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Could Sega Make A Comeback?

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Have you wondered if Sega will ever make more gaming consoles? Maybe you are like me and you are really hoping that Sega will get back in the console making game. 

So could Sega make a comeback?

Although Sega could make a comeback and create a new console, they would have to make some major changes first to compete against Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. 

If you want to know more about Sega, and them making a comeback, then you will want to read the rest of this article. You can also watch this video about Sega making a comeback with Google to make a console together. 

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Sega Genesis Mini - Genesis

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Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis was an awesome console of past decades. It had been a rolling console in the console markets for many decades, and even has some fantastic games that always relate to every person who plays them. 

People have a lot of love and affection towards the original Sega Genesis. To date, people actually prefer Sega over Nintendo, Sony, and even Microsoft. The problem is that if Sega tries to make a comeback with the Genesis, gamers all over the world that are the newer generation are more familiar with the XBox and PlayStation consoles. 

Although it is not impossible for Sega to make a comeback with the Sega Genesis, it would be extremely difficult as the newer generation is not familiar with the original Sega Genesis and all the amazing games and technology that was on the Genesis.

Sega’s Future Planning

Sega is one of the top brands of gaming in the past decades. It is considered as one of the top brands of the 90s and absolutely every 90s kid would remember. The Sega genesis was by far everyone’s favorite childhood console to play. 

Well if you have not heard, Sega actually launched the Sega Genesis mini console! It comes with 42 classic Genesis games as well as two controllers! This console is a fan favorite among all of the 90’s kids as well as the adults who played the game in the 90’s. 

The games that the Sega Genesis mini offers are the best of the best! I am sure this mini console will take you back to the day when you first turned on the original Genesis console and played for the very first time! It will bring back all of the excitement you felt when you first unboxed the Genesis and put in your very first game. 

Lucky for you the Genesis mini is still for sale! We have done the shopping for you, and here is the best place for you to purchase the Genesis mini console. 

Sega Genesis Mini Console

So let’s talk about this remarkable product that is for the 90’s kids. YEs we are talking about the 90s top brand that comes back with a mini console. People waiting for this mini console as the Sega genesis console would be on shelves of the market after almost 30 years. 

Sega genesis is working on modernism and wants their comeback to take their gaming system to the next level. This is why Sega launched the Sega Genesis mini edition. The Sega genesis launched in 1989 and was a fan favorite from the start.  

The Sega Genesis mini consists of HDMI output so it’s easy for you to connect to all the modern tvs, and the controllers although they may look the same, actually connect via usb. Many people have dreamed and waited for this day to come! Now that the day has come, people can once again own the Genesis and play all the games without changing a single cartridge. 

Sega Dreamcast 2 rumors

With the news of the launch of the new Sega genesis mini video gaming console, there are a lot of other rumors that circulate in the market.

The heartbeat of every Sega lover increases by knowing and hearing about these rumors. One of those rumors is the Sega Dreamcast 2.  Today’s kids as well as the kids from the 90s know and love the Sega Dreamcast! It is undoubtedly the most amazing system put out by Srega in 1998! 

If Sega wants to have a comeback, they would definitely need to release a dreamcast 2 or dreamcast mini in order to even think about taking the top spot from Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo. 

The main goal of the company by creating this console would be to actually bring PC related consoles to the gaming market. The main competitors of the Sega dreamcast 2 games would be Steam machine and alienware. Even with Sega still facing decline from so many years of not producing games, they are hoping to shock the nation by releasing the dreamcast 2 and gaining momentum to take back the top spot in the nation. 

All of the Sega lovers hope that if the company does release a Dreamcast 2 that it would make such a big impact in the gaming market, that sega would once again start making gaming consoles. 

Could Sega start making consoles again?

Although it would not be easy, Sega could start to make consoles once again. Because Sega already released the Sega Genesis mini console, and it had such good sales, they know that they have the following they once did. Although the gaming market has changed since Sega got out, I know that they have the ability to create a modern gaming console that would easily compete with the consoles we have seen over the last decade. 

To most people it would not matter if they call the console the Dreamcast 2 or something totally different. The gamers the support Sega today support them for their innovative thinking and the amazing games that they had in the 90’s. 

When sega first began releasing gaming consoles, they were so far ahead of their time, no one could compete! Sega even ended up knocking Nintendo off the number one spot in the world for gaming sales. This was not an easy task as many people before had tried and failed. 

Today we know that if Sega wanted to, they could use theri same innovative thinking to create a brand new gaming system and shock the world!


Although one could say that Sega has already begun to make their comeback with the release of the Genesis mini; most would say they have not and still have a long way to go. Even though Sega may have a long way to go, there is such a following that almost any console Sega releases would probably instantly sell out. 

We are all hoping that Sega will make a comeback, and that their console will be as glorious as the original consoles and games that were original to Sega. If Sega is beginning to question if we are still interested in their games, I hope the release of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie making over $200 million in sales will show them that we have not given up on Sonic or any of the original Sega games. There is a generation of people that love Sega and would love for them to be the next big gaming console to hit the market.