Do PlayStation Controllers Work Through Walls?

Have you ever been playing a game on the PlayStation and you needed to go to the other room, but you didn’t want to stop playing? Maybe you heard a rumor that PlayStation controllers can actually work through walls. Well, in this article, we will answer all of your questions about PlayStations and PlayStation controllers. 

So do PlayStation controllers work through walls?

Although it sounds kinda crazy, you can actually use a PlayStation controller through any normal wall of a house. Some people have had issues with it working, which is why you can find people saying that it does not work, but if you have good batteries in your controller, or a good rechargeable battery in your controller, then your controller will work just fine to transmit through any wall. 

If you want to know more about PlayStation controllers and how they work through walls, you will want to keep reading. 

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Can controllers work through more than one wall?

There are many cases in which the controllers can work through more than one wall. It all depends upon the distance between the console and the controllers and the material placed in between the two objects. 

With the advancement in science and technology, games and consoles have also advanced. We have seen this advancement over the years. In the past, the controllers connected to the console had to be connected using a wire to connect the controller to the console. This made them very limited because of having to be plugged into the console to work. 

This issue was solved in new consoles that use the wireless connection technology instead of the wired connection. Because of this, many people consider that they need to find exactly how far they can reach, as well as what they can reach though. 

PlayStation controllers actually have excellent range. If you connect your PlayStation and want to see the range of your controllers then you can simply play a game and walk away to see how far you can go while playing. 

You will see that it passes in between rooms and any walls that come between you and the console. Although you can’t take it out of the range that it will go, it does not matter what is placed in between the console and the controller as long as it is in the range of the PlayStation

For the best response and the fastest response while gaming, It is recommended that you use the controller directly in front of the console for gaming. This is because it gives you a psychological satisfaction that the remote controller and the other gaming setup are placed in the same place. It also allows your movements to be more flawless as the signal does not have to travel as far to reach the console. 

Even though it’s recommended to use it in the same room as the console, you can use it anywhere without any problem. There are many occasions when the consoles are just placed at a certain fixed location and notable to be moved. To fix this issue, the wireless controller was released so you can freely move about the room while you play.

Can the PlayStation console be placed in a different room than the tv?

Since the PlayStation uses an HDMI cord to connect the monitor to the console, you will only be able to use your console in a different room than the tv if you have a long enough HDMI cord to reach that way. If you own a 50’ HDMI cable, realistically, you can even put your console outside and play while sitting outside. 

Solving the space issue

Because many people want to keep their living space clean, they tend to hide all of their consoles and players in a cabinet near the tv. This is why PlayStation has made it possible for the PlayStation to be stored in a cabinet and not just in a clear space. 

Many people worry that the PlayStation will not work in this way as the signals of the controller will be lost. This will never happen with the newer wireless controllers that PlayStation has. Although some people report that their controllers do not work,  It is very rare and may happen because of some sort of technical glitch. 

Today, you can easily set up your console in the closed space and it will work easily without any problem. Whether you place it in a cabinet or you cover it in some other place aside, it will work fine.

Range of PlayStation Controllers

A typical PlayStation controller covers a vast radius of the area from the console. There are cases when the console is placed in one room and the TV is placed in some other. You do not need to move the console again and again from one room to another. You can simply set up the console in one room permanently and can play with the controller anywhere you want. 

The range of the PlayStation technology is 50-100 feet. The PlayStation controller easily connects in the given range without any problem. If the walls of the house are within this limit, this connection will be strong and no problem will occur when playing.

However, if you set up the PlayStation connection out of this limit, you will not be able to connect. In some cases, it might even connect but the controller will lose the connection while trying to use it. 

Setup of a PlayStation Controller

A PlayStation Controller is connected with the console using Bluetooth. Although the maximum range mentioned by the developers for the controller is 200 feet, it can be less depending upon the interfering medium. This is why most people only use it within the 50-100 feet of the controller. 

Materials through which the signals can pass

The signal passing also depends upon the material of the interference. The PlayStation Controllers use the 2.4 GHz bluetooth connection which is pretty strong between thin materials.

If the material is the wall, then its thickness and material will also depend on the successful connection. Usually, signals drop between thick walls but they pass easily through thin walls. 

The bluetooth signals of the controller will not pass through thick concrete or metal.  Usually, the walls of a house though are not made of concrete or metal which is why most of the time people do not have any problems connecting their console and controllers through a wall in their house. 


Now that you know you can use a PlayStation controller in a different room than the console and even different room than the tv if you so please. Some people have even been seen playing the PlayStation while in a bathtub using a phone to see what the tv in the other room was doing. Although this is not normally how people use PlayStation controllers, it is just one example of how you can use a wireless controller in a different room than the console. 

Playing on the PlayStation is quite fun, and the fact that you can use the controller through a wall makes it that much better. Although it is not something that is used very often, when you need to run to the other room for something very quick, it can come in very handy to not have to pause and keep dying on the game you are playing. 

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