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Does Arcade 1up Ship To Canada?

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Do you own an Arcade 1up machine and wondered about selling it to someone in Canada? Maybe you have friends that live in Canada and you wanted to send them an Arcade 1up machine as a gift. Well here we will answer all of your questions.

So does Arcade 1up ship to Canada?

Although Arcade 1up machines do ship to Canada, they are extremely expensive, and can be almost double the price as they are sold for here in the United States. 

If you want to know more about shipping an Arcade 1up machine to Canada, you will want to keep reading this article. If you want to know more about Arcade 1up machines themselves, you can also watch this video. 

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Atari is an interactive entertainment production company. Arcade1up is Atari’s latest venture. It is currently leading the retro video game trend with their ¾ scale licensed arcade cabinets. After winning the 2019 Tech Toy of the Year Award (TOTY), Arcade1up continues to be a fan favourite.

Why are they expensive in Canada?

Arcade 1up is in great demand in Canada. Because of the demand, the availability is very limited which raises the cost of every single machine. 

In the United States, these Arcade 1up machines will sell between $199 and $299 while in Canada they sell for $499 to $799. 

The Arcade 1up machine is only available in store through Walmart, or online. You will not get Arcade 1up at EBGames or GameStop if you are looking for one in Canada. You can get it from Walmart though via online or in-store. The problem is that the in store availability is very limited and sometimes it is very scarce. On the Walmart website, even some of the released arcade games are not available. The games available in Canada right now are Pac-Man, Street Fighter 2, Centipede, Asteroids, and Rampage.

All of the other ones are not available online which make them extremely rare and even more expensive to try and purchase! 

The increased price is due to the added cost of certain exchange rates and distribution outlets. Even with these higher prices, the Arcade 1up machines are still brought in at a retail level, which helps keep the price of the machine down to a certain extent.

The Arcade 1up worked up a deal with a toy distributor who elected Walmart as the exclusive partner in Canada. And Arcade 1up officers made it clear in the social media that if people want to see Arcade 1up machines in Canada, they should use their voices and tell Walmart  what customers want. When the customers tell the retailers what they want, they will get it guaranteed. 

The company also added that they are trying to sort out the issue by exploring some alternate distribution partnerships. The company assured that they will make their products available in the Canadian market as soon as possible. Because of the forced hand of Walmart, the machines were not cheap, and Walmart just passed those higher prices onto the customer. 

If you are looking to buy an Arcade 1up machine from the United States and ship it to Canada, you will be very disappointed at the high prices that customs and shipping the item costs. Many people have reported this issue of high shipping and distribution charges for the Arcade 1up in Canada. 

Even if you try to purchase the item on websites with international shipping, the machines are still expensive. Because of the high prices most people will get to the shipping page, and then leave as the shipping costs are so high. Basically all the Canadian gamers are disappointed with the scarcity of the Arcade 1up in their home country.

Although Arcade 1up claims it is Walmart’s issue for not ordering enough machines, Walmart claims they are waiting on Arcade 1up to produce more of the machines. We reached out to both parties about the issue, and neither were able to make a statement at this time. No matter who is at fault, it is sad that the end consumer is unable to purchase and play the arcade games they want to play.  

Arcade game history

The golden age of the arcade machine was between 1971 and 1983. In 1971, the first arcade game machine called Computer Space was introduced. The release of Space Invaders by Midway in North America ushered in the Golden Age. The following releases including Atari ‘s Pong and Asteroids and Namco’s Pac-Man solidified the strength of the Golden Age.

The golden age was a time of great technical and design creativity in the arcade world. The golden period witnessed a rapid spread of video game arcades across North America, Europe and Asia.

The popularity of the arcade games started declining by the late 1990s. The home consoles were the major competitor with arcades. The sprout of network gaming in the 2000s also became a factor for the decline of arcade games. The arcade market suffered from a lack of diversity when compared to other gaming markets. 

Arcade game revenues gradually increased by the year 2002. The arcade video game industry is a thriving one in China, and other places across the globe. The spread of arcade games also increased in the US market by the year of 2008, and arcade classics have started reappearing as mobile and PC games. The arcade gaming industry has remained popular in Japan through the present day and is well loved by gamers everywhere. 


The dream of many truly dedicated arcade-goers is to own their own machine. Unfortunately most gamers would never be able to purchase their own arcade machine as they cost several thousand dollars. With the release of the Arcade 1Up, you can now easily and relatively affordably build a monument to classic gaming in your own home for the same price you would have spent on just one machine. These machines come with accurate graphics, sounds, and controls. 

Its cabinets are about three-quarters the size of the original arcade machines, but they look and feel authentic. The best part is that since they use tiny emulation devices and LCDs instead of massive arcade boards and CRT monitors, they consume a fraction of the power. If you’ve ever had the grand idea of building a home arcade, Arcade 1Up makes it a far more realistic for people to do. It also allows people who just like to play the classics the opportunity to purchase their very own. 

We hope that the present scarcity of the Arcade 1up in Canada will be sorted out soon. The scarcity of the Arcade 1up in Canada and its increased price is due to the added cost of certain exchange rates and distribution outlets. Currently the Arcade 1up is only available in Walmart in Canada or for purchase online. Although this is a minor setback for gamers in Canada, they are determined to make the best of the situation and still purchase a machine when they can afford to. 

If you are looking to purchase an Arcade 1up machine here in the United States you will be happy to know that they are still in abundance and are not overpriced at all! Here is a great place to start and build your own personal arcade in your home.