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Did Nintendo Switch Prices Go Up? (Why It Seems That Way)

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If you have been looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch, you have probably noticed that they are extremely hard to find in stock. For some reason the moment any of these systems get in stock, they immediately sell out. 

Is there really that much demand that Nintendo cannot keep up with how many people want to purchase this system even though it has been released for a while? Because it is never in stock, did Nintendo raise the price of the Switch? 

These questions are very important if you are looking at purchasing a Switch, and you want to know the answers. Thankfully in this article you will have all of your questions answered so you can purchase your Switch that you have been dreaming about. 

The Nintendo Switch prices are still the same as they were when it first released if you purchase it from a regular retailer. If you are in desperate need of one, and there are none available near you, you may be forced to buy one from a reseller which is when the prices can get really high! 

This is why you should always buy your Switch when it is available and not wait until the last minute and also not buy from resellers that jack up the price. 

If you are caught waiting until the last minute, you will be hard pressed to find a Switch in stock at any store in your area. This is because luck is never on your side when you need something soon. 

If you are looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch though, there are several available if you know where to look.

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Will the Nintendo Switch drop in price?

When it comes to buying a gaming system obviously you want to get the best price available. This is why many people wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to purchase a new gaming system. 

If you are looking to purchase the new Nintendo Switch though, you will not want to wait as they are not expected to drop in price. Nintendo systems hold their value extremely well and are not expected to go on sale or drop in price. 

Even though the Nintendo Switch will not drop in price you may be able to catch a sale where you will get a free game when you purchase the gaming system. Many people will even buy this deal and when it is available in stores and then resell the gaming system at full price just to get the free game. 

This is why if you are looking to purchase the Nintendo Switch and you can get a free game by purchasing it you’ll want to buy it as quickly as possible. These sorts of sales normally will not last long as the Nintendo Switch is extremely popular and sells out fast. 

What was the original price of the Nintendo Switch?

In order to know if you’re getting a good deal on your Nintendo Switch you will need to know the original price of it. Obviously if you do not know how much it originally cost then you do not know if you are getting a good deal. 

The original price of the Nintendo Switch was $299.99. Although some people charge more than that today, the MSRP is still $299.99. 

The people that charge more are normally purchasing the system at the $300 price point and then selling it to make a profit. Because the Nintendo Switch is always in high demand these systems can sell for as much as $600. 

Why is the Nintendo Switch not cheaper?

When it comes to buying a gaming system you will normally want to wait until after its initial release to get the gaming console considerably cheaper. This is a strategy that many gamers use if they can wait to upgrade their gaming system. 

Some gamers always want the newest and the best devices; especially if they are streamers or use the system to make money. If you are looking to purchase the Nintendo Switch though you may not want to wait to buy it. 

Nintendo devices normally do not become cheaper after its initial release date, and even sometimes will become more expensive. This is also true of the Nintendo Switch. 

The reason the Switch is not cheaper, is because Nintendo does not produce as many gaming consoles as there is demand. This keeps demand for their systems high as well as the price at or above the MSRP. 

Most companies will produce enough consoles by their release date so they are always available when people want to buy them. Sometimes this will allow there to be extra stock of the gaming consoles available which will cause the price to decrease. 

Nintendo does not want this, as they want to keep the supply lower so the demand is always high for their systems. This high demand keeps the prices high as well as keeps people looking for any consoles available. 

Is there a Switch Pro?

If you love the Nintendo Switch then you’re probably wondering when the next Switch will release. While some people call it the Switch 2, it’s official name is the Switch Pro. 

The Nintendo Switch Pro is not just a rumor anymore, and is scheduled to be released in 2021! Although Nintendo is keeping the specifications of this device hidden at this time, it is expected to cost $399. 

Every single gamer is anticipating the release of the new Switch Pro, and expects it to have amazing features far above the original Nintendo Switch.

Even though there is not much information out about the new Switch Pro it is definitely anticipated by gamers all around the world. It is rumored to have a better screen, processor, battery life, and so much more. 

If you are able to wait to purchase your new Nintendo gaming system we highly recommend waiting for the release of the Nintendo Switch Pro. This system is expected to be Nintendo‘s best selling gaming device ever! 


Even though the Nintendo Switch did not go up in price, there are some consoles that are selling for double the original MSRP. This is because there is such high demand for the Nintendo Switch and there are not many systems available. 

Because the demand for these consoles is extremely high, unfortunately the Nintendo Switch is not expected to drop in price. There are simply too many people that want to purchase the device for it to become any cheaper. 

Many other gaming consoles start at $400 to $500 and can be more expensive than that when you add more storage. The Nintendo Switch had an original MSRP of $299.99. 

Today you can still find the Nintendo Switch at that same price if you do some searching, and price checking. Nintendo wants to keep the price of the Switch high which is why they do not produce extra consoles. 

If you do not need to purchase the Nintendo Switch right now, you will probably want to wait until the official release of the Nintendo Switch Pro. The Nintendo Switch Pro is going to be considerably better than the Nintendo Switch and will only cost $100 more. 

The Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to be the best selling Nintendo device ever made. It will probably sell out fast, so you will probably want to be ready to buy it on opening day!