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Can You Get Banned For Homebrew Switch? (Is It Legal?)

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Do you enjoy playing the Nintendo Switch, but always wanted to play using homebrew?

Maybe you want to use homebrew to see what a Switch is capable of doing, but you don’t want to get banned? Well, we are here to answer all of your questions. 

So can you get banned for homebrew on the Nintendo Switch?

If Nintendo discovers that you used homebrew on your Switch it will be banned. When it is banned you can only use it to play your regular games and will not be able to use Nintendo Switch Online or purchase games through Nintendo’s online service.

Although using Switch homebrew software isn’t illegal (assuming you aren’t using it for piracy) it is against Nintendo’s Terms of Service. That means when Nintendo discovered your Switch is running homebrew or has custom firmware (CFW) it will ban your console.

Although some people claim to not get in trouble with Nintendo, Nintendo has very strict rules, and will ban you if you use homebrew on your device for any reason at all! Even if you aren’t using homebrew to download pirated games you will still get your console banned.

Any mods or cheats that you install or use on your console will end up getting you a ban from the Nintendo servers. That means you can’t access the Nintendo eShop, play online multiplayer on their servers, or even update your console or games.

Because of how strict Nintendo is in issuing a console ban the installation of homebrew software isn’t something that you should do without considering the ramifications first. So don’t just install the software on your hacked Switch without thinking about it long and hard.

You can also watch this short video that tells you everything you need to know about being banned on the Switch.

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Why Does Nintendo Ban People?

The Nintendo Company is a company that is known for the development of video games that have become incredibly popular with their popularity lasting for decades. Some of the games like Mario, Super Smash Bros, and Pokémon were very popular in the 80s and early 90s and people still love to play them even today.

Nintendo has developed many such games and is still developing such amazing games. Along with these games, it has also released Nintendo Switch consoles which are tablet-shaped video gaming devices.

Nintendo is very strict about their original games and if they catch players or sellers buying or selling cheat codes, or using homebrew games they immediately ban the accounts or consoles. This is why any kind of fraudulent practices should not be carried out.

They keep an eye on every transaction of every account. Players are advised to buy the original versions of the games and not purchase any cheat codes for any game. Piracy is another crime in the eyes of Nintendo. If they catch anyone carrying out piracy of any original game, they put a permanent ban on their account or console.

Make sure that all of the game carts that you purchase for your Switch come from reliable sources as well to ensure that you don’t end up with your hardware banned. If you have a modded Switch or don’t have a firmware version that is authentic you will quickly find yourself on the end of a console ban.

Can I Get Banned Even If I Use It Just For Homebrew And Not Piracy?

This is a very common question that people tend to ask. Many players have Switches that are only used for homebrew and not for any piracy purposes. Will you still end up with a ban even if you don’t steal anything or make any game mods?

If you install any homebrew software on your Switch console you will be banned no matter if you do anything legally wrong or not. When you boot up your Switch and get online after installing homebrew software you will get banned.

Although many people don’t think Nintendo is fair to ban them, Nintendo is very strict and your account will be lumped together with the other unauthorized accounts and there is a high chance that Nintendo will ban it along with other accounts. This ban will be a permanent ban.

Can I Get Out Of The Nintendo ban?

Nintendo has recently changed its policy. Originally, the permanent ban meant that the players could never get their accounts back even after they contacted the company personally. After the change in the policy though, Nintendo became slightly more liberal with the players.

If the players presented proof that they were not involved in any unauthorized dealings it was possible for Nintendo to unban their accounts. The problem is that most people cannot show proof that Nintendo deems as worthy evidence to get their accounts or consoles back.

This is why it is not smart to take the risk. There is a good chance that Nintendo will not consider your request even if you do not use your account for piracy and just for homebrew, you might still have a permanent ban.

Using it for homebrew would mean hacking into your Switch. Once Nintendo discovers that you have begun hacking into your Switch, you already have committed a bannable offense according to Nintendo.

