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Do Switch Controllers Charge While Being Played?

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Well there are many different gaming consoles to choose from, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best ones you can own. This is because it not only works as a home game console but also as an on the go handheld device. 

Being able to use the device on a go rather than just in your house is something that no other gaming console can do. This is the major difference between the Nintendo Switch and all other gaming systems. 

When you have your device on the go, many people wonder about the controllers and if they charge while being played. This is a very good question because you normally use the controllers individually when used as a home consul but attached to the device when it is being used on the go. 

If your Switch controllers are almost dead when you go to leave, and the controllers do not charge you will basically not be able to use your Nintendo Switch. This is why it is super important that people know the answer to this question. 

When your Switch controllers are attached to the Nintendo Switch device they are being charged. They will continue to be charged if you are playing a game on the device, until they reach 50% capacity. 

Because it charges when you are on the go you will not have to worry about having a dead controller battery and not being able to use your Nintendo Switch when you are on the go. This is just one way that Nintendo proves that it cares about its customers and thought about issues that might occur. 

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How long do Switch JoyCon batteries last? 

JoyCon controllers have gotten better over time, but sometimes they still die before you’re done playing. There are many reasons why this can happen – whether it’s because of accidental input errors while gaming or children accidentally turning off the controller while in motion. Whatever the case, it’s important to know how to get the most out of your battery life by knowing which settings can drain your batteries faster.

There are a couple of different ways to charge JoyCon controllers: you can either charge them from the dock or through a USB cable connected to your device. However charging them through a USB cable is not recommended as this requires you to attach an additional cable and there might be some play in the connection which could cause damage over time. While you can still charge your JoyCons this way by plugging them into a power outlet, we recommend that you use the official dock instead because it allows for easier charging and better connection.

While most JoyCon controllers can last for up to two hours of normal use, it’s important to know that you can actually put more time on the battery life if you don’t fully drain all of the batteries. In order to achieve this, it’s recommended that you charge your controllers first through the dock before playing with them. Try setting them up in a way where you’re able to use both at once; for instance sitting in bed and charging them while in use is a great way to conserve battery life.

How long do Switch controllers take to charge?

Charging time for the JoyCon controllers vary depending on the length of charge required. A full charge takes around 3½ hours for an 80% charge, which equates to roughly a 30 hour battery life for each controller. When your controller is idle, it enters sleep mode after two hours. This conserves battery life and extends the overall lifespan of your controller.

How to charge the JoyCon controllers

To begin charging the JoyCon controllers:

1. Plug the charging cable into the Nintendo Switch dock and into a wall outlet. Do not attempt to charge your controller while it is inserted inside the Nintendo Switch dock.

2. Insert your JoyCon controllers into the Nintendo Switch dock and place your Nintendo Switch console on top of it. Make sure that all glowing circles on your JoyCon are facing up, but do not have them fully seated in their respective connectors (in other words, make sure they are still able to slide out).

3. Let the controllers charge until the indicator lights on your JoyCon turn from red to green and stay green. You can remove it from the dock at any time if you wish.

4. The JoyCon should last for around 20-30 hours of gameplay without needing to be recharged. When inserted in the Nintendo Switch dock for charging, they can charge outside of the Nintendo Switch console and therefore can still be used at the same time as they charge.

How do I know if my Switch controllers are charging?

When you plug in the controller, you will see a string of led lights flashing on the dock. Your controller is charging when it shows an orange light.

If the lights flash red/yellow or stay on solid (no led lights) this means that your controller is not charging.

How do you charge Switch JoyCons without a dock?

JoyCons are great controllers and the Nintendo Switch is one of the best hybrid consoles on the market, but they need to be re-charged at some point too. How do you charge them without a dock? Let’s take a closer look and see where you can find your JoyCons charged or directly plugged into your Nintendo Switch after playing for a bit.

The charging cables built right into the controllers themselves are not the best way to charge them since they bulk up the JoyCons and cause them to be harder to hold. There is also no way to attach the cords for charging, so there is no way to hide them away under a desk or wherever you may want them since there is nothing left on there at all.

Some people like to use special USB power banks from brands like PowerA or Aukey to charge the JoyCons, but they are a bit of a hassle. The JoyCon cables in the end still need to plug into something, and they lack a pass-through charging feature which means that you have to charge them one at a time through USB ports on their own.

One other option is very handy and is just as easy as it sounds: place your JoyCon inside your Nintendo Switch dock or set it back on the stand that came with it. This allows you to charge them directly through the wall or on top of an electrical outlet – without having to mess around with them in order to do so.


Nintendo Switch is the newest and most innovative gaming console on the market. This hybrid console can be played on the TV or in handheld mode, as well as docked for easy charging. You have a choice of two Joy-Con controllers in different colors – red and blue – which are interchangeable.

The controller slides right into either side of the Nintendo Switch Console when not in use, while a handy wrist strap lets you keep your hands free while playing. The JoyCons can also be charged right from the dock itself while they are inserted, or they can be charged separately by attaching them to a Nintendo Switch dock charger for charging (or directly to a power outlet).

The battery can last for up to 30 hours – if you are playing only using the JoyCons. If you are playing directly on the Nintendo Switch console, you will have about a 6-hour charge according to Nintendo, when using the JoyCon controllers.

In this Nintendo Switch review you will find that this is a great console and very innovative. It is small enough to take with you on trips and be used as a handheld unit while still having all of the great features of a conventional game console as well. You can play many games in both modes and one mode has the controller as an accessory instead of being attached all of the time, giving it a bit more flexibility for fun gaming.

No matter what game you are playing, if you are playing with the Switch, you are playing with power!