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Can You Get Banned On Xbox For Scamming In Rocket League? (What Are The Rules?)

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Have you been playing the Xbox and heard about someone getting banned? Maybe it was just a rumor online, but you want to know if it’s true. If you have been scamming in Rocket League the last thing you want to do is get caught and lose access to your entire account or console.

So can you get banned on Xbox for scamming in Rocket League?

Although many people try and some are even successful, when you scam in Rocket League, you are more than likely going to get caught by Xbox and banned from the game as well as playing online. 

If you want to know more about Xbox and what you can be banned from it for, you will want to keep reading.

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What are the reasons that someone gets banned from Rocket League? 

As the player community who keeps on playing this game is massive, it is very essential to always check for different types of scams. The whole process of banning includes the policy violations of the game and then also the ones related to Xbox. 

  • This game follows a strict policy that entails no harassment, trolling, or other aggresive behavior
  • This game has some policies that restrict the deeds of toxic people. If someone readily targets someone or uses abusive language or tries to do anything bad then they will get banned. 
  • Scamming other players by tricking them, hacking their account, etc. will also get you banned.

This game has formulated a Terms of Service that entails the above as bannable offenses. Someone cannot get banned if they use quick chat to make sarcastic comments, but if that includes racist, sexist, or otherwise hateful language then it is quite possible that you will be getting banned.

Trading in the games is one of the common tactics between the players of the game. A player uses this method to complete the different levels of Rocket League easily, but when it comes to rules and policies you should know what is going to get you banned.

 Inside trading with friends and players does not affect you, but if you are opting for outside trading it can put in a susceptible position where you are prone to getting scammed and other illegal activity. This includes if you are trying to sell in games items to those outside of Rocket League.

Doing this is against the policies of the game, and will get you banned. 

Crates, keys, and other in-game items may only be traded for other in-game items, crates, or keys to keep the possibility of scam as low as possible. If you are found doing this outside the game, they will quickly ban you.

There is an option that allows you to report those players who repetitively disrupt the game though. The “Mute/ Report Player” feature allows you to block communications from someone who is bothering you and/ or report them to the Rocket League team.

The user interface is always being updated as well as the policies that help to keep the harmful people away from the platform and game.

What is the banning policy of Rocket League

This game readily encourages a healthy environment that comes with enforcing the aforementioned player bans. If you’re reporting another player in-game, you can select from these categories to report them.

  • Verbal text harassment includes offensive language, racism, and so much more. You should not get into a heated or racist verbal exchange of words no matter who it is with. Doing this could cause not only the person who started it to be banned, but also they could ban you as well.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct comprises any of the activities that readily disturb the other players. This activity includes intentional disruption of the game, hackers, and people who cheat in the game.
  • Cheating and other activities that help someone win is also not allowed to happen. Being involved in these activities include smurfing, opponent collusion, as well as using any cheat that helps enable you to win.

This game has a zero-tolerance policy and bans the offenders if any kind of harassment or scamming takes place. In addition to that, the length of the players’ bans depend upon the game policies that they break. Some not so serious policies can result in as short as a 24 hour ban, while others can have them ban you from playing forever.

Also if you get yourself banned more than once for small reasons, they may decide that you are not listening and ban you from their servers for longer or completely.  

The banning policy of the game is quite critical and always takes note of any activity that leads to a scam. When it comes to banning there are different norms related to the magnitude of punishment.

People don’t often get banned for a long time or permanently from playing the game, unless they continue to break rules and do not take Xbox or Rocket League’s warnings seriously. 

What is Rocket League?

When it comes to different video games there are numerous ones that provide ultimate playing experience. Rocket League is a spectacular vehicular soccer game that is compatible with the Xbox and PlayStation.

Xbox being one of the best console oriented gaming providers gives a very important approach towards the in-game activities.  

Some people constantly keep on trying to hack or scam the game. Just scamming the game can lead you into some serious problems and when it comes to Xbox, Microsoft keeps a very hard check on these issues. If someone is found scamming in these games they will often instantly impose a ban on them.

Combining the policies of both Xbox and Rocket League is necessary as it is quite evident that anyone who tries to do anything questionable of any sort gets banned from both i.e. the game and also the console platform, Xbox.

Xbox banning policy

Microsoft is quite strict about maintaining the security of the games played on their platform. The servers of Microsoft follow the lead and if you are found guilty of any type of piracy or scamming then it may lead you to being banned. 

Both platforms follow very stringent policies when it comes to scamming or other related activities. If someone begins to start scamming people, or commits piracy, then they will get banned immediately. 

When it comes to Xbox, people often get banned in two ways. First is the Xbox device ban and the other is a game-specific ban. Those who continue to try and scam other people and continue to commit piracy get banned under the game-specific ban.  

In this game-specific ban If you are found guilty of scamming or any other related offense, then it can lead to a ban. You should always make sure that you play with the right spirit and restrict yourself from trying to win by cheating as this will get you banned as well.  

Ultimately, this game should be an interesting one that provides a unique experience. You should try to play this fantastic game to have fun and pass time but not take it so seriously that you try to cheat and scam to win.


Although many people complain about the bans, or how Xbox and the games enforce the bans, Microsoft is working diligently to fix any ongoing issues as well as ban the people who need banning.

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