Nintendo puts piracy and home brewing together. So even if you are using homebrew, you will more than likely be banned even if not immediately soon thereafter. Even though Nintendo cannot prove that people are performing piracy and have no explanation for it, the decisions of Nintendo are final and unchangeable as hacking your Switch is a bannable offense. 

How To Avoid Nintendo Bans

There are ways that may help you to avoid getting banned. The first thing is hacking into Switches through your accounts. This is the biggest reason most people get their accounts banned permanently.

Selling cheat codes of the original games can be another crime in the eyes of Nintendo and you are making yourself vulnerable to being banned. Buying cheat codes from various different sellers can also make your account get banned by Nintendo. 

What Are The Risks Of Modding A Nintendo Switch?

Modding a Nintendo Switch carries many risks. The most significant risk is that it may void the warranty of your console, meaning that Nintendo will no longer provide you with technical assistance for it.

Additionally, modding may prevent your console from being able to play online, or even access the Nintendo eShop because your console will get banned. Modding may also cause your console to become less stable, or even become unresponsive.

There is also the risk of bricking your console if you do not have a good understanding of the process. This means it will no longer work and will become completely unusable.
It is also possible that modding your console may lead to it becoming infected with viruses, or even hacked. This could lead to your private data being accessed or stolen.

How Do I Unban My Nintendo Switch Account?

There is only one real way to get a Switch account unbanned and that is by contacting Nintendo’s Support team and creating a request. Once you have submitted your request, Nintendo will review the information you provided and contact you about the status of your unban request.

If your request is accepted, your Nintendo Account will be unbanned and you will be able to access the Nintendo Switch again. If your request is denied, you may need to contact Nintendo Customer Support for further assistance or create a new account.

In addition to requesting an unban, you should also take steps to ensure that your Nintendo Account does not become banned or suspended again. Make sure that you follow the Nintendo Network Code of Conduct, which outlines all of the rules for using the Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, if you are playing online, be sure to follow the rules for online play and avoid any activities that are against the rules. Doing so will help to keep your Nintendo Account in good standing.

Does Modding Your Switch Brick It?

Modding a Switch can be risky and may result in the console becoming bricked or possibly even banned. A bricked Switch is one that is no longer functioning, effectively rendering the console useless.

To prevent this from happening, it is essential to follow the instructions carefully when modding the Switch and to only use software and hardware that is compatible with the console. Additionally, it is important to back up your data before attempting any modifications.

If done correctly, modding a Switch will not result in it being bricked.


It is very clear through all these scenarios that Nintendo does not remain quiet; it fights back. It fights back against the kinds of piracy and copying of the original content and it takes steps to ensure that those things never happen again on that console. 

There are several different kinds of bans like permanent bans and temporary bans. The temporary bans can also be of several types. Either Nintendo will ban you from having access to the online games or e-shop or it will not let you log into your account from any other device.

You could even get banned for sketchy eShop behavior if Nintendo thinks you are using stolen credit cards or filing chargebacks.

On the bright side, Nintendo has been known to be lenient on their first-time offenders and only ban their accounts temporarily. This is because Nintendo wants to give you the opportunity to correct your behavior before you are banned from the system completely and forever. 

Nintendo has always been the favorite of so many people. The day it started fighting back against the original games, the respect for Nintendo got automatically raised. Nintendo takes breaking the rules of their consoles very seriously, and this is why they place bans on people’s accounts or their entire console.

Nintendo does not want to place these bans, but it wants to keep its systems safe and fun for everyone. 

If you have not purchased a Nintendo Switch, this console is one of the greatest consoles as it can be used as a home console or a handheld console.  This console has produced many top-selling games all over the world!

Some of these games include Mario and Pokémon and were played by almost everyone in their childhood or more recently. People used to spend their nights playing these kinds of games. They are addictive as well as fun.

So now that you know using homebrew can get you banned, it is best to avoid it as Nintendo will more than likely ban your account or console entirely.