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Can You Play Wii U Games On The Switch? (Important Switch Info)

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The Nintendo Switch is the one of the newest Nintendo consoles that has been released. Nintendo went all out when they made this console, and they pulled out all the stops when they made it. 

The Nintendo Switch is unlike any other gaming console that has ever been made. Nintendo made this device to be able to be played as a home console as well as a mobile on the go gaming device. 

When the device is on the go, the controllers slide into the sides of the device to become attached and made into one console. When you want to play the game on the TV you simply slide up the controllers to take them off of the device and put the device on the docking station. 

There are many various attachments that you can slide the JoyCons into to play your game. If you want to play multiplayer you can use one JoyCon per person with the remote controller attachments. 

If you have just purchased the Nintendo Switch you may be wanting to play some games on it, but you have not purchased any yet. If you’re a big Nintendo fan and you owned the Nintendo Wii U, you are probably wondering if you can use those games on the Nintendo Switch. 

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch uses cartridges for its games and the Wii U uses compact discs. This means that you cannot use the Wii U games on the Nintendo Switch. 

Nintendo is normally really good about making their devices backwards compatible, but because they switched back to the cartridges for their games there is no way for you to play the Wii U games on the Switch. Nintendo actually changed back to the game and cartridges because no one liked the fact that the compact discs ended up getting scratched and damaged far more easily than the cartridges. 

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Do Wii controllers work on the Switch?

When you first purchased the Nintendo Switch you probably thought that it was such a wonderful gaming device and you love the fact that it came with a JoyCon which could be split to make two controllers. The problem is that if you want to use any other controllers to play on the device you will need to purchase a second JoyCon set. 

If you’ve been shopping for a JoyCon recently, then you know just how expensive they are. Although they are currently available by clicking here, they are extremely expensive. 

If you have any original Wii controllers sitting around you probably wondered if you can just use them on your Nintendo Switch. This is a question that many people ask so they do not have to purchase new Switch controllers. 

You can use the Nintendo Wii controllers on the Nintendo Switch if you are willing to purchase an adapter by clicking here. This adapter allows you to connect the original Wii controllers to the Nintendo Switch and have them work without any issues. 

Because the Nintendo Wii is so popular, many people have controllers laying around their house that they no longer use that you can pick up for just a couple of dollars if you do not own them. This is a far cheaper way to play games on the Nintendo Switch than purchasing more JoyCons. 

Can other Nintendo controllers work on the Switch without adapters?

Because you have read about the adapters that you can use to connect other Nintendo controllers to the Nintendo Switch you may be wondering if there is a way to use any other Nintendo controllers without waiting for your adapter to come in. No one wants to wait around for an adapter to come in in a couple of days especially if you have people coming over in just a few hours. 

Unfortunately no other Nintendo controllers will work for the Switch except for the JoyCons without an adapter. The Switch is made to only work with the specific JoyCon controllers unless a third-party adapter is plugged in. 

There are many different controllers that you can plug-in with the adapter, but unfortunately without it none of them will work. The Switch was not built to work with any other Nintendo controllers except for the JoyCons. 

So if you were having people come over in a few hours you may be able to find it at a store such as GameStop or have an Amazon location close to you where it can be delivered in two hours. If you do not have either of those near you, you should ask your friends if they have an adapter or Nintendo Switch controllers that they can bring with them. 

Are there cheaper JoyCons available?

If you have been looking to purchase a new controller for your Nintendo Switch you have probably realized how expensive JoyCons are. Although a JoyCon controller will come with two pieces that can be split on the Nintendo Switch to make up two controllers they still seem quite expensive. 

Many people do not like the JoyCon controllers because they appear to be overpriced as well as very small. People do not want to spend their money on an expensive controller that is tiny and not comfortable to use

This is why many people prefer to look for other options besides the JoyCon that they can use or if they can find a discounted JoyCon. Although there are off brand JoyCons available you need to consider if they are actually any cheaper or will break within the first few times of using them. 

There are cheaper JoyCons available that are not produced by Nintendo. These are considered third-party controllers and although they are cheaper they are actually built with the same durability as the Nintendo JoyCons. You can purchase these cheaper JoyCons by clicking here. 

These controllers are half the price of an official Nintendo JoyCon but they work just the same. They are extremely durable and sync with your Nintendo Switch as well as attach to your Nintendo Switch without any issues. 

These controllers not only resemble the Nintendo JoyCons but they also have motion control, dual vibrations, and enhanced trigger and a programmable macros button! If you own a Nintendo Switch and you are wanting more controllers this is definitely the best option! 


Now that you know that the Nintendo Switch does not work with any of the Wii U games, you can see why so many people in the beginning did not like the Switch. They felt like Nintendo took advantage of them and told them to buy the Wii U and then did not make any of their new devices compatible with the Wii U. 

Even though you cannot use Wii U games with the Nintendo Switch, you can use various controllers by purchasing an adapter. Many people love the Nintendo Switch and being able to use other controllers on the device is something that everyone should do. 

The JoyCon controllers are extremely expensive, so if you do not want to spend the money on them, there are off brand controllers available for you to purchase. These controllers work just as well and are less than half the price! 

No matter what controller you prefer to use on the Nintendo Switch or what games you like to play, the Switch is extremely popular and will always be loved by Nintendo fans. It is unlike anything that has ever been produced before which is what makes it so popular even after it has been released for a while.