Can You Make The Gameboy Advance Screen Brighter?

Do you own a Gameboy Advance and you hate the fact that the screen is never bright? Maybe you heard that there was a way to make your Gameboy advance screen brighter and you want to know how. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about the Gameboy Advance and how to make the screen brighter.

So can you make the Gameboy Advance screen brighter?

Although most people don’t know this, you can actually make your screen brighter by making your Gameboy Advance look brand new at the same time. You can do this by simply installing a backlight on your device. 

If you want to know more about making your Gameboy Advance screen brighter you will want to keep reading this article. You can purchase a backlight screen here, and you can also watch this video if you do not like to read to learn how to install it. 

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Gameboy Advance

The Gameboy advance has been a favorite handheld game console for most of us since we were young. It was a great source of pass time with great cultivating games. However, consoles, like most tech gadgets, have their drawbacks. The Gameboy Advance lacked the back light. In the early years, Nintendo designed a replacement backlit LCD that has been available for upgrade. Although this was the best way to get a brighter screen, it proved to be very expensive. It also involved gutting out a good Gameboy Advance SP AGS-101’s screen as a donor.

In a quest to make the game boy advance screen brighter, there are a lot of cheap ways to get this done. Read along to find out!

Make your old Gameboy as bright as new.

Yes, the task is to make a 30-year-old game boy advance look and work like it did when it was the new thing in town and all. There is also a lot you can do to make your game Boy advance work better, not just brighter.

The first thing you can do is install a backlight. However, the game boy advance backlight replacement screen is quite expensive compared to those of the original game by and the game boy pocket. They are also relatively easy to install with an essential few tools.

Installing a backlight in a game boy advance is unfortunately much more difficult, and expensive, as well as potentially damaging. The process sounds simple; you need to buy a backlit screen from a Gameboy advance SS or a cheaper version of the chinese clone. You will also need an expensive custom-built ribbon cable, and cutting a bunch of plastic inside the case so that everything will fit perfectly.

For the value of the game, you might consider adding the backlight on a Gameboy Advance as cheaper and more comfortable and focusing on the bigger picture. The Gameboy Advance play game boy and game boy color games just fine and will not need software emulation or even screen scaling.

It wouldn’t hurt to find out that you can undertake the above process rather than adding a backlight in a game boy color. This depends on your favorite hardware, and there is nothing much you can do to stop you from doing it if you have the money, time, and technical support.

How to get a backlit screen in the original GBA?

Serious talk about putting a backlight on an original game boy advance! It’s the earliest version of the mod involved harvesting a screen from the late-model game boy advance SP AGS-101. The Nintendo device came out in late 2005 and replaced the earlier front-lit GBA SPA while the Gameboy Advance SP’s backlight, and the rechargeable battery made it popular at the time.

This made Nintendo fans wish the GBA had the comfortable horizontal layout, larger shoulder buttons, the headphone jack, all making up the original game boy advance. The handheld was comfortable and convenient; at least once you get rid of the horrible unlit screen is the back.

Modding the old game boy advance is currently an accessible way that rules out the need to buy a perfectly fine Game boy advance SP. You wouldn’t like to destroy it just to upgrade your old version. The compatible backlit screen is available right here for a good price. 

How to make the game boy advance screen brighter.

First you will need to install the backlit screen which requires adapter cable as described above, which are sold in a bundle with the screen replacement as well as screwdrivers. To make your screen brighter pop off your GBA’s batteries, cover and look at the tiny sliver of the exposed motherboard. Not to make this possible a number that starts with 1, you need a 32-pin adapter for 0; you need a 40 pin adapter.

When you buy the ribbon cables, get the version with a small red pre-soldered cable, with the need for a soldering iron during installation so you can solder the cable to a part of the game boy advance’s motherboard. This will boost the backlight’s brightness.

You will also need to cut some of the plastic inside your game boy advance case to create more room as the replacement screen is larger to assemble. Done correctly, you won’t be able to tell when the game boy advance is closed back up, but the translucent game boy advance shells are less forgiving than the opaque ones. You may need a more confident-a rotary tool that can do the job.

Can you make the GBA brighter without replacing the screen?

A discovery has been made that sets the IGN message boards ablaze with folks excited about a new feature of the Gameboy Advance. The GBA has hidden away, a contrast adjustment potentiometer that allows you to turn on brightness or darken the screen.

Unlike the game boy color and NewGeo Pocket color system also had this, and it was just as well hidden as the GBA’s.

As described above, what you will need is a small screwdriver, as well as the will to void your warranty once you have revealed the location of the contract control, which is what most likely will happen.

Here is what you do: start gently pushing the tip of the screwdriver against the right side of the silver game boy advance label on the back of the system.

Also, watch stickers and notice the label push inward and reveal a circle, a hole where the potentiometer is in. Start by piercing the label with a screwdriver to reveal the tunnel and at the bottom of the tunnel, which is what you need to turn with caution with the tiny screwdriver. Here you can see the screen brighten or slightly dim and darkens as you turn the potentiometer. If you follow these steps, you will find out that your screen appears overly bright or washed out. 


Now that you know about the different ways of making your Gameboy Advance screen brighter, you can now enjoy the games no matter where you are. Most people prefer to replace the screen so you can use it at night, while others simply want to adjust the contrast as they dont want to put any money into their device. No matter which option you choose, we know you will enjoy playing your Gameboy Advance easier with these tips. 

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