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Can I Replace My Gameboy Saving Battery In My Gameboy Game Cartridges?

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Have you ever been playing your game on your Gameboy and your cartridge won’t save your game progress? Maybe you are just so frustrated that you keep reaching that level, but then have to start all over the next time you play the game. Well, in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about how to change your Gameboy saving battery in your game cartridge. 

So, can you replace your saving battery in your Gameboy Game cartridges? 

Although most people think it is not possible, you can easily replace the battery in your Gameboy game cartridge. Replacing the battery will allow you to save games again and for many more years to come…until the battery dies again! 

If you want to know exactly how to replace the battery, you will want to keep reading this article. You can also watch this short video on how to replace your Gameboy game saving batteries.

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Why would you replace your Gameboy game saving batteries?

Nothing is more frustrating than playing a Gameboy and discovering the cartridge batteries are dead. It can also be extremely frustrating since a Gameboy needs this battery power to save your game progress. When your battery power is low on your Gameboy cartridge, you risk losing your game progress at any time. This issue begs the question then: how do you replace your Gameboy cartridge batteries. 

Most people answer this question by simply going to GameStop. The problem is that GameStop doesn’t replace Gameboy cartridge batteries in all stores. Although GameStop used to sell batteries for cartridges, they no longer do in many places. There are online suppliers that you can buy GameBoy cartridge batteries from though. The best place to get Gameboy cartridge batteries though is here

Gameboy cartridges are designed to have a battery that allows gamers to save their play progress. This is enabled by a small internal battery to store your progress in the game. Like all batteries over time, the cartridge battery gradually depletes and needs to be replaced. However, Nintendo and GameSpot, the primary GBA accessories dealers no longer sell the batteries.

Historically, when the games were developed, flash memory was still very expensive. Game companies worked to reduce the prices and as a result Nintendo used volatile memory that was powered by a small battery. This resulted in the popular Gameboy introducing a battery that is now difficult to find and replace. 

This battery is also needed by other Nintendo games such as NES, SNES, and N64 that require game cartridges. Without the battery, saving game progress is impossible. 

Old Gameboy games with the CR20224 offer the best source of batteries that can retain data for up to 40 years. That’s a lifetime, right! 

GameStop was selling Gameboy replacement batters years ago, but as mentioned above, you now have to find a replacement at other local stores or online. 

An old Gameboy battery replacement can last you about seven years, which is different from the expected lifespan set by the manufacturer. They must drain more than 2uA, which is more than five times as much fast as the original cartridge battery. The replacement of the CR2032 in place of the CR2024 can last you more than ten years before needing replaced again. 

What are rechargeable batteries for Gameboy?

Some Gameboy consoles are designed to use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, mostly like the Gameboy Advance SP. However, for all other Gameboy systems, Nintendo recommends against the use of rechargeable batteries with its products, unless they come with the said batteries.

You are only allowed to use Gameboy Advance SP and Nintendo DS with rechargeable batteries or when a licensed rechargeable battery accessory exists. Gameboy Advance consoles are designed to use alkaline batteries with their products. There are also AC Adapters available for the Gameboy Advance and the Gameboy Color and Gameboy pocket.

GameStop doesn’t need to replace Gameboy cartridge batteries anymore as not very many people own one today. Even if they did, it would cost you a fortune to get your Gameboy batteries working again. 

If you are replacing a rechargeable battery, it’s worth noting the battery chemistry as well; for example, the battery in the Dreamcast is a 3V ML2032 and so should be replaced with an ML203. The best battery Gameboy replacement should be the cr2025 battery. They have slightly higher battery capacity. 

Here is what you need to do to replace the batteries in your Gameboy games. 

How do you replace the Gameboy Saving battery?

The Gameboy battery used is always placed on the board above the battery. However, most Gameboy games cartridges are fitted with the CR2025 coin cell, which can be easily found through your local gaming store, eBay, or Amazon. Check this link here. You might also be able to find the battery at a yard sale although this is not recommended as you have no way of knowing if it works or not or how old it is.

Just be sure to check which exact type you will need before purchasing. 

A Gameboy cartridge needs a 3-volt battery that fits in the position inside the cartridge. The cartridge has a storage capacity of 165 milliamps per hour with most Gameboys designed for CR2025 but the CR2032, which is also 3 volts but with 220 amp fits perfectly and lasts longer.

When looking for a battery replacement, take note of the polarities of the battery. You will need to remember this, as you will need to make sure you connect the new battery the same way.

In order to replace your Gameboy Saving Battery, you will need to have the following items:

Now you are ready to actually replace your Gameboy saving battery. 

First, you will need to open the Gameboy cartridge. You will need your 3.8 mm security screwdriver for this. These are relatively inexpensive and you will use this to remove the screw from the back of the cartridge.

Next, carefully remove the circuit board from the plastic casing. Be careful not to drop or jar the circuit board during this process. The Gameboy save battery is actually soldered in place and you will need your solder sucker for this next step. You will press the solder sucker plunger down and heat up the solder. Then, you will press the button on the solder sucker and it will do just that: suck up the melted solder, dislodging the battery from its place. 

You now need to remove the old battery completely from the circuit board. 

Next, get your new battery. Remember to ensure that your orientation tabs are going to be soldered on correctly. IF they are not, your saving feature will not work. Solder your new battery into place, similar to how your previous battery was soldered. FInally, put the circuit board back in its place, and re screw in the back of the cartridge. Your game progress should now be able to be saved. 


It can be very frustrating to not be able to save your progress on a specific gaming cartridge. This can be due to the fact that the saving battery for that cartridge is out of life. While there are several options for where you can buy saving batteries, it can be difficult to replace the battery yourself. You will need a soldering sucker, and a soldering station. You will also of course need to find your new battery. 

These are all relatively cheap but if you are only replacing one battery then it makes that single battery replacement quite expensive. 

You will need to remove the back of the cartridge, to remove the circuit board, and then desolder the old battery from its place. Make sure you take note of the orientation of the battery at this point.  Then you will need to solder the new battery into place. 

Just replace the cartridge backing, and you should then be able to save your game process again. 

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you in replacing your cartridge battery on your old Gameboy cartridges. There are tons of videos on Youtube detailing the exact process so be sure and watch a few of them before beginning the process of replacing it.