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Are Nintendo Switch Games Online?

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Nintendo is one of the best gaming creators of all time! While they have been at the top and the bottom of the gaming world at some point or another, recently they have been on top of the world! This is because of the creation of the Nintendo Switch. 

The Nintendo Switch is the first ever gaming console that can be used on the go and at home connected to your TV. There have been many other consoles that can be used on the go, but they did not work like a home gaming console. 

There have also been many consoles created that connect to your TV and can play all sorts of games. These consoles are extremely powerful, but can only be used connected to a TV, and not on the go. 

This is why the Switch is unlike any other gaming device ever created! 

If you are looking at getting a Switch, you obviously want to know if you can get games online, or if you need to buy them at a store. After all, if you are using the device on the go all the time, you may not want to carry games with you everywhere you go. 

Nintendo Switch games are online and can be purchased and played directly from the Nintendo Switch. This allows you to play the games on the go, and not have to carry any games with you. 

The Switch is extremely fun to play and with the ability to play games online, it makes it that much better. Not all gaming consoles can play games online, but with online gaming becoming more popular, almost all gaming consoles today have the ability to play games online. 

The ability to play games online while you are on the go, is unlike any other gaming experience enjoyed before. Playing your Switch everywhere you go, and never having to stop playing your game is one of the best things about the Nintendo Switch. 

All of its games being online and able to be downloaded just makes the experience of playing the Switch that much better. No one wants to carry games around anytime they want to play on their Switch, and having the games online fixed that problem. 

Now, if you own a Switch, you can simply go to the Eshop and purchase any game that you want to play without ever going to a store. This also means that you do not have to carry any physical games with you when you are playing games on your Switch. 

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How do I know if I have Nintendo online?

The Nintendo Online account allows you to play games online against your friends no matter where they live. This is similar to any other gaming system online gaming account. If you have just purchased the Switch and are setting it up, you may be wondering if you have a Nintendo Online account. 

When you first set up your Switch you will need to sign in or create a Nintendo account. This is why many people think they have a Nintendo online account when they do not. So how do you know if you actually have a Nintendo online account?

In order to know if you have a Nintendo online account you will need to go to the menu on your Switch and select the shop menu. From there you will need to go to your subscriptions and see if you have an online subscription or not. 

Most people will find out that they do not have an online account, but they simply have a regular Nintendo account. You will need to pay monthly for a Nintendo online account, whereas a normal Nintendo account is free. 

People normally sign up with the normal Nintendo account when they sign up for their account and then will add a subscription for the online account after they have used their Switch for a while. If you are not paying a monthly fee with Nintendo then you are not signed up for an online account.

People do not want to spend money on a monthly account until they are sure that they will use the service. Thankfully Nintendo allows everyone to sign up with a free account to get started and does not require you to pay a monthly fee unless you want online access. 

Is a Nintendo online account free?

When you sign up for a Nintendo account, you can also sign up for an online account. Many people are not sure what the difference is, which is why they might think that a Nintendo online account is free. 

When you sign up originally for a Nintendo account, you are not signing up for an online account, but simply just a regular Nintendo account. You can sign up for an online account later once you have signed into your regular Nintendo account. So is the Nintendo online account free? 

The Nintendo online account costs money each month, unless you are a new user. If you have never signed up before, you can get a free 7 day trial for a Nintendo online account. 

While a free trial is nice, most people want to get as much as possible for free if they can. While some will try and sign up multiple times, or set up a bunch of different new accounts, it is far better and easier to simply pay for the online account. 

The Nintendo online accounts are only a few dollars a month. They are not very expensive, and give you plenty of things with your subscription. Nintendo does a great job of giving the customer plenty of advantages if they sign up for a Nintendo online account. 

All of these advantages plus the cheap cost of the monthly subscription makes a lot of Nintendo users sign up for the online account. The biggest perk is being able to play your favorite game online against your friends and anyone else who has an online account.