Can You Steal Tiles In Rummikub?

Have you ever played Rummikub and saw someone picking up extra tiles? Maybe you like to pick up a couple extra tiles in the beginning to help you “get out”. Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about playing Rummikub. 

So can you steal tiles in Rummikub?

While most people would never consider stealing tiles while playing Rummikub as the point of the game is to get rid of your tiles, there are some people that like to steal tiles in order to get out sooner. Although it normally does not give someone an advantage, it is against the rules to steal tiles in the Rummikub game. 

You are however allowed to use tiles that other people have layed out on the table as once they are out on the table they are for everyone to play on or use as they see fit.

Who lays the tiles down first does not matter and where on the table they end up at doesn’t matter either as the score is based on what tiles you have left not on what you have layed down.

If you want to know more about the rules of Rummikub and what they are, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video to learn how to play and what the rules are. 

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Is Rummikub popular?

Every day we come across many Rummikub questions. This is because people love to play this game. The game is popular worldwide, and people love to play this game with their families and friends. There is a lot of confusion about this game because “Rummikub” is a little hard to learn. The good thing is that once you learn the rules, there’s no one stopping you.

There is one question that a lot of people are asking nowadays, and that is, “Can you steal tiles in Rummikub?” We really don’t know why people are asking questions that involve cheating. You should play the game fairly, and this is the only way you’re going to enjoy the game.

There’s no way that you can steal tiles in Rummikub because players count the tiles before they play the game, and during the shuffle, you can steal one or two tiles (but we won’t suggest you to do that.” There might be ways that you can steal the tiles from the opponent, but when it comes to the professional game, you won’t be able to do it.

Rules of Rummikub

There are a few rules that you need to follow during the gameplay, and if you don’t know about the game rules, we can list everything down. Before we write down the rules, you can read the instructions from the official book of the owner.

  • There are a total of 104 tiles in the game with 2 jokers in it. Each tile has different numbers, and there are 4 different colors that are used for the tiles
  • You can play with two players and four players at one time. You can’t play with more than 4 players at one time because it isn’t in the rules. If you want to play with more players, you might need more tiles depending on the number of players you’re playing with
  • Before you start the game, you need to shuffle the tiles without showing the numbers to anyone. Once the tiles are shuffled, then you’re all set to go
  • You can randomly pick 14 tiles from the pool or ask any player to do this job for everyone
  • Once the tiles are shuffled and distributed, you’ll have to show one tile, and the one who has a greater number on the tile will draw the set first
  • The set of the Rummikub contains three tiles, and sometimes you can use 4 tiles as well.
  • It’s time to make your first move by drawing the first “set.” Note* you can’t use a joker in your first meld
  • After making your first move, you’ll have to wait for other players to draw their first meld as well. The game will continue in the clockwise direction
  • After the game is ended, all the players will have to count the score, and if your score is greater than any other person, you’ll be awarded with a tag of “winner.”

All the online games that are available follow the same rules. If they aren’t following the rules, you can’t call that game “Rummikub.”

Is Rummikub and Rummy related 

You probably have heard about the game Rummy. Although most people do not know this, Rummikub is derived from this game and known as the variation of Rummy. So, the game is  similar to Rummy.

Let’s break down some similarities.

  • The rules are the same where you can play with a maximum number of 4 players. The only difference is that “in Rummikub” you’ll be given tiles, and in “Rummy” you’ll give cards
  • There are three variations of Rummy as well as Rummikub. They both are available on the internet, and you can play the game on Facebook for absolutely free
  • You have to show a card to everyone in Rummy before you get started and the game processes in the clockwise direction. When talking about Rummikub you have to show a tile to everyone in Rummikub before you get started and the game processes in the clockwise direction as well

So, these are the similarities that you’re going to enjoy when playing both the games.

Can you play Rummikub with more than 4 players?

According to the rules of Rummikub, the maximum numbers of players that can play the game are “4” with 106 tiles containing two jokers and 4 colors.

The numbers that are written on the tiles are from (1-13) digit, and there are only two copies of each color. So, playing with more than four players isn’t possible, but if you want to play with 5 or 6 players, you’ll have to introduce your own rule because the rules and regulations book doesn’t have it. The other option is to play with two games put together and play with the same rules. 

Can you play Rummikub with cards?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Rummikub with cards because the game is being played with tiles. There are a total of 104 tiles and 2 jokers in the game. Jokers will help you secure “30 Points,” and these are the most important tiles in the game.


Although Rummikub is extremely fun to play, you must follow the rules in order to have fun. Once you start cheating, you have begun to go down a slippery slope of not following the rules and cheating. Although most people now that cheaters never prosper, sometimes they do win.

Although some people steal tiles in order to gain an advantage, it is against the rules and you should never do it. Anyone who steals tiles while playing Rummikub is nothing but a cheater and only deserves to lose. 

If everyone follows the rules of Rummikub, it can be fun for all of the players, and if needed, you can improvise and have more than 4 players depending upon how strict you are on the rules. 

If you have 5-8 players though, it is best to have a second Rummikub game in order to play by the same rules. This will allow everyone to play at one time and allow them all to abide by the rules of the game. If you are in need of a second set, this is the best place to get one. Most of the time, they will run sales where you can get the game for cheaper than at most of your local stores. 

No matter how many people you play Rummikub with, you should never steal tiles. 

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