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Did Nintendo Sue Roblox?

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Have you been playing games on Roblox and thought they might be using Nintendo items? Maybe you heard a rumor about Nintendo making them take games and soundtracks and even sound effects down from their servers. 

So did Nintendo sue Roblox?

Although there are many rumors about Nintendo suing Roblox, officially they did not file a lawsuit against them. Instead Nintendo did send a Copyright infringement letter to them, and gave Roblox the opportunity to remove Nintendo’s content before they filed a lawsuit against them.

Nintendo has been known to do this across the board to give people the chance to do what is right before simply suing them. 

If you want to know more about Nintendo and other lawsuits, you will want to keep reading this article! You can also watch this video explaining all about Roblox and the content that was taken down by Nintendo. 

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Did Nintendo start to sue Roblox?

Back in 2018 Roblox deleted the most downloaded game from their servers. This game was called Pokémon Brick Bronze. Although originally Roblox did not tell anyone why it was taken down, they eventually came forward with a statement. Many people on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels are using the hashtag “Nintendo sued Roblox” because they used the content of Nintendo in it.

According to these people, Nintendo did a copyright check on the Roblox server to find what content Roblox was using without Nintendo’s permission. Although there were alot of rumors, officially, the news wasn’t confirmed until a tweet from Roblox was released. In so many words, basically Roblox admitted they were using content from Nintendo and were doing so without the correct permission from Nintendo. Nintendo then made them take down the game and content they were using due to Copyright issues. 

Although Roblox did not have to comply, Nintendo made it very clear that if they didn’t, then they would file the lawsuit against them. 

Some users of Roblox even began to get upset about the company using content that they did not obtain legally, and some even began asking for money back from Roblox because of the game being taken down. Eventually Roblox did refund everyone who had spent money on the game in the last 30 days. Although this was very generous by Roblox, some people were still upset they didn’t get everything they had spent on the game. 

Roblox could have and probably should have told the users that they played the game and spent the money in the game to play, and only refunded the gamers what they did not spend in the game already.  

After the game was removed, and the dust had begun to settle, some people began to spread lies about Pokémon Brick Bronze being back online. Well as with every lie the truth came out and it was not back online. 

Between August 6th and the 14th  various Nintendo titles including:

  • Pokemon Fighter X
  • Project Pokemon
  • Paper Mario RP
  • Super Mario Showcase
  • Italian Plumber Simulator

Were all taken down off of the Roblox servers. 

Other Roblox lawsuits

Got Milk Lawsuit

In 2007, Roblox released a visor, and the slogan of the Visor was “Got Milk.” Later in 2010 the listing was removed from the servers of Roblox. This again was because of copyright issues, and Roblox only sold a mere 4,312 visors. 

The Visor that is on the website today simply says Roblox. Roblox has released a visor every year in different colors since 2007. In 2018 though, they did not make a visor, and no one is sure why. Although there are many guesses, Roblox has not said why they stopped making a new visor every year available. Here is a video about the Roblox visors that are available. 

Devo Rock Band Lawsuit

On September 11, 2019, the Roblox team released a red hat that looked extremely similar to the one worn by the Devo rock band back in the 80’s. The Hat for 50 tickets or 5R$. This is equal to about 6 cents as you can buy 400R$ for $4.95. Sadly, a few days after the hat was released, it was taken down, and the name was changed to the “Impossible to Obtain Red Wedding Cake Hat”. This had only sold 2,866 before it was taken off the servers. If you want to purchase some R$ here is the best place to get a Roblox gift card at a discounted rate. 

Some people who were talking about the hat on the Roblox forums were actually having their messages deleted, and their accounts were locked for talking about the item. Roblox still to this day has not said if they were sued over the hat, or if they changed the name to not get sued. 

Here is a short video that explains everything about the Devo hat. 

Is Roblox safe for my kid?

In 2017 and 2018, there were multiple news sources that ran reports about a 6 year old who found “threatening” messages to them on the Roblox servers. These messages were deemed as trolling by players, but that did not stop the news media from Damaging Roblox’s reputation. They continued to spread the word that Roblox was a place for online dating to reach young children. Although this was far from the truth, there was nothing Roblox could do to stop it from being spread.

Shortly after this news came to light, the Attorney General of the United Arab Emirates banned Roblox from being in the country. He made this claim on the fact that it was damaging to children’s health.

Also because of the news sources, Roblox was investigated by the FBI about being a place where predators would try and prey on children. Although at this time Roblox has not been shut down by the FBI, it is something that they have had to deal with over the last few years. 

How to create an account on Roblox

If you want to create an account on Roblox, then you need to follow the steps below.

  • The first step is to head towards the official website of Roblox
  • Now click on the “Sign up” option
  • Roblox will redirect you to a registration page
  • Fill the blocks with the information they want you to enter
  • Click on Sign up button
  • They will send you a Confirmation message on your email
  • Click on the link to Verify your account
  • now you can log in to your account to enjoy Roblox games

List of Roblox best ever games

Roblox has produced a lot of games that we can talk about, but a few of the best games that they have ever produced are listed below. You can also watch this video to see the top games ever to play on Roblox.
  • Natural Disaster Survival.
  • Scuba Diving at Quill Lake.
  • Theme Park Tycoon 2.
  • Work at a Pizza Place.
  • Murder Mystery 2.
  • Jailbreak.
  • Super Bomb Survival!!
  • Speed Run 4.
  • Hide and Seek Extreme


It is no surprise now that Roblox has been in the middle of some pretty heavy investigations and lawsuits. So even though Nintnenod did not sue Roblox, they very well could have, and would have easily won. No matter what you think about these lawsuits, you can’t argue with how fun Roblox is to play, and with all of the customizable characters you can create.