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Can You Hack A Nintendo Switch Without Being Banned? (Tips For Not Getting Caught)

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Do you own a Nintendo Switch and have thought about hacking it? Have you recently heard Nintendo was banning consoles and you aren’t sure if it is worth the risk?

Well, we have all the answers for you here in this article. 

So can you hack the Nintendo Switch without getting banned?

The only reliable way to hack your Nintendo Switch without getting it banned is to not ever go online with Nintendo’s servers with the hacked Switch.

A banned Switch won’t result in it bricking just that you won’t be able to go online using Nintendo’s servers or by accessing the Nintendo eShop. So if you never go online to Nintendo’s servers or eShop with your hacked Switch it is just like being banned anyway.

Although some people have claimed to hack the Nintendo Switch without being banned, most of the time Nintendo will catch someone sooner or later who have hacked their Switch when they go online. So even if you are safe today or even for a week or a month, is it really worth the risk of not being able to play online on your Switch?

Every time that you go online with your Nintendo account they will check for custom firmware and mods on your console. If they detect those on Nintendo’s servers then you will find your Switch console banned.

Nintendo issues console bans quite quickly when modifications are detected and that ban means you will no longer be able to access Nintendo’s online services, system updates, or download games from the eShop. When your Switch console has been banned the only way to get it unbanned is by either contacting Nintendo or purchasing a new Switch.

Although Nintendo says they do these bans as anti-cheat protection or to keep piracy off their platform the reality of it is they have no way to know if you are actually doing anything wrong when you have your Switch modded. Even if you are just using the homebrew software to edit some system settings or to make the home menu look or function better it doesn’t matter.

If Nintendo detects that you have customized your Switch in any way (including changing the firmware version) they will ban your console.

If you want to know more about the Nintendo Switch and if you will get caught if you hack it, you will definitely want to keep reading.

If you prefer to learn through video, you can watch this video below as well.

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Why Hack A Nintendo Switch?

A Nintendo Switch at your disposal is to hackers what honey is to bees. It acts perfectly as bait to lure someone into hacking or pirating just because it is just that tempting.

However, you should remember that hacking involves a considerable amount of risk.

You either hack or you don’t. There’s no staying between the lines. You could be facing potential bans and the risk of having spent precious money on a Switch console, only to have it not work online at all if banned.

Nintendo has made life for hackers on the Switch console harder with its superimposed super ban that calls out hacking pretty harshly. Its eShop system software can detect pirated games and Nintendo won’t hesitate to ban your Switch entirely!

Once banned, you lose access to all online games, the EShop, social media posting, adding and competing with friends, and many more features.

Nintendo’s perfect method for identifying online Switch piracy is a great inconvenience to those who try and hack their Switch.

This has been made possible because of a unique code stored in every game that comes from authorized Nintendo sources. Nintendo also stores an encrypted client certificate in each Switch unit manufactured which makes it possible for them to identify the hardware device a hacker is logged in with.

This is how it can easily identify pirated and modified games and prevent you from connecting to the Nintendo network again by banning your console.

If you download a pirated copy of a Switch game bought on a different console, Nintendo can recognize the difference as soon as you log in and boot up your console and immediately kick you out of the network.

Does Nintendo Only Care About Piracy?

It isn’t just piracy; Nintendo also prohibits people from using homebrew by denying access to online playing and e-shopping. It used to be that the CDN (content distribution network) was not disconnected from these consoles, so people could update and redownload archived games.

This created a false sense of security and many hackers felt like the rewards were worth the risk.

However, Nintendo now issues super bans which will not allow you to update your Switch or redownload games at all through Nintendo’s network.

These super bans mean that people don’t have access to the CDN after being banned as they did before. This became quite an issue for hackers.

If being banned from Nintendo is not on your bucket list, the best way to avoid that is by not hacking or modding your console. It is best to not do any questionable things or even use a homebrew installer on your console unless you know what you are getting yourself into.

Nintendo loves its community of players, and you’ll find that it’s a fun and friendly environment. Millions of Switch users play that way.

However, if you decide that you want to go down the path of hacking and homebrewing, remember that you’re walking on thin ice. You can get away with it for a while, but the likelihood of you getting away with it forever is slim.

What will likely happen is one day you will mess up and launch your Switch account only to discover that your console has been banned.

Things To Help You Not Get Caught Hacking Your Nintendo

  • If you plan on hacking, you will want to delete all your saved internet connections in OFW.
  • Start Kekate and save your NAND there.
  • You want to keep your backup safe and intact. You might need it every once in a while.
  • Your CFW should be in airplane mode, you cannot save internet connections.
  • You cannot use the internet or go online. Do as you wish in CFW.

Another alternate, detailed process would include the following steps:

Step 1:

You will want to download a ROMs hack on your PC. You can download Switch ROMs in .xci and .nsp formats. These are available in Wii passion XYZ. Go to the section labeled “Downloads”, and click on “Switch” or “eShop Switch”. Now, you can find these readable games on SX OS/ Pro.

Alternatively, you can also install CNDSP software on your PC. This software is the Switch equivalent of Villain 3DS for the 3DS. Through the CNDSP software, you can download and have access to all the Switch games in .nsp format. You can then download them onto your PC’s hard drive.

Step 2:

Now, it is time to go into airplane mode. This is because Nintendo can catch you instantly as soon as you connect your Switch console to the internet and go online. Nintendo can sniff out a hack even if you’ve been playing the hack game in airplane mode and the official game online. To avoid this, go offline as soon as you can with your hacked games.

Step 3:

A connection could happen without you noticing. Make sure your internet network is completely turned off so that you don’t run the risk of getting banned. Nintendo is quite fast, it will catch you almost as soon as you go online, so be careful of that.

Step 4:

You’re safe now that you’re offline and have disconnected your console from the internet. You can now play your games on your PC ROMs without any problems.

Some general precautions include:

  • Use CFW offline only. Don’t turn on your internet and go online with it.
  • Installing NSPs is out of the question.
  • Save error and crash logs in your local drive, do not use the servers.
  • Don’t put your Switch console at risk by downloading things from the CDN. It just isn’t worth it 


Now that you know about hacking the Nintendo Switch, you know what you can and cannot do with the Switch. You also know what risk you take when you try and hack the Switch.

Nintendo takes hacking very seriously and if you are not OK with your console being banned by Nintendo, then you will want to not hack your console at all. 

Even though many people have bragged about getting away with hacking the Switch it is only a matter of time before they will get caught by Nintendo.

Although there are steps outlined above to help you not get caught, most of the time Nintendo will be able with time to catch the person who has hacked their console. 

If you are not a hacker and just want to mess around and see what the Switch is capable of by downloading emulators and pirated games, you take a big risk of your console being banned immediately.

Because of how many people continue to hack the Switch, Nintendo has stopped giving out warnings and has just instantly started to ban the console without any warning at all.

Although many people complain about the consoles being banned by Nintendo, it makes a better gaming experience for all of the other users.

It also helps keep all of the people who play on the Switch safe from their information being stolen.