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Are PlayStation Controllers Made With Dog Noses? (The Real Answer)

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Have you ever noticed that the analog stick on a PlayStation looks similar to the nose of a dog? Maybe you heard one of your friends say that they were made of dog noses and that sounded crazy to you! Well we have the answers for all of your questions. 

So are PlayStation controllers made with dog noses?

Although the color of the analog stick and the feel of it sort of feels and looks similar to a dog’s nose, it is not actually a dog’s nose. The PlayStation controller is actually made out of a plastic and rubber mix, and the indents you feel are there for grip. 

If you want to know more about the PlayStation controller and how their controller revolutionized the controller market, you will want to keep reading.

You can also watch this video about the controller if you are like me and you don’t like to read. 

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PlayStation Analog Stick Looks

PlayStation remote controllers are black while the analog and touchpad have a slightly greyish color. They can even be pressed to perform many different operations. 

Although this analog has an excellent grip, people often dislike it because of its lousy appearance. Because of this issue, there are many innovative kinds of solutions available on the market and online stores.

You can get skins and protectors of different colors other than unattractive grey colors. Also, because of the rubbery material, these analogs can sometimes get damaged easily. This is another reason some people buy skins for their controllers.

The other reason it makes their controller stand out and look a lot cooler than their friend’s.

Why did this question of the dog nose arise?

Although it was originally started as a joke, the more people heard about it, the more some people began to believe it. When one person says it, it is just laughed off, but when you have 100 people around you saying it is true, you begin to wonder about things.

This is how alot of things that are not true are taken as truth. Just because the stick is similar in color and texture does not mean it is made from a dog’s nose.

This question was told as a joke mostly by Nintendo and Microsoft fans who do not like the PlayStation but somehow people believed it and ran with the story.

Components of a PlayStation Controller

PlayStation controllers are made up of a lot of materials. Since there are buttons, analog sticks, lights, and touch sensors on it, they all add up in the making of the controller.

The structure of the PlayStation controller itself is made up of hard plastic. It is used to hold together all of the other stuff.

The analog part of the PlayStation is the moving stick with which you can control the movement of the characters in the game with the 360-degree rotation aspect. Mostly this analog stick is controlled with a thumb. That is why it has a rough, patchy surface.

This surface allows your thumb to hold the grip no matter what direction you are going. 

The buttons of the PlayStation controller are also made up of hard plastic. It has all the labels printed on them that are used to operate the console and games. They are particular to each game and have multiple characteristics.

Coming back to the analog part, it is entirely rotatable. That is why it has a tight rubber seal on it, which looks almost exactly like the nose of the dog.

At last, comes the LED light and touch sensors. Although it is available only on PlayStation 4 remote controllers, it plays a vital role in its position.

Different Versions of the PlayStation Controllers

There are many versions of the PlayStation controllers since PlayStation consoles range from 1 to 4 and Sony made some other consoles as well. Each one has a different version of the controller.

Most of the PlayStation remotes are of the same type as they follow the same design, style, color, and button requirements.

They are only different when you look at the selective models. For example, the PlayStation 4 remote control is wireless, has an LED light, and touch sensor. But if you look at the  PlayStation 2 remote control it is wired and has none of those features.

PlayStation Controllers

PlayStation remotes have the best control in console gaming. This is because it gives complete control over the game. When you put in a game and play it with your console, you have the power of the entire universe at your fingertips. 

The analog stick of the PlayStation is made up of a hard rubber type of material. If you get a feel of it, you will notice that it is a sturdy material that has the characteristics of the complete gripped material. 

Often many games require hard and intense usage of these sticks. In these games, a lot of times you will need to keep holding the analog stick in multiple directions throughout the game, as well as use them extremely frequently on others. 

Well, that is where this material comes in handy. Although it may look ridiculous in color, it is a beneficial material. This material holds up great to the constant use that it gets, as well as it gives a good grip to the user no matter how sweaty of a hand the person gets while playing. 

This rubber has a blackish grey kind of color. It is not available in any other color which is why PlayStation has used the same in all of its versions of the controllers. If you want to change the color of it or want to give it a different kind of look, you can buy covers or protectors pretty cheap.

This is the best place to find a skin for your Playstation controller.  If you prefer more of a protector covering rather than just a skin, you should look at buying one here as this place has the best options available. 

What makes PlayStation controllers so special?

Although some people don’t think that the PlayStation controller is anything special, PlayStation controllers are the most satisfying gaming handle that you can get on the market right now.

Why is it the most satisfying?

Well, this is because when PlayStation originally designed the controller, they took their time developing it down to the exact angle of the handle to fit in your hand as good as possible.

Because of all the attention to detail and the complete feel of comfort the controller has, it is the last controller you will ever need or want to feel. 


Although the PlayStation controllers may look and feel similar to a dogs nose, they are not made of one, and Sony would never do anything like that to any animal. Sony takes a lot of pride in the way they make their controllers and consoles.

This is proven in the fact that Sony has not hardly changed its design of the controller on any of its gaming consoles since its first PlayStation. 

If for some reason you need to buy another PlayStation controller, here is the best place to buy one. They have good prices and a wide range of all controllers for your needs. 

Now you can purchase your PlayStation controller knowing confidently that the controllers are not made from animals, and that the feel is simply for grip.