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Are Nintendo Switch Online Games Free? 

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The Nintendo Switch is the most popular gaming system that Nintendo has ever released. This is largely due to the ability of the system to be used on the go and as a home gaming console. 

When playing games on your Switch you may have heard that if you have Switch online all of your games are free. If this is true, why wouldn’t you pay monthly to get all the games you want for free? 

When you pay for Switch online you do get some original Nintendo games for free, but you do not get any new popular games for free. The online subscription simply allows you to play the games you already own online against other people. 

If you pay for Nintendo Switch online you do not get all of your games for free. While that would be nice, Nintendo is not going to give all of their games away for free. 

You still need to purchase all of the games you want to play on the Switch even if you have a Switch online subscription. That is not a problem though because the cost of the subscription is only a couple dollars a month. 

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Is Mario Kart free on Nintendo Switch?

The Switch is the best selling gaming console ever made by Nintendo. Not only that, but Mario Kart is the best selling game that Nintendo has ever made. 

With all of the famous Nintendo characters you can battle it out on the race track! If you have ever played any Nintendo gaming console, odds are that you have played Mario Kart. 

You can battle against friends and see who races the best, but be sure to look out for those dreaded blue shells! If you have played the game you know exactly what I am talking about! 

If you dropped all of your money to be a part of the Switch family, you may not have much money to buy games. This is why you are wondering if Mario Kart is free if you own a Switch. 

If you own a Switch and pay for a Switch online account, you can play the original Mario Kart from the Super Nintendo for free. However, you will not get any of the newer versions or more popular versions of Mario Kart for free. 

While the original version of Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo was cool when it was released, it does not even come close to the newer versions that are available today. This is why most people will just spend the money on the newer game. 

There are so many cool features and new maps compared to the original Mario Kart game. No matter what version of the game you play, once you start playing, you will not want to stop and you will always want to beat your next opponent to show them who is best. 

How do I get Nintendo Switch online for free?

If you have a Switch, you probably have heard plenty about the Switch online account. Maybe you have thought about getting it, but you still have some questions about the cost and if its worth it. 

Obviously if you can get something for free you do not want to pay for it. The problem is that Switch online is not normally free. So how do you get it for free?

While you cannot get a full year for free, Nintendo is offering a free 7 day trial for a Switch online account. You can get this free trial by visiting My Nintendo free trial. You can even use this reward if you have already redeemed the Nintendo Switch Online free 7 day trial from the Nintendo eShop! 

Being able to use this free 7 day trial even after using the one on the Eshop is a game changer. This means that you can get 14 days for free by combining both of the free trials that Nintendo currently offers. 

If you do not care about accumulating points, and only want free trials, there are some people who create a bunch of new accounts in order to get multiple free 7 day trials. While this is not recommended, there are some people that cheat the system this way. 

Because the Switch online account is only a couple dollars a month, if you like it after the 14 day trial, you should definitely get the online account. While it may be different than what you expected, for the price of the online membership you get quite a bit. 

How do you pay for Nintendo online?

Now that you own your Switch you are probably wondering about playing games and playing against your friends who don’t live near you. Because Nintendo offers an online account where you can play with other people online, you now have the ability to play with friends, family, and even strangers online. 

If you are just getting started, you have probably taken advantage of the free trial offered by Nintendo to learn how to use the Nintendo online account. If your trial is over, you are probably wondering how you can pay for the Nintendo online account so you can keep playing with your friends. 

To pay for a Nintendo online account you will need to go to the Eshop and choose Nintendo Switch online. From there you will choose membership options to choose how long you want to pay for the online subscription. 

You can choose to either pay monthly or quarterly, or yearly for the account. You will receive a discount for the longer period of time you pay for in advance. 

If you are still having issues, or you cannot find this information you can also pay for your Nintendo online account by contacting Nintendo. You can find them by calling 1 (800) 255-3700.