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Do Nintendo Games Go On Sale? (Best Way To Get Deals)

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You’re not the only one wondering if Nintendo games go on sale. That’s because there’s something about the graphics and gameplay of these games that make them so popular! You might be wondering, then, is it possible to get a deal on Nintendo games?

This article will answer that question. I’ll also show you how to find cheap deals on Nintendo games in stores without having to wait for Black Friday. Believe it or not, you can get great deals on Nintendo games by simply waiting.

Physical Nintendo games will typically go on sale around the holiday season (Thanksgiving through Christmas). You can find deals on the Nintendo EShop year round for digital games. 

I have saved over 50% on games multiple times by simply watching the EShop for deals. You won’t save 50% on Nintendo exclusive titles (Mario Kart, Smash Bros. Etc.) all the time, but you can find good games at significant discounts this way. 

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Is it better to buy digital games or physical ones for Nintendo?

Understanding how the Nintendo eShop works is key to understanding when and how the best deals are available.

Digital game purchases in most cases save money on buying and shipping, and can be accessed from any device with the internet. However, this means that you will need to have a very good grasp of how eShop works in order to take full advantage of it.

It is better to buy digital games for your Nintendo device as they can be upwards of 90% off retail while physical ones normally only go up to 70% off. I have found many digital games not just around Christmas on the Eshop that are 80%- 90% off retail prices as well! 

Just because you can find some games cheaper though does not always mean that you should only buy digital games though. You can find some good deals on Facebook and for sale pages if you take the time to look and meet up with the sellers of these games. 

The best deals for games are not necessarily found at launch or shortly after. The same applies to digital games as well. Being able to wait for a sale period can save you big on some titles and make it worth holding off from buying something on day 1.

1. Kirby Star Allies: Launched in March 2018, Kirby was $59.99 but marked down to $44.99 shortly after. While this is a good deal for those looking to buy the game new, it is worth noting that sales are not constant and merely being patient can save you quite a bit of money.

2. Super Mario Odyssey: Launched in October 2017, Super Mario Odyssey was discounted by 25% during the holiday Season 2017/18, making it $59.99 before being discounted again to $49.99 in January 2018. This was also accompanied by an additional discount in February 2018, bringing the price down another 10%! 

3. Pokkén Tournament DX: Launched in July 2017, Pokkén was $59.99 from launch and was discounted 10% the following month. It was also heavily discounted during the Holiday season 2017/18, bringing the price down to $49.99. This same thing happened again in February 2018, bringing it down to $39.99!

This is why if you can wait to purchase the new games by a few months, you will end up saving quite a bit of money. 

What is the best way to look for Nintendo game promotions?

There are many different ways that people look for promotions for the game that they want to play. Some people just wait until the black friday sale, while others prefer to look online the day it releases. So what is the best way?

The best way to look for promotions for Nintendo games is by watching the Eshop for discounts on games, and if possible waiting until they go on sale Black Friday. If you do not want a digital copy of the game, searching on Facebook is best for you. 

Below are some ways to look for promotions for Nintendo games. 

1. Creating a Nintendo Account if you do not have one:

Creating an account is free, takes less than a minute, and after your account is created you will often receive eShop discounts during your birthday month.

2. Searching the actual eShop for sales:

You will want to make sure you always check the original source to know what price the game is that you want and see if it is on sale. 

3. Searching Google to check the eShop page: 

You can click on an eShop logo on another website to see current deals for that publisher and you can also search Google for “best deal” in their store search tool as well.

4. Using an external link to eShop from a friends’ site or social media post: 

This is my most effective method, as you may have friends who are willing to give you a deal or others on social media who may have sales available as well.

5. Using the Nintendo Account Promo system: 

This is a neat system where Nintendo notifies you via email, Twitter, and even on your Nintendo Switch about sales on the eShop from time to time.

For example, I was informed about a 20% discount on Snipperclips and a 25% discount for Splatoon 2 during my birthday month.

6. See what games are discounted in the latest eShop update: 

This is something new from December 2017 that I think can be particularly useful for new players who may not know what discounts are available yet. You can see this at the bottom of the Nintendo Switch eShop software.

7. Purchasing a physical copy of the game: 

You can always purchase a physical copy of the game to get the lowest possible price. If you have this option available, I highly suggest using it whenever possible.

8. Playing your favorite games on other systems:

Obviously if you can borrow a friend’s game and can just use his for free, you will not need to buy your own and you won’t have to pay anything for the game. 

9. Paying attention to current eShop deals:

Just because you get an email about a sale does not always mean that you check it right away, or are able to purchase at the sale. It is easy to see an email about a sale and just never check it out since you might get quite a few emails. You should always be diligent and check every time there is a sale.  

10. Paying attention to social media and blog posts:

This is one way for you to look for eShop deals, as many people will post deals in their posts as well. This includes friends on social media or Nintendo bloggers and podcasters. 

