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Are Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons (Or Pro Controllers) Compatible With The Wii U?

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The Nintendo Switch is one of Nintendo‘s best-selling gaming consoles as it is able to be used on the go and at your house. It is able to do this by having a docking station that connects to your TV as well as controllers that attach to the side of the console with a screen. 

If you are on the go a lot, or you simply like the ability to just pick up your games and go then this device is for you. Unlike its later release, the Nintendo Switch Lite, this device also connects to your TV so you can play all of your favorite games on a big screen rather than the tiny one on the console. 

Although this device is super amazing there are a couple of downsides to it. One of the major downsides to the Nintendo Switch is that it is not backward compatible with any of the previous Nintendo devices! 

Nintendo has always been known for allowing its users to use its previous games on the device so they do not have to purchase brand-new ones. With this device though Nintendo did not allow that to happen even if the game you purchased was a digital download! 

This made many of the Nintendo gamers mad as they felt taken advantage of for purchasing the Wii U. If you still purchased the Nintendo Wii U though, you’re probably wondering if you can use the Switch controllers to play on your device. 

Unfortunately, you cannot use the Nintendo Switch controllers also known as Joy-Cons to play games on the Wii U. The Switch Pro controllers are also not compatible with the Wii U console.

Nintendo made the Switch completely different than it made any of its other gaming devices, and so the Switch controllers are not compatible with any of them. 

The Nintendo Switch is a great gaming device by itself, but the fact that it is not compatible with any of the previous Nintendo games or consoles is not something that makes Nintendo‘s fans happy. Nintendo was one of the only gaming companies that made all of its devices compatible up until this point. 

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Does The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Work On The Wii U?

If you own the Switch and the Wii U, you probably know that the Switch has a Pro controller. This Pro controller is far better than the original Switch controllers while it still has the vibration and HD rumble. The Pro controller has excellent battery life and a comfortable grip.

The Switch Pro controller is similar in size and shape to the Xbox controllers. It is far more comfortable to hold in your hands than the Joy-Con controllers and is definitely a very useful upgrade for anybody. 

Although many people have tried, unfortunately, the Switch Pro controller does not work with the Wii U. There are so many people that do not like the Wii U because Nintendo did not make it compatible with any other newer Nintendo devices. 

To this day, many people do not like to talk about the Wii U when it comes to Nintendo because the console was such a failure. Not only was it not popular, but it was simply a glorified Wii that was extremely expensive and in most people’s minds went backward in its abilities. 

Are Wii Controllers Compatible With The Wii U? 

The Wii U is the next upgrade when it comes to Nintendo consoles that are better than the Wii. It has more technical details and can be far more immersive since it comes with a gamepad which allows you to play all of your games at your fingertips.

Because the Wii U is the newer version when it comes to Wii consoles, many people want to know if you can use the Wii controllers with the new Wii U system. Being able to do this would save people money as they would not have to purchase new controllers for their brand-new consoles. 

The Wii classic controller is compatible with the Wii U console! All you need to do is simply plug in a sensor bar and sync the controllers for all of the controller features to work. You don’t have to do anything else besides calibrate the Wii remote combo and you are ready to play.

If you do not have a sensor bar or yours is not working you can purchase a new one by clicking here. 

The Wii U gamepad is the best feature of the Wii U. You are also able to use the Wii U gamepad if you are playing multiplayer so people can watch the main split screen on your TV while you have your own personal screen at your fingertips. 

Are Wii Games Compatible With The Wii U?

Because the Wii U is the newest Wii console that has been released, many people want to know if the original Wii games are compatible with it. no one wants to purchase a new gaming system that they cannot use any of their previous games on. 

If you own the original Wii and you want to upgrade to the Wii U will be happy to know that the original Wii games are compatible with the Wii U. This means you will not need to purchase any games when you upgrade from the Nintendo Wii to the Wii U. 

The Nintendo Wii as well as the Nintendo Wii U uses compact discs. Being able to play all of your favorite games on this new device is just one extra reason to purchase this upgrade. All of the Wii accessories will work on the Wii U as Nintendo made it backward compatible.

The Wii U also comes with a sensor bar that plugs into the gaming system. Although the Wii U gamepad does not need the sensor bar, if you want to use the original Wii controllers you will need to connect the sensor bar in order for the original controllers to work. 

How Do You Connect A Switch Pro Controller To A Wii U?

To connect a Switch Pro Controller to a Wii U, first, make sure the controller is in pairing mode by pressing the small sync button on the back of the controller. Then, turn on the Wii U console and go to the home screen.

