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Are Switch Controllers Motion Sensitive? (Is One Or Both?)

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When you look at the Nintendo Switch it is easy to see that there are a lot of details that went into the design of the device. One of the most intricate details about the Nintendo Switch is the fact that it can be used as a mobile gaming device as well as a home console. 

Another intricate detail about the Nintendo Switch are the Joy Con controllers. These controllers can be used in multiple positions as well as attached to different attachments to make your gaming experience better. 

Although the Switch controllers are not motion sensitive exactly like the Nintendo Wii, they do have sensors built into them that detect motion. These motion sensors let the console know how the controllers are oriented and how they are moving. This is helpful in games like Mario Kart or Mario Party as turning, shaking, or rotating the controller will control what happens on the screen as well as the buttons being pressed. 

These motion sensors help the device to work smoothly and be able to transition from one attachment to another and still work properly. No one wants to spend money on a device that doesn’t work smoothly or has errors when being used with different attachments. 

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Do both Joy-Cons have motion control? 

Because the controller for the Nintendo Switch is made up of two pieces that can be used individually as a controller each, many people are curious if they are made the same. This is because nobody wants to spend the money on Joy Cons if they do not have the motion control built into them. 

Both of the Joy Cons for the Nintendo Switch have the same motion control in them. This means they can be removed from your Switch and used as individual controllers with both of them having motion control. 

Most games don’t require or use motion control but for some of them it is an absolute necessity (Mario Party). For games like that, each player will get a Joy Con and can then use it to control their individual player on screen. 

That means that the two Joy Cons that come with your Nintendo Switch can be used so two people can play using them. 

How do I change the sensitivity of the Switch controllers?

When you begin to play the Nintendo Switch you may think that the sensitivity is extremely high because you are not used to it, but in fact it is relatively low. As you continue to play the games though and get used to the controller you will probably want to increase the sensitivity of it so you can be better.

Unfortunately, unlike other gaming systems, there is not a way to change the sensitivity of the controllers. This is because they have already been set up when they were manufactured and it keeps everyone on the same playing field when battling against each other in games or online. 

Even though you cannot change the sensitivity of your controller, in the long run you will probably learn to like this better as none of your friends have an unfair advantage over you. If you’re battling it out with your friends on the Nintendo Switch the last thing you want is for one of them to have an advantage over you when you were playing the same game. 

Although some people may not think that it is a big deal to have a higher sensitivity than someone else it enables you to look and see things faster which could easily help you win the game. Nintendo wanted its users to have fun while playing the game and not feel cheated so they made the controllers to where the sensitivity cannot be changed. 

Why are Joy-Cons so expensive? 

If you already own a Nintendo Switch you likely already know how expensive the Joy Cons are to purchase if you want extra for your device. It seems like for the tiny little devices that you get they should be far cheaper than they currently are. 

Is Nintendo making a killing on selling extra remote controls for this high of a price? Does something in the controllers make them expensive, or is the price just driven up because of demand for them. 

Joy Cons are actually expensive because there is a lot of tech that goes into making them. Not only do they put everything plus some of what a regular controller has, but they had to make the technology tiny so it could fit into the smaller Joy Con controllers. 

Even though the Joy Cons have as much technology in them if not more than any other controller, they are more than half the size of any regular controller that you will buy! This along with the fact that they are always in constant demand is something that keeps the price of them higher than a normal controller for a different system. 

If you have ever played with these controllers you know just how technical they are. They are also extremely tiny, and although they fit perfectly in the hands of children if you were an adult train to play with just one of these joy cons it is almost impossible to use it. 

Do knock off Joy Cons work? 

If you’re on a Nintendo Switch then you probably know how expensive Joy Cons are. You have probably also run into the fact that you need to purchase more if you want to play with more than one or two players. 

The high price of Joy Cons as well as the low supply of them has kept the price high as well as demand for them high. This has led many people to wondering if they could possibly use non-officially licensed Joy Cons as controllers for their Switch. 

Although you can use knock off Joy Cons with your Nintendo Switch not all of them will work the exact same as the official ones. The best knock off Joy Cons that works with the Nintendo Switch can be found by clicking here

Because there are so many different knock off Joy Cons on the market today if you go to look on your own you will be very easily overwhelmed by all the choices. Even if you were to pick a certain knock off Joy Con the possibilities of it working properly are slim because of the intricate detail of how they operate with the Switch console. 

These are the main reasons why people do not purchase third-party Joy Cons and just pay the higher price for the official ones. Many people do not want to take a risk on it not working especially if they’re buying it as a gift for a friend or family member. 


Now that you know about Nintendo Switch controllers and the fact that they do have motion sensors in them you can see why the Nintendo Switch is such a popular gaming device. 

Everyone loves the Nintendo Switch and their controllers are extremely technical. 

Everyone who owns the Nintendo Switch likes the fact that you can use the controllers together, or separately as two separate controllers. There are also various attachments that you can use with the Joy Con controllers depending upon the game you are playing. 

Even though you cannot change the sensitivity on your controllers and the official Joy Con controllers are expensive, many people still love the Nintendo Switch as well as the real Joy Con controllers. Nintendo always listens to its customers and when they made the Nintendo Switch, they took everything into account that the customers were saying. 

Because Joy Cons are so expensive many people will choose to purchase a third-party controller that is similar to the Joy Con. Some third party controllers even try to replicate the Joy Cons themselves and make them look and work the exact same as the official Joy Cons but none of them ever get it exactly the same.