Do Nintendo Wii Games go on sale?

When people think about getting a deal on Nintendo games, they usually think about the Wii console. 

Wii games do go on sale, if you don’t mind buying older and second-hand copies of games. Finding new Wii games is virtually impossible since the console is so old but popular Wii games can still be purchased second hand. 

Here are my tips for finding cheap Nintendo Wii games in stores, at Walmart, and Amazon.

Tip #1: In Stores – Use the Internet To Find Out When To Get Deals!

You don’t have to wait until Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) to get a great deal on a Nintendo console or game. It’s easy to find the best Nintendo Wii game deals on Amazon and Walmart.

Amazon is actually my favorite place to look for Nintendo Wii games because they often offer their best prices on new and upcoming Nintendo Wii games. If you’re looking for secondhand games, Amazon offers a great selection of used games, too!

I’ve found that it’s best to buy new Nintendo Wii games during a sale or clearance. 

Tip #2: Walmart Has Great Deals – Especially For Used Nintendo Wii Games

Likewise, you can’t go wrong buying used Nintendo Wii games at Walmart. You’ll typically find great deals on used and pre-owned game discs! You can even find some brand new ones during their Black Friday sales event.

That’s because Walmart offers its best prices on new, sealed games. The best prices occur around November and December every year. I’ve found that the best prices are around Black Friday, especially on the latest, top-rated games.

If you’re not sure what to look for when you’re trying to get a good deal on Nintendo Wii games at Walmart, here are some helpful tips.

Tip #3: Look For Sales And Clearance Deals

not only will retailers have sales and clearance deals, but you can slo find deals and get cheap games directly from the Nintendo Shop! This is extremely convenient as you can download the games directly from the EShop onto your device and be playing it in minutes! 

Tip #4: Find The Best Price That Fits Your Budget

You don’t have to wait until Cyber Monday or Black Friday to get a deal on Nintendo Wii games. Most retailers will have deals on new, sealed games. But you can also find great prices on used games during their holiday sales events. Look for these types of deals every year! 

Do Nintendo 3DS Games go on sale?

When you own a Nintendo 3DS you know just how hard finding specific games can be. Because finding a specific game can be hard, most of the time you will end up paying full price for these games. 

The thing is that obviously you do not want to pay full price for a game if you do not have to. So do these games ever go on sale? 

Nintendo 3DS games go on sale randomly throughout the year, but most of the time will have the biggest discount around black friday through Christmas. You can also find used and secondhand games for a fraction of the price on facebook marketplace. 

 Below are some tips that will help you find 3DS games for cheaper than full price. 

Tip #1: In Stores

If you’re in the market for a discount on a Nintendo Nintendo 3DS game, then do some research to find the best deal that fits your budget! Here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to get an affordable price on one of Nintendo’s awesome handheld systems.

Tip #2: Look For Sales And Clearance

You can get great deals on used and secondhand Nintendo 3DS games at various retailers. You can also find new ones on Amazon! You should look for these types of deals every year! 

Tip #3: Find The Best Price That Fits Your Budget

If you’re looking for a discount on a Nintendo 3DS game, then you will need to do some research to find out what the best price is that will fit your budget. If you are looking to buy a specific game now and you have the money you may want to purchase it directly from Nintendo. 

If you do not have much money and are just looking for cheap games, you may want to check facebook marketplace and haggle with people on there. You may be able to tell them your situation and only pay a couple bucks a game if they do not need them. 

There is no doubt that there are many different games on sale all year long. Whether you want a Nintendo DS game, Gamecube, Wii, 3DS or Switch game, the stores and websites above are the best places to buy cheap Nintendo games. The sales usually go on around the holidays, and are plentiful.

If you have limited funds, but still want to buy some games, then you will want to look at any game deals that are going on on Facebook Marketplace. You can find a lot of cheap games on there that are great titles, but that people no longer want or need. 

If you have the EShop for your Nintendo device, you will want to watch here for specific sales and cheap games. 

More often than not you can find good games that are on sale and extremely cheap direct from Nintendo! The best part is that these games are brand new and can be downloaded as soon as you pay for them. 

You do not have to deal with the hassle of going to pick up the game from a store or price matching if someone doesn’t have it in stock. 

There is not any specific time that I have found throughout the year that they give discounts, except around Black Friday and Christmas, but the rest of the year they will randomly have games on sale that you can purchase for your device extremely cheap. 

Some of these games may have been out for a while, but some of these games that go on sale are decently new and are still extremely popular to play. Just because a game is on sale does not mean that it is old and outdated and that no-one plays it anymore. 


Nintendo games do go on sale, and if you know where to look you can find a great deal throughout the year! You can also get really good deals on Nintendo games if you do not need the game as soon as it comes out. 

Being able to wait a few months will save you quite a bit of money on every game and will in the long run save you a lot of money when buying games.