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Are Nintendo Switch Controllers Compatible With The Wii Or Wii U? (Controller FAQs)

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The Wii and Wii U are two incredible gaming consoles that are loved by so many people. When we look at the two consoles, there are many differences as well as many similarities. 

The Nintendo Switch is another amazing Nintendo gaming console that is loved by people all around the world. No matter if you are a Nintendo fan or not, the Wii, Wii U, and Switch are so much fun to use and play games on. 

If you own the Wii or Wii U, you might want to purchase additional controllers so that more people can play and have fun at the same time. If you have been looking though you have probably realized that the controllers for these systems can be quite expensive. 

If one of your friends owns a Nintendo Switch though, you may be wondering if they can be interchanged.  This would save some money, as well as allow your friends to bring their controllers that they are comfortable playing with. 

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch controllers will not work with the Wii or the Wii U. This is because the Wii, and Wii U have their own set of sensors in the controllers, and even though the Switch does have some sensors, they are not the same as the Wii, or Wii U. Although the Wii, Wii U, and the Switch are all Nintendo consoles, they are not all the same. 

Even though the Nintendo Switch controllers are not compatible, the Wii and Wii U are still amazing gaming consoles. They are unlike any other gaming console on the market, as they use your motion to play the games. 

If you own the Wii or Wii U, you will probably want additional controllers since the Switch controllers do not work with these systems.

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Can I use a Wii controller for my Wii U?

If you have been looking at controllers for your Wii U, or you are simply considering purchasing a Wii U and you want to know about the controllers, you will find all the information you are looking for in this article. The Wii U is an incredible gaming console, and Nintendo has put a lot of work into making it run smoothly.

One of the best things about the Wii U, is the fact that you can simply use any Wii controller to play games on your Wii U. This  makes the cost of purchasing extra controllers cheaper, and also helps people with the original Wii sell some of their extra accessories. 

Most of the time Nintendo will make their consoles to be backwards compatible as this helps the new consoles sell. This is because people will upgrade the console, but not have to purchase new games as they already own them. 

If you are spending money to upgrade your gaming system, but are staying with the same company, the last thing you want to do is purchase all brand new games that you already have sitting on your shelf. 

Nintendo knows this and has listened to the consumers specifically about this point .This is why Nintendo was the first gaming company to allow backwards compatibility for its games and controllers. 

Can I use the Wii sensor bar on the Wii U?

Many people who own the Wii U love the fact that it has so many games and the controller is like a tablet with buttons on the side. The Wii U can also use the Wii controllers and nunchucks as controllers as well. 

If you are trying to use the original Wii controllers for the Wii U, you will need to use the Wii sensor bar and attach it directly to the Wii U. Being able to use the Wii sensor bar on the Wii U helped the popularity of it, as it made the console more of an upgrade to the Wii, than a whole new console. 

Using the Wii controllers and sensor bar is something that everyone who owns the Wii U loves. It makes the Wii U just that much better as you can use the original Wii products when you own the Wii U. 

The Wii U was the first Nintendo console that had HD graphics on the device. This was a game changer for gaming as the better graphics made playing the games more real and immersive for the gamers. 

Why does my Wii U come with a sensor bar?

When you thought about upgrading your gaming console from the Wii, to the Wii U, you probably thought you were leaving the need for the sensor bar in the past. If you are moving forward and the Wii U does not need a sensor bar to work, then why does it come with one?

The Wii U comes with a sensor bar in case you wanted to, or were planning on using the original Wii remotes to play on your Wii U. The Wii U and the gamepad that comes with it, does not need the sensor bar, and if you do not plan on using the Wii controllers, you will not need it. 

The Wii U took owning the Wii and playing games to a whole new experience for the users. Everyone wanted the ability to move around and be involved in the game, and the Wii U gave the user just that. 

Not only did the Wii U allow you to play the games you loved with all of your favorite Nintendo characters, but it also gave you the ability to become a player with the use of the motion sensors. This was something no one had ever done before. The Wii U, took this type of gaming to a whole new level, and even gave you a gamepad to make the games even that much better. 

Both the Wii and the Wii U are fun exciting gaming consoles that are loved by so many people. They are extremely popular, and can play all of your favorite Nintendo games. The best part is that with the Wii U, you can feel like one of the characters in the game as you move around and have it all in the palm of your hand. 


No matter if you are looking at purchasing the Nintendo Switch, Wii, or Wii U, you will not be disappointed in your choice. Although the Nintendo Switch controllers do not work on the Wii or the Wii U, the original Wii controllers do work on the Wii U. 

Having backwards compatible controllers is something Nintendo is known for, which is why many people were surprised that the Nintendo Switch did not have any previous controllers that worked with the console. This is because the Switch was unlike any gaming console ever produced and could work on the go, or as a home console. 

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If you want more of an upgrade but you still want to try all of the games that come with the Nintendo Wii, then you will want to purchase the Wii U. The Wii U, has a gaming pad as a controller and even has a screen which helps the games become even more entertaining. If you are looking to purchase a Wii U, you can find it by clicking here

If you want the best of the best though, then you are going to be looking at purchasing the Nintendo Switch. The Switch can be either a handheld console or a home gaming console. It is still for sale today, and can be purchased by clicking here.