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Are Wii And GameCube Cables The Same? (Are The Controllers The Same?)

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If you have a Nintendo GameCube and are considering purchasing the Nintendo Wii as an upgrade you probably will want to know what you can use from your original GameCube system. Being able to use the cords and controllers from the GameCube on the Nintendo Wii would be nice in case you happen to ever lose any of them for the Nintendo Wii. 

The GameCube power and AV cables will not fit the Nintendo Wii as they are only similar, and not interchangeable. However, you can use your GameCube controllers with the Nintendo Wii and they will work just fine. 

This means you will not be able to use the GameCube AV plug-in on your Nintendo Wii if your Nintendo Wii one ever goes missing or stops working. 

Although there are a lot of things that are similar about the Wii and the GameCube, having the same AV and power cables is not one of them. You can however play Nintendo GameCube games on the Wii as well as use the Nintendo GameCube controller to play games on the Wii. 

Being able to use your GameCube controller and games to play on the Nintendo Wii is a giant plus when it comes to video games. Not all video game consoles are backwards compatible and if they are most of the time you can only use the games and not the controllers as well. 

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What Type Of Cable Does The Wii use?

If for some reason your cord is broken on your Nintendo Wii and it is not connected to the TV, you may be wondering if there is another solution. After all it is impossible to use a gaming console that is not hooked up to the TV. 

Since you cannot use a GameCube AV cable you may be wondering what cable you will need to purchase in order to fix this. There is nothing more frustrating than going to play a game on your Wii in the cord is not working so you cannot play. 

The Nintendo Wii uses a special AV cable that hooks to the back of the console and then plugs into the AV connections on your TV. This AV cable that hooks to the back of the Nintendo Wii can be purchased for only a few dollars.

If you do not want to use the AV cable that comes with the Nintendo Wii you may also purchase a different cable to upgrade it. Most people prefer to use an HDMI upgrade so it is easier to connect to their TV. 

Once your cable comes in you will simply plug it into the back of the Nintendo Wii as you usually would and then plug the HDMI part of the cord into the TV. This makes things a lot easier as most TVs today only have HDMI ports and are phasing out the AV ports. 

What Can I Do If My Wii Sensor Bar Stops Working?

If you have ever been playing your Nintendo Wii and for some reason it seems like it is not picking up your movement correctly it may be an issue with your sensor bar. The Nintendo Wii uses the sensor bar along with the sensors that are in the remotes to tell how you are moving and where you are moving to. 

If you have ever been in the middle of the game and for whatever reason your person simply stops moving you have probably been extremely annoyed. Make sure to check your sensor bar and see if it is plugged in and visible to the controllers.

If it still goes in and out, it’s probably time to replace it.

If your sensor bar begins to go out and it stops working you will want to replace it very quickly. Although some people try to fix these bars themselves they are not that expensive and can be purchased for just a few dollars online.

Once you order your new sensor bar you can continue to play on your old one if it is partially working but once it comes in you will want to replace it immediately. All you need to do is simply unplug the nonworking sensor bar from the Nintendo Wii and plug in the new one to begin playing. 

Nintendo does not require you to use any special setup program or code in order to sync the new sensor bar with the system. This is extremely helpful as it saves you time and hassle when you are going to replace your sensor bar. 

Why Does My Wii Have No Color?

Nintendo Wii has tons of fun games on the console to play on and the fact that you can move around while you are using it is a big bonus. Not only does this burn calories and make you not feel crappy for just sitting on the couch, it also makes you feel more involved in the game. 

If you have just plugged in your Nintendo Wii and you do not have any color though you may be wondering if something on the console is broken. If something is broken how much would it cost to fix or should you just purchase a new Wii? 

If your Nintendo Wii does not have color you will simply want to unplug the AV cables from the back of the TV and re-plug them in. You will want to make sure that you have the correct colors of the cables in the correct tv ports as this can affect your color and make everything black and white. 

Now that you have fixed your issue with your Wii not having color you can go ahead and play any game you would like in perfect color. Although you can play your Nintendo Wii without color, you won’t get the full effect of the game.


The Nintendo Wii is one of the best gaming consoles available from Nintendo before the Nintendo Switch was released. Some people still prefer to play the Nintendo Wii as it is more in depth about your movements and requires you to be more active when you play games on it. 

If your Nintendo Wii cable stops working you now know that the GameCube cables will not work to fix the issue. Even though a lot of things from the GameCube are able to be used on the Nintendo Wii the cables are not one of them. 

The Nintendo Wii uses a special AV cable that connects to the back of the device and is not used on the GameCube. If you do not like the AV cables that come with the Nintendo Wii though you can simply purchase an AV cable that connects to HDMI. 

Being able to connect your Nintendo Wii to your TV with an HDMI cable will make it clearer and work better with newer TVs.

Even though most people are not faced with this problem you may have run into the issue that your Wii sensor bar stops working. Now that you know how to fix an issue you can continue playing your game without any interruptions for a long time to come. 

No matter what game you were playing on the Nintendo Wii or if you are using it to exercise you can just assume that it is going to be a fun time anytime it is turned on. Many people today still want the Nintendo Wii as it is simply such a cool console to own.