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Are Donkey Kong And Diddy Kong Brothers?

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Have you ever wondered if Donkey Kong was related to Ditty Kong? Maybe you heard a rumor about them being brothers, and you want to know if it is true. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to find out if they are related. 

So are Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Brothers?

When the game first incorporated these two characters, they were seen as close friends to the extent that Diddy Kong was seen as Donkey Kong’s best friend. Later on, as the game progressed and evolved, it was shown that these two characters were actually uncle and nephew. So since they are uncle and nephew, they are not brothers. 

If you want to know more about who Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this short video to see the entire Donkey Kong family tree! 

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Who is Donkey Kong?

This game character is in the form of a gorilla and is used in the game series called Donkey Kong. This is a series named after him. It is worthy of note that he is often featured in most game editions on the Donkey Kong establishment and also the Mario establishment. This cast made his first appearance in 1981, the game named after him. This cast is one that has become popular to many people, as he bears the game brand name. 

The love people have for the characters is so much that they are interested in his relationship with other game characters. People are interested in knowing just who each and every character is related to by blood. This has sparked speculations that he is related to one or more characters in the Kong series. More importantly, people want to know how Diddy and Donkey are related. 

Who is Diddy Kong?

This game character is one who belongs to the same game edition as Donkey Kong. Unlike the later, he was first seen in a computer game in 1994. He is a character who lives in a particular Kongo jungle. He is associated with his red cap and red shirts inscribed with stars. Diddy is close to Donkey Kong and many gamers have begun to put forward questions of whether both characters are related by blood. 

One thing we should know about this particular game is that Diddy is one close friend of Donkey Kong when he was first created. Also, you should remember that he was designed by a game developer known as Rare, but his name was changed as a result of Nintendo’s survey. He is widely known to have appeared in various computer games as well. 

We have now seen who the two-game casts are. It is now time to analyze and come to the conclusion of whether both are brothers. If we look back at the beginning of their creation, they were first introduced by their creators as close friends. They were always seen together, as they appreciated each other’s company. This was when Diddy Kong was first seen as the younger version of Donkey Kong (when the characters were first created). Then, later on, both were introduced to us as nephew and uncle relations in the revised and new editions which were out around a period in 1994. The first character we were exposed us to is now described as Diddy’s uncle. This is the best possible way to describe their new relationship.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong’s relationship is one that has evolved over time. It is now certain that both were at first close friends. Then, as the creators would have it, they were then presented as nephew and uncle. In summary, they are not brothers. It is only when you make a critical analysis like we have done here that you can come to this correct conclusion. 

It is not uncommon to generally have the idea that all the characters to the family were all in fact related by blood, yet part of a more distant family unit. After putting all these analysis and introduction of the characters into consideration, we can conclude that the way both characters were actually built could allow for a lot of discrepancies as to their relationship. Because the creator’s did not give a full exposition of their relationship in the first game edition, they gave themselves more time to decide what relation to make Diddy and Donkey. They revealed their full identities in the later editions of the game, making it necessary for a good follow up to be pertinent to getting their real relationship.

When the game first incorporated these two characters, they were seen as close friends to the extent that diddy kong was seen as Donkey Kong’s best friend. Later on, as the game progressed and evolved, it was seen that these two characters were seen to be related. The creators made it clear that Diddy Kong was Donkey Kong’s nephew. 


This article has given us an exposition into the history of the game that incorporated these two characters. The background of these two characters and more importantly, their relationship has become more clear, the longer the Kong series has been released. 

This article has made us see that we have to be calm and in-depth about our research. We have to examine the creation of both characters. What is the danger of a one-sided analysis of each of the two characters? The danger is that one would not see the actual relationship between these two characters. This is because their relationship is an evolving one. It is one that grows as the computer series progresses. The casts were first seen as close friends, but in a later edition of the game, they evolved as nephew and uncle.

This is why many people still believe that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are still close friends or even brothers. If you are one who played just the first edition of the game, you cannot trust your conclusion about their relationship, as their relationship changed in later editions. 

Although you may think you know what relation if any they are, it is only those who follow the game series completely that would be able to come to the correct conclusion. We have seen that the relationship between the two characters evolved from close friends to that of nephew and an uncle. 

If you have not played all of the Kong games, then you are missing out as every single game makes you fall in love with the series even more. If you are looking to play all of the Kong series games, you can find them here

Once you have played the entire series, you can easily decide what relation Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong are. Some people have even gone as far as to make a family tree of all of the Kong relatives and how they are all related from every single game that any Kong family member is in. Some of these games go all the way back to when mario and kong were battling it out.