From there, select the “Controller Settings” option from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Next, select the “Add New Controller” option and the Wii U will begin searching for nearby controllers. Once it finds the Switch Pro Controller, select it from the list and press the “A” button on the controller to complete the connection.

Once the controller is connected, it can be used to play games on the Wii U just like any other controller. The Switch Pro Controller can also be used to navigate the Wii U’s menus and settings, allowing for a more intuitive and comfortable gaming experience.

Additionally, multiple Switch Pro Controllers can be connected to a single Wii U console, allowing for multiplayer games and activities. To connect additional controllers, simply repeat the steps above and select the additional controllers from the list when prompted.

What Controllers Will Work With The Wii U?

One of the controllers that will work with the Wii U is the Wii U GamePad. This controller is unique to the Wii U, and it allows users to play games on the controller’s built-in screen or on their television. The GamePad also has motion-sensing capabilities, so users can control games using gestures and movements.

Another controller that will work with the Wii U is the Wii Remote Plus. This controller is similar to the traditional Wii Remote, but it has an updated design and improved motion-sensing capabilities. Users can play games with the Wii Remote Plus by holding it in their hands and making gestures and movements to control the game.

The Wii U Pro Controller is another option for users who want to play games on the Wii U. This controller is similar to a traditional game controller, with a comfortable grip and traditional button layout. The Pro Controller is designed for more intense gaming sessions and allows users to play games using traditional button inputs.

Lastly, the Wii U also supports the use of classic controllers and GameCube controllers. This means that users who have these controllers from previous gaming consoles can use them to play games on the Wii U. This is great for fans of classic games or for users who prefer the feel of these controllers.

Overall, the Wii U offers a wide range of controller options that allow users to choose the controller that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether they prefer a traditional controller, a motion-sensing controller, or a handheld controller, there is a controller that will work with the Wii U.

Can All Wii U Games Be Played With A Pro Controller?

Not all Wii U games can be played using the Pro Controller. Some games will require the use of the Wii U GamePad, which is a unique controller that features a touch screen and motion control capabilities. This controller is essential for certain types of games that require these features, such as those that utilize the touch screen for menus or use motion controls for gameplay mechanics.

Additionally, some games may be designed specifically for the use of the Wii U GamePad, such as games that have a split-screen multiplayer mode that uses the GamePad for one player and the Pro Controller for the other. In these cases, the Pro Controller cannot be used to play the game.

The following Wii U games require the use of the GamePad and won’t work with just the Pro controller.

Affordable Space Adventures
Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival
Art Academy Atelier/Home Studio
Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition
Bayonetta 1
Both Scribblenauts games
Captain Toad
Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director’s Cut
Fatal Frame/Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water
Game & Wario
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse/Paintbrush
LEGO city undercover
Mario & DK: Tipping Stars
Nintendo Land
Paper Mario Color Splash
Pikmin 3
Project Zero/Fatal Frame 5
Sniper Elite V2
Spin the Bottle: Bumpy’s Party
Splatoon (for two player mode)
SQUIDS Odyssey
Star Fox Guard
Star Fox Zero.
Super Mario 3D World.
Super Mario U
Super Mario Maker
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2
Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
Wii Fit U
Wii Sports Club

Overall, while the Wii U Pro Controller can be used to play many of the games on the console, there are some exceptions where the GamePad is required. It is important for players to check the game’s specifications and requirements before attempting to play it with the Pro Controller


Now that you know about the Nintendo Switch, and its Joy-Con controllers not working with the Wii U, you may want to reconsider if you are planning on purchasing a Wii U. Although these devices can be fun to play on, there are a lot of downsides to them. 

Not only can you not use the Switch controllers with the Wii U, but you cannot use the games either. The good news is that you can use the original Wii games with the Wii U.

Although there are downsides to owning the Wii U, one of the positives is the fact that you can use the original Wii controllers with the Wii U by simply attaching the sensor bar. This sensor bar comes in the Wii U package, as Nintendo figured people would want to use the original controllers with this console. 

Although some people do not like the Wii U, there are still many people today who love playing the games on it and using the gamepad that comes with the console. The gamepad is what made the Nintendo Wii U special, and unlike any other console of its time. 

Even though the Switch pro controller does not work with the Wii U, it is still an extremely fun console to play games on. No matter if you are at home or at a friend’s house, you can still have fun playing games in the Wii U. 

There are ups and downs to owning a Wii U or a Nintendo Switch, but whichever gaming system you choose, they are both a great way to have entertainment with friends and family.