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Can A PlayStation Be Connected To A Monitor?

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Have you ever been playing on the PlayStation and wondered if you could hook it to a computer monitor? Maybe you were trying to play, but all of the televisions were fuol at your friends house where you were having a party so you want to hook it to a monitor. Well, in this article, we will go over if that is possible, as well as answer all of your other questions. 

So can a PlayStation be connected to a monitor?

Although some people think it is impossible to do, they are wrong as connecting to a monitor with your PlayStation is actually fairly easy. Most new monitors do not even require the use of an adapter to connect your PlayStation to them. 

If you want to know more about connecting a PlayStation to a monitor, you will want to keep reading. If you want to see step by step instructions on how to connect your PlayStation to a monitor without any adapters, you will want to watch this video.

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How do I connect my PlayStation to a monitor?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the monitor supports the desired functionality so that the user interface can appear correctly on the screen.  Basically this means as long as your computer monitor has an HDMI spot on it you are good. 

Once you know that your monitor has an HDMI port, all you have to do is plug in your PlayStation to the monitor just as you would normally plug it into the back of your tv. 

Many people want to connect their PlayStation to a tv or some large display projector so that the gaming experience can be made better, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. If you are having a gaming event where there are a bunch of people at your house and no one wants to play split screens, you can quickly run out of tv’s. When this happens, most people prefer to use monitors as they are the next best thing. 

Today, most computer monitors have the exact same HDMI connector that is on the back of most computers, and most monitors are 20-24”. This means that the screen is still bigger than when you would play on split screen, and also it keeps people from being able to look at the other players’ screens to see where they are on the map. 

Although some people cannot locate the HDMI port on their monitor, it is normally on the back or the side right by where you plug the power cord into the monitor. 

Although today’s monitors all have an HDMI port, not all of the older monitors actually have one. The older monitors used a VGA cable. If your monitor has a VGA and not an HDMI, you will need to buy an adapter for your PlayStation to work on the monitor. The best news is that they are only a couple of dollars, and can be picked up here

Identification of the correct monitor

Identification of the correct monitor for the console is important while connecting it with your console. If you choose a monitor that does not have the attributes to connect to the console, then all of your hard work will be worth nothing. This is why you need to make sure the monitor will work for what you are trying to do. 

Not all the monitors can be connected to the PlayStation consoles. Also, different models of the PlayStation connect to different types of monitor therefore you will need to have a clear understanding that will help you in monitor connection. 

If you are trying to connect the PlayStation Classic then you need to make sure that it supports the HDMI cable. The new version of the PlayStation Classic has different supporting features as compared to the original one.

The newer version supports VGA port as well as HDMI, therefore, you can switch in between them, but if you want to connect to the original PlayStation, then you will only have the choice of VGA connection.

If you are looking to connect your monitor to the PlayStation 2, then you will need to know that the PlayStation 2 only supports VGA. It does not have any HDMI port, therefore, selecting a monitor with HDMI port will not be able to connect your console. 

Choosing the monitor for the PlayStation 3 will be quite easy as compared to the PlayStation’s latest or older models. This is because it can support both high definition and VGA cable. You do not have to worry about connecting this to any monitor as it has both features so will work on older or newer monitors. 

In case you are looking for the monitor for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro, you can only select HDMI supporting monitors. Connecting it to any kind of monitor is not possible. Therefore, you will need to check for the good quality monitor with an HDMI port. The PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro have tons of ports other than AC power. Because of this, many people get confused about which one to connect.

The PlayStation 4 has AV multiport, Optical Audio output, HDMI, Ethernet, AUX, and PS4 Camera port. This is why it can lead to a lot of trouble when a beginner user tries to connect to the console. The thing to remember is to make the connection with the monitor, you can use only the HDMI connection. All the other ports have a different purpose.  

Sometimes the old monitor does not support the characteristics of this latest console, it is best to choose the latest ones. If you choose to connect the console to an old monitor, you will need to find the adaptor. There are many types of adaptors available in the market. This is the best place to get an adapter for your monitor to PlayStation.

Although there are many types of monitors available today, if you are going to buy a monitor, you should get one that has vga and hdmi capabilities. If you are looking for one like that, this is the best place to get one. Now, no matter what game system you need to hook up to the monitor, you will be able to do it without any issues, and without any adapters. 

Connecting PlayStation to the monitor

Connecting to the monitor is quite an easy task. You will need to follow only a few simple steps. Plug one end of the HDMI port in the console and others on the monitor.

If your monitor does not support high definition connection then use the adaptor to convert the HDMI into VGA. After that, switch to the respected Monitor output and you are good to go. 

If your monitor does not have speakers then you will need to connect the speakers using the AUX cable as well. The best computer speakers are available here. If you are planning on playing a shooting game where you need to hear where people are walking, having  a great set of speakers is something that will really help you. 


Now that you know that you can connect your PlayStation to the monitor, you can easily invite your friends over knowing that you have enough monitors for everyone to play. The other option is to ask them to bring their own monitors as they are easier to carry than a big tv from one place to the other. No matter what system you are playing on, and no matter what screen you are using to play, the ability to hook them up to different screens no matter how old your system may be, is something that comes in very handy.