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Do Nintendo Switches Come With Games?

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Do you like to play video games? These animated worlds where you can build your own empire or complete the special quests can be an entertaining pastime. One of the most popular gaming systems right now is the Nintendo Switch.

Converting from a portable device into an at home system, the Switch is somewhat expensive to buy. Still, it is enjoyed by many who are willing to pay the price for it. 

This gaming console does come with some essential accessories, but before you can play anything on the Switch, do you have to have games? This leads up to our question, do Nintendo Switches come with games?

The Nintendo Switch does not normally come with any games unless you purchase a bundle that includes one game. Normally, it only comes with the console, Joy-Cons, and connector cables. 

Recently, video games have allowed you to interact with friends even when they live somewhere else so you can play multiplayer games with or against them. These games can work your mind while also giving you some friendly competition. 

Nintendo Switches are a popular gaming system. With their enjoyable games and versatility in the way they are played, they are one of best selling game consoles ever created by Nintendo. Gameplay can be done with its handheld console that features a main screen and two Joy-Cons attached to either side. You can also remove those Joy-Cons and place the console in a dock for TV play. 

You can also play multiplayer by letting a friend have one of the Joy-Cons and you use the other as you both look on the main screen or a TV. The Nintendo Switch is only $300 to purchase. 

This includes some essentials for gameplay and every Nintendo Switch box comes with a console, dock, two Joy-Con controllers, two Joy-Con wrist strap accessories, a Joy-Con grip accessory, a Nintendo Switch AC adapter, and a HDMI cable.  

It comes with everything you need to play the games but not the games themselves. These can easily be purchased in a store, or even directly from the console digitally.

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How much are Nintendo Switch games?

The Nintendo Switch itself normally doesn’t come with any games. These have to be purchased separately from the console and its accessories. The Switch itself only costs $300. So, how much are Nintendo Switch games?

Nintendo Switch games are normally $50 to $60. They are the same price in-store or digitally, but sometimes the Nintendo eShop has some online sales. Pieces vary from game to game but it will usually cost you $60 for a new game. 

Whichever way you are buying your games, the price is the same. Sometimes in the Nintendo eShop, there will be online sales, but generally the prices for Switch games are the same price whether you download them or buy them in a store. 

Nintendo didn’t go full digital for a few reasons. First, downloadable games don’t cost anything  to produce so they make more money. Second, games in stores means their products are still available in the retail world. Third, it also gives players the option of a physical cartridge or digital download. 

The average price for Nintendo Switch games is about $60. Though like we said, sometimes the eShop has them on sale. Nintendo Switch Online has tons of games for free but you have to pay the monthly or yearly membership costs to get those games. If you want to buy a Switch game in store or digitally, it is going to cost anywhere around 50 to 60 dollars.

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Does the Nintendo Switch Lite come with games?

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the same as the Nintendo Switch except with a smaller screen and it can only be used as a handheld gaming console. We mentioned that the Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with any games included but does the Switch Lite?

Just like the Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with any games, the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t come with any games either. These have to be purchased either in-store or through the Nintendo eShop.

You can purchase Nintendo Switch games in-store or just download them directly onto your gaming console. To do this, you can just go to the Nintendo eShop and purchase digital versions of the games. 

Even though the Switch or Switch Lite may not come with games, games are readily available for purchase. If you buy them digitally, you can always have the games on your device. This is great because you can just take your Switch wherever you are going without worrying about grabbing any games before you head out the door. 

You can even go from playing a game on the TV and grabbing the Switch off the dock and continuing playing the same game on the handheld console. Not all Switch games are digital. Some may prefer to own physical copies instead of the digital ones. 

One reason may be so they can sell it if they ever don’t want it anymore. You have the option to choose to buy Switch games in-store or digitally. The most convenient way is to buy them digitally so you can just download the game to your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite and always have the game you love to play right on the console.

Nintendo Switches or Nintendo Switch Lites do not come with any games. The games have to be purchased in-store or digitally. This is easy to do by using the Nintendo eShop. Although you can still get cartridge games, you won’t have to do this if you buy the games digitally. 

You always have digital games on your device whenever you want to play them. The Switch comes with everything you need for gameplay except the actual games. This $300 portable gaming console’s games can be purchased for around $60 a game.