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Do Pool Cues Tips Dry Out?

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Have you ever been playing pool and you noticed that the tip of the pool cue just did not seem to be working right? Maybe you own your own pool cue and you want to know if the tips try out? Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know about pool cue tips and if they dry out. 

So do pool cue tips dry out? 

Although this is something that most people do not even think about, pool cue tips do dry out after a certain amount of time. It does take different amounts of time to dry out based upon what the pool cue tip is made out of, as well as the location of the pool cue tip. 

If you want to know more about pool cue tips and them drying out, you will want to keep reading this article. If your pool cue tip does dry out, you will want to watch this video to learn how to change your pool cue tip.

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What do you need a pool cue for?

The pool is one of the most enjoyable games that I have ever played. To play a pool game, you must have a pool stick, or pool cue, cue ball, and pool cue tip. Even a pool cue tip is much more needed to play a pool game. But there is a bad dream regarding pool cue tips. Sometimes, it gets dry out, but to play a pool game, it is much needed to replace a pool cue tip that has dried out.

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How long does a pool cue tip last?

Pool cue tip is one of the most essential parts of a pool game. But there is a problem regarding pool cue tips. Pool cue tips do dry out after a certain amount of time. It depends on the manufacturing item. A tip that is built by the skin will last around 6 months. After that, it will dry out. Some pool cue tips don’t dry out easily. You can look at the phenolic tip. It will not dry out in 6 months even in a year. There is not any fixed time for that. It will sustain until it is broken. If you look at the softer tips you can see it is dried out over time. The softer the tip takes a shorter time to dry out. On the other hand, the harder tip takes a longer time to dry out. It keeps its solid shape for a longer time. Moreover, how long a cue tip will sustain it depends on various factors. It mostly depends on the hardness of the tip, frequency of play, atmospheric conditions, and type of chalk.

How do you replace a pool cue tip?

It is not possible to play with a pool cue tip for all of the time. Based on your playing period and some other facts, it will once dry out. At that time, there is not any other option except to replace it with a new one. Otherwise, playing a professional pool game will just be a dream. It will cause a detrimental effect on the game also. Following some steps, you can replace your pool tip smoothly-

  • Remove your old pool cue tip

To replace a pool cue tip that has been dried out, first of all, you need to remove it. For doing this, you need to have a nice sharp razor blade. Then try to get very close to the ferrule as much as it is possible. You may need to take a few passes. Remove the leather and excess the glue. To do that, you should take a little more time and do it slowly. Be conscious when you are cutting with a blade because it is very sharp and will cut off your finger.

  • Wash the pool cue ferrule

After removing the old tip, the second task is to wash the top of the ferrule properly. It is a much-needed step. For doing this, you may need to use a rapid top sander that is included in the repair kit. You should place the shaft against the guide. After that, continue to rotate to clean all off the dirt that is remaining on the top of the ferrule. Keep in mind that the sander should be nice and level.

  • Prepare the pool cue tip

After removing the old tip and cleaning the top of the ferrule, you have to prepare the new pool cue tip. It is the third essential step that should be done. For doing this, take a tip that you like. You can use sandpaper to rough up the glue side of the leather. You can do this step by keeping your sandpaper on a flat and level surface. It will help you to get a flat and level tip. You should sand the tip until it is rough and nice. Keep in mind that the tip should be roughed up properly. At that time, you can apply the tip cement to the tip.

  • Place the cue tip on the ferrule

After passing the first three steps, then it comes up the time of placing the pool cue tip on the ferrule. Be conscious while you are placing the tip on the ferrule. Try to get it centered as much as you can. To remove the air pockets, press strictly on the tip. For pressing, the glue will also push out onto the ferrule. When you are holding the tip, use some paper to wipe the glue. To remain cool, try to get off the ferrule properly. You can use the tip clamp in this step. You can apply a rubber band on the center of the tip to pull down the clamp. Besides, you can use a slider to hold the clamp in a particular place. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. In the meantime, the glue will dry.

  • Cut as well as sand the tip to the ferrule:

At this step, you should cut the cue tip to match the diameter of the ferrule. You need to have more patience as well as practice. To do this, you can use a nice and sharp razor. Using this razor, try to shave slowly the sides of the tip so that it gets matched with the diameter of the ferrule. While cutting, you can use your ferrule as a measurement guide. After cutting it properly, you can use a piece of 800 grit sandpaper to clean it up and remove any flat spots from the razor blade. Be conscious while you are doing this step. A flat and level surface is the best option to perform that action.

  • Shape the pool cue tip

At this stage, you can find your new pool cue tip is perfectly glued onto your ferrule. But it may be flat in looks. So, try to shape it up. You can use a shaper to have a perfect shape. Continue to shape until it gets your desired shape.


Pool cue tip is the fundamental part of a pool game. It is a must-have to play a game smoothly. Even though it will dry out with time, you can simply follow the steps above to replace your dried out pool cue tip.  Once it is replaced, you can get right back to playing your game.