Do You Need A Memory Card For The Nintendo Switch? 

Do You Need A Memory Card For The Nintendo Switch? 

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The Nintendo Switch is the first in a new era of gaming consoles. It was designed to be taken anywhere so gamers can enjoy a full home console experience anytime and anywhere. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system to enable new video game playing styles. 

At home, it rests in the Nintendo Switch dock that connects it to TV and lets you play with family and friends on a full-sized screen. On-the-go, you simply remove it from the dock and take it on the go with you. 

When you first open your Switch you are probably like a kid at Christmas looking through the box at everything that came in it. You probably noticed that it did not come with a memory card.  Since it didn’t come with a memory card, do you even need one? 

You do not need a memory card for your Nintendo Switch. However, the Switch only has 32gb of internal storage, which is why you will want to purchase a memory card for your Switch. 

There are many different memory cards that you can choose from when it comes to buying one for your Switch. The best memory card for your Switch can be purchased by clicking here

Having a memory card allows you to never worry about space on your Switch to save games. You will also never have to worry about how many games you can have on your Switch. 

Can you play Nintendo Switch games without an SD card?

Now that you know you need a memory card for your Switch, you may be wondering if you can play games without an SD card. Not being able to play Switch games without an SD card would not make sense, but is that the way Nintendo made the Switch?

You can play the Switch without an SD card. The Switch has 32gb of internal storage which is why from the moment you take it out of the box you can start playing games on it. 

Not only can you play games by putting in the cartridge on the Switch, but you can also play games that you have downloaded directly from the Eshop. There is built-in storage on the Switch, so you can download your favorite games from the moment you pull your Switch out of the box. 

Being able to play your Switch without an SD card is extremely important and Nintendo did the Switch right by making the Switch able to work right out of the box. You do not need to add an SD card, or go to the store before you dive into playing games on the Switch. 

How many GB is the Nintendo Switch?

When the Switch first released, there was so much buzz around it, that everyone knew everything about the console. Since it has been out a while, peoples memory of everything the Switch has and can do is fading. 

Just because it’s fading though does not mean that the Switch is no longer popular. The Switch is still one of the best selling consoles Nintendo has ever made, and is not going anywhere. 

One of the facts about the Switch that people forget is how much storage it has. With gaming files being bigger and more games being sold online, knowing the capacity of your Switch is very important. 

The Nintendo Switch has 32 GB of internal storage. The Switch can also have up to 2 terabytes of additional storage with the use of an SD card. 

With all of that storage, you will never have to worry about running out of space on your Switch ever again. Nintendo was really flexing all that they could do when they made the Switch. 

They not only made a console that worked on the go and at home, but made it to where even today still has plenty of storage for all the games you want. This is such an amazing feat because originally games were only around .5gb and now are almost 15gb or more. 

How many GB is Mario Kart?

Because the interior storage of a Switch is so small, people want to know how big the games that they are downloading are going to be. People do not want to only download a couple games and already have their storage full. 

People want to have plenty of space on the Nintendo Switch because the games take up a lot of room. One of the most popular games to ask this about is Mario Kart. 

Mario Kart uses 6.7 GB of storage when it is downloaded to your Switch. However it is not just Mario Kart that uses a lot of storage. 

Fortnite uses 11.2 GB of storage. Super Smash Bros Ultimate uses 16GB of storage. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild uses 13.4 GB of storage. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe uses 6.8 GB of storage. Super Mario Odyssey uses 5.7 GB of storage. Splatoon 2 uses 5.1 GB of storage.

Because all of the popular games take up quite a bit of room, many people will purchase external storage. The Switch can hold up to 2TB of storage with an SD card. Many people will only start out with 128 GB of storage as it is really cheap and will meet most of their needs. 

You really only need to get a bigger SD card for your Switch if you plan on downloading all of the games for your console and never deleting any of them. This will obviously go through 128 GB of storage quite fast. 

You can purchase a 128 GB SD card designed specifically for the Switch by clicking here. You can also purchase a bigger SD card if you want more space than that by clicking here.

Now that you know about these games and exactly how many GB each one is, you can know exactly how much external storage you want to buy. Obviously the more games you like to download and not carry physically, will increase how big of an SD card you want to purchase. 

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