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Are Nintendo Switches Cheaper In Japan?

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If you are going for a vacation in Japan or are tired of the high prices of Nintendo Switches in your country then you will probably want to know if the Nintendo Switch is actually cheaper in Japan than it is in other areas.

Saving money is certainly something that we all would like to do so finding the cheapest place to purchase a Switch is a great idea. 

The Nintendo Switch is cheaper to purchase in Japan than in other countries but only by $30-$40. When you factor in shipping costs, buying a Switch in Japan and shipping it back to your country will not save you any money. 

If you happen to be going on vacation or something in Japan then waiting to purchase your Switch until you go there can save you a little bit of money but it isn’t worth it to buy a Switch in Japan unless you will actually be there. 

A quick way to figure out if a company’s product is cheaper in a particular place is to know if the headquarters of the company is located there. If it is, then the product will most likely be the cheapest in that country.

This is also the case with Nintendo Switches in Japan. Nintendo’s headquarters are in Japan so the prices of the Switch will be cheapest there. 

If you want to watch someone actually purchase a Switch in Japan then check out this video below. 

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Just How Cheap Are Nintendo Switches In Japan?

Just because in general a Nintendo Switch is cheaper in Japan does not mean you should fly over there and buy a bunch of them to resell. In Japan the Nintendo Switch costs approximately $270 US dollars while in the United States the Switch is available for $299. 

With only a price difference of $29 between Japan and the United States it is likely not worth your while to ship a bunch of them to try and make a couple of dollars each. It also would not be worth your time and hassle to buy it in Japan and have it shipped internationally as international shipping is quite expensive and you would certainly spend more than $29 getting it to you in the USA. 

Prices in many other areas of the world can be considerably more expensive than in the USA or Japan so if you live in a place with astronomical Nintendo Switch prices then you could compare the going price in your country to what one could be purchased for in Japan and then decide for yourself.

Some countries such as Brazil are considerably more expensive with the Switch selling for over $469 according to Statista. Being over $200 more expensive than in Japan it might be worthwhile for someone who lives there to purchase a console and have it shipped depending on the shipping cost to Brazil as well as import cost and taxes. 

Are There Regional Constraints On The Nintendo Switches? (Are They Region Locked?)

So you buy a Nintendo Switch in Japan for a cheap price but what happens when you get it back to your home country? Will it work properly for you or is it locked to only being used in Japan? 

There are no region locks on the Nintendo Switch which means that you will not have any issues playing games that are from a different region of the world. You can purchase a Switch console in Japan and use games purchased in the USA on it without having any problems! 

One thing you do have to be wary of when buying a Switch in another country is the power cord. Before purchasing the Switch console you will want to make sure that the power cord in the country you are purchasing it in will work with the power outlets in your country.

You should also keep in mind that DLC (downloadable content) might be region-blocked especially if you get the physical DLC card from a different country. Yet even with these problems there is no reason for you to worry. All you need to do to solve this issue is to make a Nintendo account on your Switch for the very same place as where you are getting the DLC card from. 

Once you do this you will be able to play it everywhere. This means in all the accounts no matter it’s place or region, once it gets installed. 

Tip: While you are buying the games for your Switch from Japan, make sure to check which languages the game is available in. Some games are sold just in Japan and these are coded in just the Japanese language. If you get excited and buy these to try and save some money but they are not in your language then it might make playing them a little difficult. 

But don’t worry, it’s very easy to know which ones are sold exclusively in Japan. For this just check Nintendo’s eShop and figure out which games come in what languages. 

Are There Technical Issues When Using A Nintendo Switch From Japan?

So the Nintendo Switch in Japan is the cheapest in the world but there’s always the possibility of technical constraints looming over it. But there’s no reason for you to worry. The Nintendo Switch is a handheld device and it is very convenient for use and carrying. 

The charger comes with a voltage of 100v-240v and the Switch can easily be charged in most outlets all over the world. If you are in doubt over whether the charger will work in the outlets of your country then you can also purchase Nintendo’s AC Adapter for the country where you live as well.

Where Should You Buy A Nintendo Switch In Japan?

You can certainly buy from a physical shop if you are visiting Japan. But you should know that you will need to know Japanese to buy and also likely stand in long lines patiently for your turn.

If this doesn’t sound very appealing to you then the other alternative is online stores. There are mainly two you should go for: 

1. My Nintendo (Japan) Store

 First make an account on this site. You will have to make the country Japan in order to make any purchases. This store is set up by Nintendo and it sells directly to the customers. If you are lucky then you can just order a Switch here.

You will have to be lucky because Nintendo normally doesn’t take pre-orders much and when it does release the Switch on its store then it often gets sold out within 5 minutes. 

You will notice that the time and date of the next batch of pre-orders will be given on the site. Know that this will last only between half an hour to an hour so you will have to put in your order then.

But even then accessing the site will be tough since traffic will be very high. You should use this site if you are in Japan since there’s no shipping internationally offered here.

2. Amazon Japan

This is your solution if you can’t actually go to Japan. Amazon Japan does ship the Nintendo Switch and its games worldwide. So simply put an order on here and enjoy your product when you get it.

Currently the price for the Nintendo Switch on Amazon Japan is over 38,300 Yen ($350) and making a purchase on the site is incredibly difficult if you cannot read Japanese. 


Overall, Nintendo Switches are certainly cheaper in Japan but when you figure in shipping cost as well as import taxes (in most countries) then it is cheaper to simply buy the Switch in the country that you live in.  Some countries are considerably more expensive so for those people buying the Switch through Amazon Japan or in person if they are visiting Japan is a good option. 

Ultimately if you are visiting Japan then you can save some money by waiting until you get there to buy a Switch but otherwise just get it from your local store or from Amazon in the country where you live.