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Can You Beat a Pinball Game?

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If you have played a pinball game, you probably know just how challenging it can be to win. Some people get to the point that they believe they can’t beat the pinball game they are playing. There are many different types of pinball games, and some are more complex than others. However, you can learn to beat any pinball machine.

So, can you beat a pinball game? There is no “final level” in pinball where you can beat the game and be done, however the point of pinball is to beat the high scores that are set by other players. Since all pinball games are different, you must develop a technique that allows you to conquer any machine.

Some tips that can help you start beating the other players are:

  • Use your eyes and ears.
  • Pay attention to the rules.
  • Perfect your posture.
  • Raise your flipper handling prowess.
  • Learn to hit the right targets.
  • Move and tilt the machine.
  • Join competitive pinball events.
  • Be patient.
  • Choose your game wisely.
  • Enjoy the game.

Pinball is a classic game that is becoming increasingly popular among all ages. If you are new to pinball, you may find it very challenging to win. Don’t worry, though! This article will provide you with plenty of tips to master the art of pinball and start beating the machine.

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How to Beat a Pinball Game

Since every pinball machine is different, it is hard to nail down a specific strategy that will help you win on all machines. The key to winning is to perfect your playing technique so that you can adapt to each machine as you play. The following tips can help you become better at pinball games and eventually begin winning regularly.

1. Use Your Eyes and Ears

The first step to becoming an exceptional pinball gamer is to watch and listen. Most pinball games feature speech systems that give instructions and warnings. By paying attention to these speeches, you will learn a great deal.

Sometimes the machine will only produce an audible alert instead of a speech. Some alerts let you know you are on the right track while others alert you to the risks ahead. Modern machines feature screens that may have writings or videos to help you along the way. So, it’s recommended to keep your eyes and ears open at all times.

2. Pay Attention to the Rules

Each pinball game has its own unique rules, and that is why learning as much about the rules as you can is key to winning. Modern machines often have complicated rule sets, which is why you should pay attention to every detail. Take a few moments before you start playing to read and understand the rules of the game.

Some machines require you to activate two or more features at the same time to win. Other devices may have simple and straightforward rules that just about anyone can follow. Older machines typically have their rules written on the side of them. Modern machines may display the rules on their screens.

3. Perfect Your Posture

The next thing you need to do is figure out the most comfortable position for yourself. Some people spread their feet apart, while others place one leg in front of the other. Another way that people stand is with their feet completely together and their legs straight.

There is no right or wrong way to stand when playing a pinball game. The key is to stand in a way that lets you see the entire playfield and remain comfortable for as long as possible.

Pay less attention to how awkward your stance is and instead focus on its benefits. The right position gives you easy access to flippers, buttons, and plungers while being able to view the entire playfield. 

4. Raise Your Flipper Handling Prowess

If you are good at using flippers, your chances of winning increase tremendously. Excellent flipper skills can help you keep the ball in your control and correctly focus your aim.

Do not flip the flipper too much because that leads to erratic movements. Instead, try and flip moderately so that you can catch the ball or balls. It is also recommended to drop the flipper immediately after flipping. That way, the ball gets a big gap to move freely.

Additionally, you should avoid moving flippers simultaneously because that increases your chances of error. Some machines may have added buttons for difficulty, and it is up to you to learn about how to use them while flipping.

5. Learn to Hit the Right Targets

Understanding the particular machine you are using is the first step to getting better at aiming. You also must understand the instructions of the game and know how to use the flippers.

A large portion of your aiming skills depends on your analysis of the current situation and practice. The direction you aim the ball, the force you use in flipping, and the speed with which you move will determine whether you win or not. Practicing on the same machine or game frequently is key to improving your aiming skills.

6. Move and Tilt the Machine

Nudging and tilting the pinball machine is part of the game, and you should not shy away from doing it.

Modern machines incorporate sensors that detect when your nudging and tilting is too hard and will give a warning for you to tone it down. When using this technique to score points, do it with care. You do not want to go wild because you will end up damaging the pinball machine or at least getting a “tilt” and losing the ball. 

7. Join Competitive Pinball Events

Pinball leagues and tournaments have been around for years. However, they hardly ever get mainstream media coverage. Dig through online communities that host pinball enthusiasts. A casual search through Facebook or Google could be all it takes for you to find some of the leagues and tournaments available in your area.

By joining a local league or tournament, you will get to interact with other players and even learn from their experiences. You are also likely to become more passionate about the game.

8. Be Patient

If you are just a beginner at pinball, you should be willing to lose many games before you start winning. Becoming impatient or getting frustrated with every loss can easily make you lose interest in the game.

That is why you should go into the game with a positive attitude. Prepare for any outcome. If possible, start playing on a machine that does not require too much skill. Once you become better at it, you can move on to play more challenging games.

9. Choose Your Game Wisely

Before you start playing pinball, try to learn about the various pinball machines available. There are older versions that are mechanical and newer versions that incorporate computerized systems.

There are also various types of pinball games – some even have complex storylines. As a beginner, you may want to choose basic games and then move on to more sophisticated ones as you get better at playing.

10. Enjoy the Game

Games are for having fun, and pinball games are no exception. Of course, winning is always more fun, but do not get frustrated when you lose. Instead, focus on the fun you have every time you try to score points. If possible, have a group of friends or family members join you while playing because that often adds to the excitement.

More tips

In the video below there are 5 additional tips from Derek Thomson who ranks as the 750th best pinball player in the world! He shares his most important tips with some video explanation to help you up your game. 

In Conclusion

If you are new to pinball, you are probably going to find it quite hard. That is why it is suggested that you play simpler games that allow you to score points even on your first or second attempt.

As you master the essential skills that include flipping and aiming, you can then move on to the more complex games and machines. Starting your gaming journey on an elaborate device can end up frustrating and even discouraging you from playing pinball altogether.