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Are Nintendo Switches Touch Screen? 

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The Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch lite are two of Nintendo‘s most popular gaming consoles they have ever created. Because they are so popular many people ran to the stores the moment they were available which made them sell out within minutes. 

There are tens of thousands of people that we’re not able to purchase a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite when they originally released. It not only kept demand high for the gaming consoles but it opened the door for scalpers to come in and make some money buying and reselling these items. 

Because so many people went out and purchased these items without knowing much about them. Many people are still learning features that they never knew the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite ever had. 

One of the big questions that people always ask is if the Switches have a touchscreen on them. 

The Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite both have touchscreens. Even though many people may not know this, Nintendo wanted the consumer to have the ability to use the device in a similar fashion as their phone. 

Because you normally have the Joy Con connected to the Nintendo Switch, most people do not ever use their fingers to touch the screens on their device. Even though many people do not use this feature it is still something that both the devices are capable of doing. 

If the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are not set up with games to be used with a touchscreen, then why did Nintendo make the screens touchscreen? It almost seems like a waste because most people do not even know the third device is a touchscreen. 

Nintendo wanted to give the users the best accessibility when playing their games, which is why they made their devices touchscreens. Not only that, but because of how cheap technology is it was nearly the same price to put a touchscreen on the Switches as it was to just use a regular screen. 

Nintendo likes to take care of its customers by giving them the best of the best and putting a touchscreen on the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite just proves this. Even though it was only a little more expensive when you were talking about millions of consoles, even five dollars extra turns into a large amount of money that Nintendo could have kept to themselves. 

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Why do Switch games not use the touchscreen?

Because the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite  have a touchscreen, many people are curious why there are not many games that are designed to work specifically with the touchscreen. After all, if a device has a touchscreen on it you would assume that they would make a bunch of games that were designed to work with the touchscreen. 

This has made many people wonder if Nintendo messed up or if they just did not tell the game manufacturers that the screen on the device was a touchscreen. With so many people making speculations there actually is a simple answer. 

Switch games do not use the touchscreen on the device because all of the games must be able to work when the Nintendo Switch is docked. If you have a game that is specifically designed to work only with the touchscreen then when you dock the Nintendo Switch and connect it to your TV you will not be able to play that game. 

Because Nintendo‘s main feature was not the touchscreen but that the device works flawlessly connected to your TV or on the go, they decided to make the rule that all of the games built for the Nintendo Switch must work when the device is docked. 

When the Nintendo Switch is in the docking station the screen of the device is inaccessible. This means that you can only use the touchscreen part of the Nintendo Switch when you are using the device on the go and not in the docking station. 

As nice as it is that the Nintendo Switches have a touchscreen there are not many people who only device that actually use it or even know that it has one. 

Why does the Nintendo Switch have a touchscreen?

Most people don’t even know that the Nintendo Switch has a touchscreen, so why would Nintendo add it and not make it a big feature. Most of the games for the Nintendo Switch do not even use the touchscreen on the device so what really is the purpose? 

Many people are curious about the exact reason that the Nintendo Switch even has a touchscreen. After all, if you can’t really use it, what is the purpose of it even being on the device. 

The Nintendo Switch has a touchscreen to be used for navigating the menus. It is also a way to give the users better access if they do not have a Joy Con with them. 

Most people do not use the touchscreen on the Nintendo Switch because they always carry the Joy Con with them. If you have the Joy Con connected, you can still use the touch screen, but most people are more comfortable with using the controllers. 

The touchscreen gives you the option of using it, or using the controllers when you use the device. This is just one extra convenience that Nintendo gives its users even though it is not a necessity. 

Nintendo always goes above and beyond when it comes to thinking about its customers and how they can show them that they care. Putting a touchscreen on the Switches is just one of the many ways that Nintendo does this.