begin to think the machines are rigged.

Although the machines are not rigged, different punching machines have different calibrations. This means that if you hit two separate machines with the exact same force, they would likely give totally different numbers.

Also, the number of points that you get can depend on the type of punch that you throw (an uppercut won’t have as much power as a hook thrown with body momentum). For example, if you throw a straight linear punch you also won’t have as much momentum (as with the uppercut style punch) and so your score will be lower.

Ultimately the force of the punch is far more important which is why you see so many people running and punching these machines or throwing their most powerful punch from their back foot.

So the only way to truly test the strength of you and your friends accurately is by everyone using the same machine. 

If you and your friends do not live close to each other, it looks like you will have to make a road trip to prove who is correct. The other option would be to look and see who the punching arcade machine was made by.

If the same company made both machines, the machines may be calibrated the same, and it may be a fair fight. 

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How To Strike The Punching Machine To Get A High Score

The punching machines don’t actually register your power, but your technique and power. If you’re hitting the bag with the right technique and power, you will always get a score that is a lot higher than your friends who are just using power. 

If you don’t use technique, you may end up like these people! 

The arcade machine calculates the score based on the acceleration of the bag not by how hard you hit the arcade machine bag. This means, if you have the right technique of hitting the bag, you should be able to beat all of your friends all of the time. 

You might have witnessed a boxer scoring the maximum score, and that is because they have the right technique of punching. They use their strong punch along with the technique to end up getting the highest score possible.

That is why it is always important that you go for the right technique instead of hitting it hard and getting a low score.

To get the highest score you will want to throw a big haymaker at the front side of the bag. Ideally to get the bag to move as fast as possible through the light beam (so it slams into position) you will want to get a running start or a powerful swing to get the best power transfer and move the bag as quickly as possible.

This means you should avoid using straight punches or an uppercut and instead use the power from your body’s momentum to hit the hanging speed bag with as much power as possible. If you are able to hit it at just the right spot where the punch bag travels at the fastest possible speed you will get a high score.

Remember, the velocity of the bag slamming into the tucked-away position is what matters not the form or how cool you look while hitting the bag. It really is all about the angle you hit the bag and not how hard your best jab is thrown.

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Can A Punching Machine Have False Scores?

If the owner of the machine is not doing maintenance on the machine on a weekly or monthly basis, the machine could possibly begin to give users a false score. A false score could be a low score when you hit the bag hard, or even a high score if you didn’t hit the bag hard at all.  

Since the score is calculated based on how the target swings if something is wrong with the machine or the hinged arm of the machine it could cause your score to be artificially high or low.

This is why it is important that these machines are properly maintained by the arcade or owners. If the machines are not properly maintained, people will stop playing the game because of repeated false scores.

Do you have any plans to buy an arcade punching machine? If yes, then you should keep reading to help you decide what is the best punching machine to buy. We will also cover some additional important questions you might have about punching machines at arcades.

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Are Punching Machines Different?

When you go to the arcade one of the good games to play if you are with friends is the punching machine. These games tell you exactly how hard you hit and then give you a score based on how hard you hit the bag. 

If you play these games a lot, you have probably wondered if they all measure the same or if they are different. Maybe you have wondered if the brands of the punching machines matter.

Punching machines are different as they might have a different hinge resistance or a slightly different hanging punch ball design. Not only will different brands have different scores but even machines from the same brand might have different types of designs.

They are not the same as there is no standard for the games to give you the same score based on how hard you hit. This means that you can hit two machines with the exact same amount of force, and get two completely different scores. 

This is why most people who play these games normally do not keep track of their scores. They will normally just play them for fun. You can really only count your score from one particular machine when you are counting how hard you hit. 

If you want to compete with your friends, you will need to have them come and hit the exact same machine that you hit on in order to accurately see if they are stronger (or have a better technique) than you or not. Otherwise, the machine they are hitting on may give a higher score for not hitting as hard which would not be fair. 

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How Do You Get A High Score On A Punching Machine?

When you are playing against your friends in a boxing punch game, of course, you will want to beat them. Instead of constantly playing the game, you probably want to know how to get a high score on your first try.

Although it is not impossible, many people will not get a high score on the punching machine when they first try. If it is so hard to get a high score on the machine, how do you do it?

The way to get a high score on a punching machine is to punch all the way through the bag. Make sure that when you punch, you do not have a hard stop when you hit the bag, but that you follow through with your punch.

If you hit the bag this way, it will put more force into the bag when you hit it which will give you a higher score. This higher score can easily be the difference between you beating your friends, or losing to them. 

These machines can be extremely fun to use and hit, but you will want to make sure that you are hitting it your hardest so you can get the best score. Getting a good score will not only make you feel good, but it will make your friends realize just how strong you are. 

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How Do You Beat An Arcade Punching Machine?

When playing on an arcade punching machine, you obviously want to get the best score and beat everyone you play against. The problem is that beating an arcade machine takes precision and strength. 

You can beat an arcade punching machine by keeping both feet on the ground, aiming your punch at the center of the bag, and swiveling to use the power from your hips. This will strengthen your punch and make you beat the punching machine. 

It is never easy to hit one of these machines to get the top score, but it is possible. Following these instructions may take a few tries to get the top score, but once you know how to do it, you can get the top score almost every time! 

Not only would you be able to get the top score almost every time, but you will be able to beat your friends and family when they try to beat you at the game. Sometimes you can even beat someone that is far stronger than you by following the instructions above. 

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Is 700 Or 800 On A Punching Machine Good?

Everyone wants to know whether the score that they got on a punching machine is good or not. So if you get a 700 or 800 on a punching machine at your local arcade is that decent?

