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Are Nintendo Switch Controllers Interchangeable?

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Do you have a Nintendo Switch and wanna play with your friends but don’t want to carry around your whole console? Maybe you just want to play one game at his house, but he doesn’t have extra controllers. Well, we have good news for you in the rest of this article! 

So are Nintendo Switch controllers interchangeable? 

The good news is that the Nintendo Switch controllers are interchangeable. You will have to pair them with your console when you want to play, but they should pair without any problems. 

Now when you and your friends want to play they don’t have to buy extra controllers as you can simply bring yours with you everywhere you go! Since most people will already have theirs on them as the system is portable, it makes perfect sense to do this; especially since some of the games are up to 18 players!

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What comes with a brand-new Nintendo Switch console? 

  1. Two Joy-Con controllers 
  2. Nintendo Switch dock
  3. Nintendo Switch cords 
  4. Joy-Con wrist straps
  5. Joy-Con Grip accessory
  6. Nintendo Switch to go screen

Even though there are a lot of third party controllers available for the Nintendo Switch, we are going to talk about the two official ones. 

Joy-Con Switch controller

Joy-con is an eighth-generation video game controller that comes with a Nintendo Switch as a primary controller. They consist of two units. Each of them has an analog stick and a pair of buttons. They can be used while attached to the main Nintendo Switch console unit, or detached and used wirelessly. A pair of Joy-con controllers can also be used by a single player or divided between two as individual controllers.

Joy-con contains an accelerometer and gyroscope that are used for motion tracking. Games are supported using the Joy-Con for pointing controls similar to the Wii Remote while detached without the need of a sensor bar. The controller is manufactured in Paris and is known as Joy-con L and Joy-con R.

Joy-con L contains an infrared depth tracking sensor that can read objects and motions, while the Joy-con R contains a near field communication reader for use with Amiibo.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is commonly known as the Switch pro controller. This is an official Switch controller released by Nintendo and is an alternative controller to the Joy-con.

Joy-con comes in a pair as a big controller and you can divide them, but the Pro controller can’t be divided. The Pro Controller can be synced to the Nintendo Switch but it can also be connected to a PC for use with PC games.

The Pro Controller also supports near-field communication for use with Nintendo’s Amiibo line along with motion controls.

What are the Best Nintendo Switch controllers?

The Joy-con comes with the Nintendo game console and gives gamers an amazing game experience. Although there are some other controllers available in the market that can provide a better gaming experience more than the Joy-con.

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The best controller for the Nintendo Switch is the Switch pro controller. This controller design is extremely comfortable, while it is strongly built, supports NFC, and has rumble and motion controls. 

The Pro controller is by far the best for playing Switch games like Splatoon 2 or Super Smash Bros. The thumbsticks are durable and soft to the touch, and the face buttons are big and easily pressed. Overall it gives a smooth game experience. The other best part is that you can use this controller for your PC games. 

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Although there are a lot of third party switch controllers, one of the best ones is the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Plus. It is extremely affordable, and is on sale here today! Probably the most exciting feature of this controller is the extensive customization for button mapping, analog sticks, trigger inputs, and vibration adjustments. It is compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, Android, Steam, and Raspberry Pi. This one is the all in one solution for every game out there! 

Do PS4 controllers work on the switch?

Although a PS4 controller will not sync with the system directly, you can purchase an adapter for only a few bucks that allows your PS4 controllers to work with the Nintendo Switch. Here is the best place we found to buy the adapter! 

These wireless adapters are a great accessory for the Switch.The installation process is simple and easy. First, you should insert the wireless adapter into one of your USB ports in the Nintendo Switch dock. The port should be on the left side of the Nintendo switch.

Once this is plugged in, you will need to turn the console on and navigate to the system settings menu, which is indicated on the home screen. Next you will need to scroll through the menus and select controllers and settings.

When you see an option for the Pro Controller Wired Communications, you will want to turn this option on. With the Switch still awake in its dock, you should now press the pairing button on the wireless adapter. This is located on the end of the USB brick.

Now, on your PS4 controller, you will press the PS button and Share button at the same time to enable the controller’s pairing mode, which will be shown by a blinking white light on the controller. Once this light turns blue, the controller has been successfully paired and can control the Switch functions.

Is there a way to use an iPhone as a Nintendo Switch controller?

Although there are some games on the Switch that allow you to play with your IPhone, most people find out very quickly that the Iphone just isn’t the best controller and doesn’t work very well. This is why most people just prefer a regular controller over using their IPhone. 

Do you need 2 controllers for Nintendo switch? 

Normally the Nintendo switch comes with a pair of Joy-con controllers. You can use them separately for a few games, although most of the time you have to use these controllers together. The full controller also gives an amazing gaming experience for every gamer. 

Can you use Xbox controllers on the switch? 

Although there is not an official release by Nintendo that allows you to use a XBox controller on a Switch, we do have some good news. Yes you can play on your Nintendo Switch using your XBox controller. It does require an adapter though, but you can find one here for just a couple of dollars. 


Now that you know about the Nintendo Switch and all the different controllers you can use with your console, you will be able to impress your friends with this knowledge. It may also come in handy if you find yourself one controller short on one of the games you are about to play. We hope you can use the information above as a way to enhance your gaming experience, and continue playing your Switches for many years to come!