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Are Foosball Tables Flat?

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Have you ever played Foosball and always felt like the table was not flat? Maybe your table always goes to one side when you play and it seems like you always end up losing because it. Well, in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about Foosball and Foosball tables. 

So are Foosball tables flat?

Although sometimes when you play you may not think the Foosball tables are flat, they actually are made 100% flat. So if your table is always pushing the ball to one side or another, you may need to simply level your table. 

If you want to know more about Foosball, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also watch this short video showing you exactly how a Foosball table is made. 

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Specifications about the Foosball table

The rods with attached figures are used to manipulate the ball. Besides them, there is no force, like bend for movement. This makes the game more genuine and controllable.

They use various types of colors for the jerseys and socks on the players. You can even customize the table as per need, but the principles remain the same. Some of the foosball tables are-

  • Stand Alone Foosball table
    While purchasing any foosball table, standalone tables are what everyone wants. As the name suggests, this table stands alone by itself. It has four legs that elevate the table surface up to a certain height which can be adjustable on some tables. These tables are most authentic for playing the game. The stand-alone table is the one that is used for professional matches. We expect these to be of high quality and handling strong or rough playing. If cared properly, they can last very long.
  • Tabletop Foosball table
    Tabletop foosball tables can be set up on any hard surface and can be stored after use. This table only has the main surface with no legs that can uplift the surface. It is good for limited space and a budget. These are also great for children who want to learn the basics as well as for newcomers because they are cheap. Overall, the table is like a standalone based on gameplay, it just does not have its legs.
  • Multi-game Foosball table are made so they can be convertible into other games like chess, table tennis, air hockey, and checkers. These are best for children who love a variety of games, or that easily get bored from one game. It is also good for limited space as it provides multiple options within the same surface. This can be any of the versions of stand-alone or tabletop. These tables are easy to convert and loved by many people.

Problems with a curved foosball table

A curved table can lead to unfavorable and unexpected movement of the ball on the table surface, which can lead to the poor gaming experience. Almost in every table based game, tables are flat rather than being curved or bent, let it be air hockey, table tennis, or pool. 

Every table-based game uses a flat surface. Every sport or game works on the assumptions, like in football; a player assumes his or her hit as per the need and then executes his shot. Without assumptions or practice, every game becomes useless or very hard to play. That’s why a flat foosball table surface is essential for the game.

Because of this flat surface, there are some inaccessible spots on the surface for everyone. Players call these spots “Dead spots”. To overcome it, they make some tables with a ramped surface at the ends. This is not widely used though, and that’s why we say foosball tables are flat tables only.

Advantages of flat foosball table

  • Even
    A flat foosball table surface provides even gameplay. The ball runs on a smooth surface, free from any manipulation. This provides a continuous and uninterrupted flow to the game.
  • Controllable
    A flat surface provides better control on the ball and the shots a player plays. An uneven surface like with ramps can lead to unexpected movement of the ball which sometimes results in poor defense. Sometimes, the ball moves into the goal because of the ramp which leads to the opponent winning when they did not make the shot. This is why most tables do not have the ramps. 
  • Economical Flat tables require only basic craft. It takes effort, and technology to make the ramp tables. This is another reason that flat tables are more economical when compared with tables with a ramp.

Disadvantages of flat foosball tables

  • Dead spots

One of the major disadvantages of the flat table surface is the existence of dead spots. These exist on the table where no attached figure can cover the area and hit the ball. These can be near the corners where figures cannot reach. These spots can put the game to a halt and disturb the players.

Points to be kept in mind while buying a foosball table

Foosball tables can be expensive and if purchased carefully, they can last long. Here are some points to be kept in mind while purchasing any foosball table.

  • Player’s level

If you are buying the table for any kid or beginner, then you can go for the cheaper version but with professional players, the table should be of high quality and best to play on.

  • Budget

Your budget is an important factor. Prices vary with the quality of the table. Cheap tables are good for beginners only who are learners. Further with a high budget, you can go towards the professional and high-class tables that give a quality feel to the players.

  • Table material

Keep a check on the material you are buying. Your budget influences the materials. Particleboard is not a durable material. The better tables allow you to choose from different types of wood. It is important to decide carefully as it will impact the life of the table.

History of Foosball

Foosball is commonly known as table football, and is very popular these days. It is a table-based game in which two players or a team of players play to win. It is like soccer but it is a table version of it. It is played by manipulating rods with figures attached to them to hit the ball and direct toward the opponent’s goal. It can be between two teams of up to 4 members.

The table is the main component of the game. It plays a major role in providing a surface for gameplay. This is why choosing a table is very important and you will want the best table. There are many foosball tables in the market, and finding the correct one can be difficult. If you are looking for a Foosball table, this is the best one available. 


Foosball tables are flat to have a fair game with no disturbance and fully controllable movements. Although this can lead to dead spots where no player can access the ball, this is how most tables are. Overall, it works fantastic. Choosing the right table is a very important step which can lead to a great investment.