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Are Games Cheaper With PlayStation Plus?

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When someone utters the words ‘video games’, the first thought that comes to our minds immediately (even if we are not gamers at all) is probably the name PlayStation. Yes, Sony has managed to sink so deep in our minds that all of us are acquainted with this video gaming console.

The people who are very much into gaming or play video games at least sometimes are pretty aware of the existence of a plethora of games offered on the PlayStation. Come on, who hasn’t heard of Minecraft, Call Of Duty, Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, etc at least once in their life?

And surprisingly, PlayStation games cater to all levels of budget so that every player can have fun. Of course, there are expensive games that will make your eyes bulge out but, less money doesn’t always mean less fun! Well, on the PlayStation Store, it doesn’t anyway. 

With Playstation Plus not only can you get discounts and deals on some games but every single month you get two FREE games! Yes, you read that right! People with a Playstation Plus subscription get two free games ON TOP of receiving exclusive discounts on other games!

The only downside to Playstation Plus is that it isn’t free. With exclusive discounts and two free games a month did you really expect it to be though? However, despite it not being free Playstation Plus is quite reasonable. You can check out the current price for a yearly subscription here. 

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Playstation Plus

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that gives you several exclusive features on the PlayStation gaming console that normal users won’t get. Right from the latest updates to cheaper games, you get it all if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

So, in simple terms, this subscription is an option that makes you feel special and at an advantage when you browse through the PlayStation Store looking to buy a game. 

The subscription is of three basic types – monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Even though the third is the ultimate steal (in terms of the money that you can save), the downside with the yearly option is that you cannot get the money back if you change your mind and want to cancel the subscription. 

While the monthly payment is the best one to test the waters of PS Plus (if the 14-day free trial isn’t enough for you), you must cancel it before the end of the month (if you don’t want to continue it, that is). Otherwise, money will be automatically deducted from your credit/debit card.

PlayStation Plus can also be useful if you are interested in playing online multiplayer (competitive or co-operative) games on PS4.  Many of the online games on PS3 and PS Vita are free-to-play so you might not need a Playstation Plus subscription if you have those consoles. Although there are a few games on these older consoles that can be played or bought by the subscription, PS Plus is more beneficial if you have a PS4 or newer console.

So, as mentioned above, PlayStation Plus gives you an edge over the unsubscribed members in many ways. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Yes, PlayStation games are cheaper with a PS Plus subscription!

The first major advantage is that the games are cheaper! In addition to the games costing you less, you will often get special discounts on top of the discounted price. So, whenever Sony runs a sale on the PlayStation Store for subscribers and non-subscribers, you will find two separate prices on the game. The cheaper one is for the subscribers and the other one is for the non-subscribers. 

These games are yours to play even after your subscription of Playstation Plus expires. 

Playstation normally won’t have the newest big budget games on sale so you will probably find the older big games and the newly released smaller games at a discount. 

There is also always a chance that what Sony puts on sale is not something that you like. Still, there are many other reasons for opting for the subscription.

Cloud storage

Another of the reasons for subscribing to PlayStation Plus is the cloud storage option. In this, the PS Plus subscribers are rewarded with 100GB of online storage where they can save their games and their progress. So, even if your device has to undergo a repair or you are using someone else’s console (PS4 or PS4 Pro), you can sign in to your account and continue from where you left off. You can also utilize this option if you have accidentally  deleted these games and wish to play them again.

Free! They Are Free!

The third attractive feature is the free games. Every month, the PS Plus members are offered two free games by Sony. During the time in which they are available, you can buy and download them for free and add them to your library. But, you can only play them while you still have an active subscription (So, if you want to keep playing your downloaded games, make sure to continue your subscription).

Though, there are a few things that you must keep in mind regarding these free games.

These free games are free only when Sony offers them to you as free. So, if you fail to download them in that particular period, you might as well forget them. Of course, these games might be available again as free to download, but that is probably a few years down the road. 

The perk of free games is what keeps many people active on their Playstation Plus subscription! They don’t want to lose out on the free games they have already downloaded and they don’t want to miss the new ones for next month! 

But wait, there’s more!

All the mentioned features aside, PlayStation Plus subscribers also get some more features. The members have the chance to check out and buy exclusive packages to upgrade their games and get ahead of other players for free. The packages also include cosmetic changes (that do not affect the gameplay), in-game accessories and add-ons.

Another feature you get if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber is PlayStation Rewards. This is a platform created by Sony where you can get offers and discounts on various products that you won’t get anywhere else. You have the chance to get exclusive discounts and vouchers on merchandise from companies like GT Omega Racing Ltd, Gadget Discovery Club, Sony, etc. 

What’s even better is that more parties are going to be joining this platform very soon!

So, what’s the final verdict?

PlayStation has been winning the hearts of many gaming enthusiasts for a long time. So, if you are one and love to play online multiplayer games, the PS Plus subscription will be your solace. And, even if you are not a PlayStation fan and prefer Xbox or Nintendo, you would still have to pay money because they each have their own subscription plan for playing online as well. 

PS Plus is indeed ideal because not only do you get cheaper games through exclusive sales, but you also get other perks such as entirely FREE games! Hence, yes, this subscription is worth the money you would be spending on it and yes, many games are cheaper to purchase with a Playstation Plus subscription!