Can You Put An Air Hockey Table Outside?

Have you ever owned an Air Hockey table and it was just taking up too much room in the house? Maybe it was supposed to go in your man cave, but it will not fit and now you don’t have any place to put it. Well, in this article we will go over if you can put an Air Hockey table outside or not. 

So can you put an Air Hockey table outside?

Although some cheap Air Hockey tables are not designed to be outdoors, there are some Air Hockey tables that are designed specifically to be used outdoors and left outside even in the rain. So, yes, you can put an Air Hockey table outside if it is the right kind of table. 

If you want to know more about Air Hockey tables and which ones are outdoor tables you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this short video to see the best outdoor Air Hockey table that has ever been made! It even has lights so you can play at night. 

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Will water get in the air holes of my Air Hockey table outside?

Many manufacturers have created waterproof Air Hockey tables for this specific need of outdoor use. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about water seeping into the air holes on the top of your table. These manufacturers have addressed this concern by designing the air holes to not get water into them. Additionally, one version of the air hockey table is also accompanied by a curved surface to immerse yourself further into the game.

This curved Air Hockey table also has lights, so you can play your matches during the night and it even adds to the overall experience if it is in a darker room. So cast your worries aside and feel free to take action outdoors. You can choose to bask in the sunlight or enjoy the night air as you enjoy your favorite arcade game with your friends and family.

However, please remember that you have to make sure that you do not leave your air hockey table outdoors for long. Even though it can stand moderate weather conditions and condensation, obviously, it will be more susceptible to wear and tear sooner if it is left in these conditions for a long period of time. In fact, the Air Hockey table is known to not withstand moist weather conditions and cooler temperatures at night very well if it is wet. This is especially true if you live in a place that gets snow that would build up on the table. 

Here is a great way that you can optimize your outdoor air hockey gaming experience without the detriment to your table.

Use an air hockey table cover for the outdoors.

If the Air Hockey table remains indoors, then you can simply cover the table with a tablecloth to keep dust off of it. The tablecloth will serve to protect the machine from dirt and dust buildup that will settle and clog the holes of the table. However, since the Air Hockey table is outdoors, you can not settle for just any tablecloth. You will have to use a covering that was designed specifically for covering Air Hockey tables outdoors. 

Without a doubt, an Air Hockey cover is one of the best preventative measures that you can take to ensure the durability of your Air Hockey table. Not only does it protect the table from dust and dirt settling on the table, but it also makes it waterproof and weather-resistant, which shields your table from the harsh elements. 

We recommend that you purchase a PVC-material cover as it is more weather resistant than other materials. It also protects the table against the dust and dirt, weather, heat and water and harsh UV light while also being very durable. If you do not own one, this is the best place to get one! 

When your Air Hockey table is not in use, you will want to make sure that you cover it with your specialized outdoor cover to make sure it does not fade and that it keeps your table looking brand new for a long time to come.  

Whether you have the tabletop model or the more professional sized Air Hockey table, a simple cover can go a long way to keeping it looking and working like new. Just ensure that it covers 100% of the table for the best protection. It will also save a great deal of money and time, as you will prevent repairs, maintenance and cleaning of the table if you keep it covered. 

Types Of Outdoors Air Hockey Tables That You Can Buy

There are many brands of outdoor air hockey tables that you can purchase for this specific need. As stated before, manufacturers have designed these air hockey tables to withstand the outdoor weather. 

Also, you should note that the cost of these air hockey tables can vary depending on the size, model, manufacturer and features. They are not generally more expensive than their indoor counterparts though. If you are looking for an outdoor Air Hockey table, you can find one here

Below are some other brand of outdoor Air Hockey tables and what options they have. 

  • The Shark

This model of Air Hockey table is notorious for its bright and luminous lights. The lights are brightly colored and are dazzling, giving your eyes a visual treat! There are two rows of lights that will shed light on the playing surface of the air hockey table, so you can see what you are doing even during the night. These lights also run along the legs of the table so as not to make the mistake of hitting a part of your body on it. Lastly, due to the bright, flashing lights, you always remain alert during an exciting game of air hockey.

The Shark Air Hockey table is also waterproof since it was constructed with waterproof materials. This can easily protect the table from condensation, humidity and water damage, which also gives you the opportunity to play and enjoy your game in any type of weather. The Shark also features an electronic voice that states the score in a loud and clear manner. With this, you and your opponent can effortlessly keep score while you concentrate on winning the game.

Also, to make the game more enjoyable, the Shark features 32 different game settings. So if you are feeling bored, you can always opt to try out a new setting and take the game to a whole new level. 

  • The Storm

Everything you would like for a top of the line Air Hockey competition table is found in the Storm. Starting with its exterior, the Storm stands out with its colorful and artistic artwork decorating the outside frame. It is also crafted with the 100% waterproof material, polycarbonate material, which protects it from water, moisture and damage to its essential components. It also comes with a built-in drying system that removes any excess moisture, making it one of the best outdoor air hockey tables on the market. The air blower or fan is 260 Watts making the air it blows extremely high-power.

When you get the game going, the advanced scorekeeper voices the scores, while you tune in to the audio effects given by the table. What is additionally remarkable about this air hockey table is its inclined surface. This surface adds a lot of new difficulties to your Air Hockey game. 


Playing your favorite Air Hockey game outdoors is a feasible idea with the many protective measures you can put in place. Whether you opt to cover your air hockey table or a purchase one that is best suited for the outdoors, you can definitely enjoy the outdoors while playing this game. 

Playing Air Hockey outdoors will bring another element of excitement to this arcade game, in addition to the many special effects that each table has to offer. No matter what table you choose, as long as you have fun, and obey the rules everyone will want to play this game at your house! 

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