Do PlayStation Games Download Faster In Rest Mode?

Do PlayStation Games Download Faster In Rest Mode?

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Have you ever gone to download a game on your PlayStation and felt like it was taking forever? Are you looking for a faster way to download the game that is taking forever? Well, in this article, we will go over everything you need to know about the PlayStation and download a game faster. 

So do PlayStation games download faster in rest mode?

Although there is no official claim for it by Sony, many people have said from personal experience that games download much faster in rest mode. Since Sony has not made an official announcement the only way to know for sure is for you to test it on your machine.

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You can also watch this video that will show you the top ways to speed up your downloads on the PlayStation. 

Why are slow speeds a problem?

Slow downloading speed is the worst thing to happen, especially in a gaming environment. If you buy a new game and its downloading takes up too much time, you start to lose the excitement of the game.

This is why speed is a big issue that everyone thinks about. To solve or to increase the speed a little up, there are many kinds of casual methods given by PlayStation users. One of which is the download of the PlayStation games in rest mode. 

If you put your PlayStation in Rest mode, it stops using the resources and heavy operations of the console. When you start downloading the game in this mode, all the internet speed will be used for that part only.

This is how the PlayStation will be able to speed up the download of the game in rest mode rather than when you are on the PlayStation or laying a game on it. 

Rest Mode in PlayStation

PlayStation has a rest mode that can be used instead of completely turning the console off or completely keeping it in the regular model. This Rest mode is optimized to have the power-saving capabilities so that the PlayStation console does not heat up and the fan speed does not start to increase.

You can use Rest Mode to download games, small updates, and software updates. It is ideal to use rest mode when you are doing any of these. When you use rest mode, do not worry, the PlayStation is still on and downloading the game. You will want to make sure that when you are putting your PlayStation in rest mode, that you do not turn the entire system off. 

You can use the PlayStation’s Rest mode to download games faster. It will save energy and will make the speed faster as well. Since all the other processing is completely off and just the normal downloading is on, its download speed will increase.

This is why many people use rest mode when they are downloading games and updates. If you use rest mode, you will see that the online games you purchase will automatically be downloaded without any problem at faster speeds.

Also when your system is in rest mode, it will conserve energy. So not only will you be speeding up your download, but you will also be lowering your energy bill. 

How do I turn on rest mode?

To turn on rest mode, you will press the start button/. When you do this, a small menu on the side will appear. Just like you use to turn off the PlayStation, you can use the option appearing beneath the turn off mode named “Enter Rest Mode”. By enabling this, you will use less power and solve your game data downloading problem simultaneously. 

Faster downloading speed in PlayStation

Many people often consider that downloading in Rest Mode increases the speed. They believe that much faster internet speed is available when you use this mode.

It has been proven that PlayStation stops using all the other resources and usage of the internet on other things when it is put in the rest mode.

Because of this, the speed that is first divided into multiple usage areas is now being consumed in just one area i.e. the downloading. The divided parts of the internet are all taken up to provide a bulk speed to just one part.

When you put the PlayStation in the rest mode, all the parallel processing is stopped and the console just starts to follow one direction which is the downloading. Because of this, many users use it when downloading any game or system updates. 

Other ways to speed up downloads. 

The best way to speed up your downloads on your PlayStation is by using the ethernet cable instead of wifi. The difference between the Wi-Fi and the Ethernet speed is quite big in most places. Normally you can pull in 80-100mb of download speed on wifi, and ethernet can pull in 200-500 mb of speed on the exact same internet. 

If you use the Ethernet cable to download the game, you will see much faster results because the complete internet speed is being used in the downloading. When you use the wifi, there is a lot of splitting of the internet speed in multiple resources that goes on. When you use ethernet though, all the speed will be used for just one purpose which is downloading. 

When using an ethernet cord to speed up the PlayStation downloading with rest mode, you will notice a very big jump in how long it takes to download something. 

Increasing Internet speed

The main purpose of putting the console in rest mode is to increase the downloading speed. However, there are many other ways that can be used to increase the speed.

If you want to direct the entire internet speed to your console then it is recommended that you use the ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. You will see a noticeable difference when you do this. 

Also, you can set up a faster connection with your Internet Service Provider to solve this problem altogether.

Other ways to speed up downloads

Some other options people have tried are to pause and resume the download on the PlayStation. While some have had success with doing this, others did not see any improvement. 

When you attempt to pause and then restart your download, it is very important to be careful not to stop your download as this will remove the download completely. 

Other people have tried clearing out all of their items that are waiting for downloads while the one is downloading. Although you wouldn’t think that these items waiting to download would slow down the download speed, the PlayStation system actually does slow down your downloads the more items you have waiting to be downloaded. 


Now that you know enabling rest mode on your PlayStation allows you to download games faster, you will be able to download all of the games you want at lightning speeds. You can also use the ethernet cable instead of wifi as this will help you download your games and updates far faster then using wifi.  

No matter what option you use when downloading games, once the game is downloaded we are sure you will have fun playing it and enjoying all the content you just downloaded. 

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