Are Digital Or Physical Nintendo Switch Games Better?

If you are looking at purchasing a Nintendo Switch then you have probably asked yourself which games you want to play on your Switch. Obviously you do not want to buy a gaming system if you do not like any of the games that are released for the device. 

Because the Switch is made by Nintendo, there are no shortage of popular games when it comes to the Switch. The big decision you have to make though is if digital or physical games are better.

If you are always playing games on the go and you want to just carry your Switch with you in your pocket, you will want to purchase digital games for your device. This is because physical games can be a pain to carry around with you wherever you go. 

If you always have your Switch in a case when you travel and you use it at your house more often than you are on the go, you will want the physical games. This is because they can be at your house easily accessible, and you will also be able to carry them in your Nintendo Switch case when you are on the go. 

There are positives and negatives when it comes to both physical and digital games for the Switch. The choice really comes down to personal preference for each user. 

Some people do not like to carry physical games with them anymore as there are digital ones available. This is because it is a hassle to carry around physical games and they can also get damaged. 

Other people prefer physical games because they can be purchased as well as they can also be resold once you have played through the entire game. If you have a digital version of the game you will often be able to buy them on sale however, you can never resell them like you do physical Switch games. 

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Do digital games run better on the Switch?

What type of games you own for your Switch is not only a personal preference, but there are actually differences to owning the games in digital format instead of physical. These differences include convenience as well as operation and cost. 

You can easily buy Nintendo Switch physical games considerably cheaper than you can purchase digital ones. This is because you can purchase second hand games from people after they have finished playing them. 

If you go to purchase a digital game for your Nintendo Switch you will be required to buy it brand new from Nintendo. This ensures that people do not buy a game and then resell it or give it to a bunch of their friends. 

If you are considering purchasing games for your Nintendo Switch you probably want to know if digital games run any differently than physical games. Just because you can get physical games cheaper does not always mean that they are better. 

The only difference between digital games and physical games for your Nintendo Switch is that the digital download games will load a little faster. Besides that they will have the exact same graphics, speed, and design. 

Because you only save a few seconds when you load the game every time you want to play most people will simply choose to purchase the physical games as they can be considerably cheaper. If you’re looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch game that is in the physical format you can find them by clicking here

Why are digital Switch games more expensive than physical?

When it comes to purchasing games for your Nintendo Switch you’ve probably noticed that digital games are sometimes more expensive than physical ones. You would think that digital games would be cheaper as there is no cost to making them like there are physical games though. 

This has many people wondering why exactly digital games are normally more expensive than the physical ones. Shouldn’t they be cheaper because they do not have to be produced and sold in a store?

Digital games are sometimes more expensive than physical games but with Nintendo they are often the same price. Nintendo offers sales quite often on the E-shop so you can get digital games for cheaper than physical ones during those times. 

Because physical copies can also decrease in price after the release date, many people will prefer to purchase the physical copies rather than the digital ones. If you are looking for a specific title that you want to play though and you are unable to find the physical copy it may be a better option for you to purchase the digital copy. 

Do you own digital games forever?

One of the positive sides to purchasing the digital download games for your Nintendo Switch is the fact that it will always be available on your gaming device and you will always own it. Although that is what most people believe that is not fully the truth. 

So when you buy a digital download game do you not actually own the game forever? Are digital download games just a way for companies to make more money?

When you purchase a digital download game you are actually purchasing the rights to play that game as long as the publisher wants you to. So you actually do not own the game at all, and will not be able to play the game for forever. If your device ever breaks or you upgrade to a new device you will not be able to sell your digital downloads and if it is removed from their eshop, you will not be able to download it even though you “own it”. 

This kind of makes it seem like purchasing a digital download game is a scam. After all, why would you spend good money on a game that you do not actually own or have forever? 

This is why even though physical games are more of a hassle than digital download games many people still prefer the physical games for their devices. They actually get to hold the game in their possession and if they ever go to sell it they can make back some of their initial cost of the game. 


Now that you know the difference between digital and physical Nintendo Switch games you can decide for yourself which one is a better fit for you. Just because the digital games are more expensive than the physical ones does not always mean that they are better.

If you prefer to always be on the go you will probably want to purchase the digital games to avoid the hassle of owning physical ones. If you do not mind only physical games though they are definitely the better option as you will own the game, and have something to show for the money you paid for it. 

Many people believe that digital games are a scam because you do not actually own the game and the publisher can decide when or if you can play the game. It is not very likely that a popular game will be taken off of the eshop, but if you like the games that are not very popular you will definitely want to purchase the physical copy to be safe. 

It does not matter if you own all physical copies, all digital copies, or even a mixture of each, playing games on your Nintendo Switch is extremely fun and will keep you happy for many years to come. 

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