Unfortunately, since most punching machines are calibrated differently there is no accurate way to know whether your 700 or 800 on a punching matching is good or not. What you should do is compare your score with the record on that machine to tell if it is good or not.

Some punching machines are set up to give you higher scores so you feel better about yourself. So in that case getting a 700 on that machine wouldn’t be very good.

However, if the record on the punching machine you are on is in the 800s then getting a score in the 700s would be really good.

When hitting a punching machine the other way to tell if it is good or not is to compare it to the scores that other people got on the same machine. You can compare your score to what your friends got or even compare it to what other people who went before or after you got to determine if your score in the 700s or 800s was decent on that machine.

What Is An Arcade Punching Machine’s Average Score?

So I have already covered that the score will vary from machine to machine so while a score of 700 or 800 might be good on one machine it might be horrible on another. But is there an average score for an arcade punching machine?

The average score for most arcade punching machines is 300-600. However, if the machine is calibrated to the high end the average might skew higher than that.

The best way to know the average for a specific arcade punching machine is for you and your friends to each take a normal swing at the machine. You can then average those scores out and know that anything below that is bad while anything above that is good.

Getting a score of above 600 on most arcade punching machines will be considered a good score and above average.

Do Punching Machines Measure PSI?

Now that you know a bit more about these punching machines and the average score you might be wondering what exactly that score means. Is a punching machine showing PSI or what exactly is it measuring?

Arcade punching machines are measuring the PSI (pounds per square inch) of the hit that is thrown at the punching bag. However, the score is only as accurate at measuring the PSI as the machine is accurate.

An arcade punching machine that has not been properly calibrated might show that you threw a punch with 700 PSI when in reality you actually only hit at 400PSI. So although the score should be the PSI of the hit in reality that is rarely the case with these machines since they aren’t normally calibrated very well.

What Is The Strongest Punch Ever Recorded?

When you think about punching machines, you think about these really big bulky guys hitting the bag and knocking it back up into the machine. Have you ever wondered how hard they can actually hit though?

Maybe you want to break a world record and have the strongest punch on record! In order to beat the record, you will need to know how big the record actually is. 

The strongest punch ever recorded had a power of 129,161 units! This power is equivalent to 13 typical, adult male karate black belts, or 26 typical, untrained adult punches. 

This punch is definitely one that is extremely powerful and not one that you would ever want to be on the receiving end of. If you are wanting to try and beat this punch, you are going to have to do some serious training. 

Most people will not ever come close to matching this though as it is just a crazy amount of force that is being used. Just because you will not come close to matching this strength does not mean that you should never try and play the punching machine game as it is still extremely fun. 

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How Hard Can The Average Man Punch?

When thinking about these punching machines you have to wonder what the average number is that people hit. After all, most people are looking for where they stack up to other people, and not just a number. 

This is one of the reasons that these machines are so much fun when hanging with your friends. You can easily go with your friends and punch this machine to see exactly which one is the best and strongest hitter. 

The average man can punch 115 PSI. There are other people that can beat this number, but on average, this is how hard he can punch. 

You will also notice that the people who get the top score on these punching machine games are not always the giant bodybuilder types. It is simply someone who knows how to punch really well and hard. 

Now that you know what the average man can punch, you can see exactly where you stack up. You may be a little weaker or stronger than average, but at least you know what your limits are and where you stack up against them. 

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What Is The Ideal Arcade Punching Machine To Buy?

Today, there are a lot of companies that are offering Arcade Punching Machines because of the high demand for the machines. Basically, boxing machines are coin-operated games that are used to test someone’s strength.

You can set the top score on the screen to beat and if someone goes above that score, you can give him/her a prize.

Let’s talk about the advantages of Arcade Punching Machines:

  • These machines are durable
  • These are the self-developed prize-out machines
  • They have a streamlined design with an eye-catching coating
  • You can use your company’s logo on the Machine

How To Play On An Arcade Punching Machine

To play the game, there are simple steps that you need to follow and we are breaking them down step by step.

  • Insert the coin

  • Pull down the ball and punch it

  • You have to make sure that you punch it on the given time 

  • The machine will show the score according to your punch strength

  • You’ll get the prize according to your score

  • You can get a bonus if you beat the highest score

What Is The Warranty For An Arcade Punching Machine?

Most places offer a one-year warranty for the product and will provide you with technical support whenever it is needed.

They will also repair or replace any broken parts if needed in that time frame.

Can I Have My Logo On An Arcade Punching Machine?

If you go to buy a machine, you will want to look and see what is included in the purchase price of the machine.

In most places you can send them your logo, and they will place your logo on the machine professionally for free or for a small fee. 

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Arcade Punching Machine?

Depending on where you live most companies will take around 5-7 days to reach your location if you choose to have your machine delivered by air.

If you want to go the cheaper route, you may choose to have your machine delivered by ground transportation. Although it will obviously take longer, most people are willing to wait due to the high cost of shipping something via air.   


Now that you know arcade punching machines are relatively accurate as long as they are maintained properly, you can go out with your friends and show them who is really stronger.

If you actually read this article you can also beat them because you know the secret to a high score is not just power, but power and technique.

Although there are quite a few places to purchase an arcade punching machine from, I would recommend one of these sites over Facebook or Craigslist as you are never sure what condition you are getting the machine in, or how it was taken care of.

This place has decent prices and even offers a free 90-day warranty on all of their used arcade machines.

They are located in Birmingham, Alabama, and are a reputable dealer. If you are unsure about what game you want, there is even a showroom for you to view the different games they have.

They obviously offer different arcade punching machines, but if you purchase a different arcade game from them as well, they will give you a multi-game discount.