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Does Donkey Kong Have A Wife?

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Have you ever been curious if Donkey Kong has a wife? Maybe you are a long time fan of the Donkey Kong game series and are wondering about if Donkey Kong has a lady in his life. In this article we will go over everything you need to know to answer the question of whether Donkey Kong has a wife. 

So does Donkey Kong have a wife?

Though the current Donkey Kong, from the original Donkey Kong arcade game, is not actually married, there is another Kong character that does have a wife and her name is Wrinkly Kong.

If you want to know more about if Donkey Kong has a wife, you will want to continue reading this article. You can also watch this video all about the different Kong’s you will find throughout the Donkey Kong series.

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Who is Wrinkly Kong

Donkey Kong, the celebrated gorilla, has had many versions of itself as the rival in the long running video game series Donkey Kong. Cranky Kong was the original Donkey Kong, who was the father to Donkey Kong Jr, who himself was the father of current Donkey Kong. The original Donkey Kong, or Cranky Kong was married to Wrinkly Kong and Donkey Kong Jr was married to an unknown female gorilla. This means that Wrinkly Kong is actually the current Donkey Kong’s grandmother.

The History of Wrinkly Kong

Wrinkly Kong is a very famous character and was one of the leaders of the Kong klan. She was the wife of Cranky Kong who has now passed. Cranky Kong is actually the first and original Donkey Kong. Wrinkly Kong happens to be the mother of Donkey Kong Junior. She is also the grandmother of the current Donkey Kong. Even though she is the current Donkey Kong’s grandmother, she did not raise the current Donkey Kong and their relationship is not thought to be very strong. Donkey Kong has been raised mostly by Cranky Kong.

Her death was mainly due to old age related complications because she had become really old in her later years. She was last seen as a living character in Donkey Kong Land 3, and from then on her spirit continued to be in the following games, helping the other Kong’s with helpful advice. Cranky Kong used to refer to her as Mrs. Donkey Kong, in the popular game Donkey Kong Country and is nicknamed as Wrinkly after she became old and wrinkly. She appears in most Donkey Kong games and in most of these games, she provides information or hints to her fellow Donkey Kong Klan members. These hints and information are used by the younger members to solve many problems. 

Wrinkly Kong is the only member of the Kong family who is dead and is the only female in Kong’s Klan to not have blonde hair. We also know King Rool was a student of Wrinkly Kong. Wrinkly Kong was very good in math. She was cheated on by her husband Cranky Kong.She is also the only character who dies and returns as a ghost, the only member to take on the role of a ghost in the Kong series.

Which games can we find Wrinkly Kong In?

Wrinkly Kong had been in a few video games while she was alive. She has one comic book dedicated to her. The first game was Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest, Here she was alive. She managed the Kong Kollege where Diddy and Dixie Kong were present as students. Wrinkly, like Cranky Kong, acted as a source of wisdom and knowledge and could be mainly seen to be providing information to the Kongs on the various items and objects found in the game.

In the Game Boy Advance, remake of Donkey Kong Country 2, Dixie and Diddy were again taught by Wrinkly Kong. Students can be found doing homework assignments for Wrinkly, better known as Wrinkly’s Task. The main purpose of Wrinkly’s Task is to provide pictures to the Kong’s. The pictures were supposedly filled into a scrapbook. . For every page of scrapbook, Wrinkly would give the Kongs a Donkey Kong coin.

The next game where we find Wrinkly Kong is Donkey Kong Land 2. Here she once again  has some of the same traits and functions similarly giving information and hints to Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong. She also saved the Kong’s progress.

Wrinkly Kong’s next game was  Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! Wrinkly makes a return appearance. In this game, Wrinkly seems to have retired as a teacher at the Kong Kollege, she now runs Wrinkly’s Save Cave. In the cave, Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong can save their game. This cave is also where the various Banana Birds the Kong family collected are stored. When the Kong’s enter the cave they can find her either dancing, sleeping or playing video games.

Wrinkly Kong’s next game was In the Game Boy Advance, which is thought to be the remake of the popular Donkey Kong Country 3 game. Here Wrinkly Kong has a lesser role and also is not much of a significant one. She is getting very old here and has not been doing much of anything. Hence, she is of little help to the other Kong’s. Her time passes by caring for the Banana birds which she really seemed to enjoy for the most part. Also this game shows Wrinkly Kong waiting for her death and getting enlightened in the process.

The next game, Donkey Kong Land III, Wrinkly Kong’s role remains the same as in the original SNES title, and her main goal is to save the Kong’s progress. Also she no longer cares for the Banana Birds because they are not in the game.

Wrinkly Kong the Ghost

The first game where Wrinkly Kong ‘s character was shown post her death was, Donkey Kong 64. It seems the game was a continuation of the series and came after Donkey Kong Land III. In this game it is mentioned that Wrinkly Kong died of old age problems. Wrinkly Door was also introduced in this game. 

The next game was DK: King of Swing, where Wrinkle’s character was a ghost, who helps her husband Cranky in teaching her grandson Donkey Kong (the current DK) certain lessons. She teaches Donkey Kong to climb the peg boards and how to attack while he climbs.

The next game was  DK: Jungle Climber, starring the Ghost Wrinkle Kong where she goes on vacation to sun island.

She also helps Cranky teach Donkey how to attack. Wrinkly is also playable in the game’s Jungle Jam mode, where her partner is, interestingly, a Kritter. In this game, she has good jump and medium attack. It was in this game that she was playable for the first time.

In Wrinkly Door, Wrinkly will pop out and, using her supernatural powers, will give the Kong hints on what to do in the area they are currently in.


So we know that the current Donkey Kong does not have a wife, but the first Donkey Kong also known as Cranky Kong does have a wife and her name is Wrinkly Kong. She is seen a lot throughout the game series as a teacher and also as a friendly ghost. Even though the current donkey Kong does not have a wife, that does not mean that he will never be married.