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Does Donkey Kong Jungle Beat Require Bongos?

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Have you been wondering if Donkey Kong Jungle Beat requires bongos? Maybe you are a big fan of the Donkey Kong games and have been wanting to play Donkey Kong Jungle Beat but you aren’t sure if the game requires bongos or if you can play the game without them. 

So does Donkey Kong Jungle Beat require bongos?

There are several different versions of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. The game was designed so that players would use the Donkey Kong Bongos. A lot of the players think that the bongos make the game more enjoyable to play, this being said you can play this game without the bongos. 

If you want to know more about Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and whether you will need to purchase bongos to play the game, you will want to continue reading this article. You can also watch this video that will give you more information on Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

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What is Donkey Kong Jungle Beat?

You would agree with me that before you can determine whether Donkey Kong Jungle Beat requires bongos, you have to know what Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is. So let’s take a deeper look at what this game is all about.

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is a platforming computer video game that was designed by Nintendo for a franchise called, Game Cube. This game was launched in Japan in 2004. It was launched in North America and Australia in March 2005. It was launched in Europe in February 2005. It would interest you to know that this game was given a new release in 2008 and 2009 in the new play control editions of the newly modelled Game cube. 

This revamped series featured Donkey Kong and is played with the Donkey Kong Bongos. Donkey Kong Jungle Beat is part of the Donkey Kong franchise and follows the gorilla, Donkey Kong, as he sets out to defeat a series of evil kings and conquer the jungle. Jungle Beat is designed for use with the Donkey Kong Bongos, a bongo drum-style GameCube controller previously used with the Donkey Konga series of music games. The player uses the Donkey Kong  Bongos to control Donkey Kong through various side-scrolling levels as he collects bananas, swings on vines, chains combos, rides animals, and defeats enemies and bosses

The game has different platforms which include Wii, Wii U, and Game cube. This game is a platformer type of game, one played on platforms joined together. It also importantly has a single-player mode.The Wii version of this game is different from the original version, game cube. This version incorporates new tweaks to the old levels and has new levels.

It has a traditional control in which an analog stick is used to move the players and the A button for jump. This is a new development because in the old Gamecube version, you are required to beat the bongos to move players and also to jump. In this new series, the voice is no different. It is the voice of Takashi Nagasako, a known voice for the Donkey Kong series.

How is this Donkey Kong Jungle Beat played?

We can see that the Donkey Kong Jungle beat has different versions. The traditional GameCube version requires bongos while the Wii U version does not require bongos, it can be played with a controller. It would interest you to know that the game actually involves jumps, counterattacks and fights. While the normative Gamecube controllers make it easier to play, the Donkey Kong Jungle beat actually uses a pair of bongo drums to play the game. 

You have to beat the bongo on the left to move Donkey Kong left. You then have to beat the bongo on the right to move Donkey Kong right. You have to go beat both to cause a jump action. Interestingly, if you clap your hands, Donkey Kong would also. If you also beat the side of the bongos, Donkey Kong would clap also. This action brings consequences depending on the situation you are in. 

This is a special game in the idea of play, it is a platformer where the objective isn’t just to get as far as possible on the level, the objective is actually to get the same number of points, or “beats”, as you can. Beats are gotten by snatching bananas during interactivity, and lost by getting injured or falling to the ground. The player can get extra beats by performing combos while snatching the bananas. For instance, three combo moves will gain four beats for every banana gathered. Combos can go as high as 30, implying that 31 beats can be earned from a solitary banana. Time records can also be earned for stages and for dashing segments of stages.

Donkey Kong can perform moves, for example, reverse somersaults, the ground-pound, vine swinging, corner bouncing, and divider hopping. He can also utilize different articles and creatures in the game to add to the combo score. When performing “combo-moves”, a counter will appear to keep track of  each progressive combo move gained before landing. The combo counter is lost when Donkey Kong is harmed or falls to the ground, and all beats are lost. 

On the off chance that Donkey Kong’s beat tally arrives at zero, he loses and will have to restart the level. In the Wii rendition of the game, hearts are what keeps track of Donkey Kong’s wellbeing rather than the beats,, and there are additional lives and checkpoints all through the level.

In this game, there are tasks which you must complete. The completion of these tasks equals the finish of a kingdom. This goes on and on like that till the end. When you complete a kingdom, you receive peaks and rewards. 

Toward the finish of the kingdom, the absolute entirety of beats (in the wake of deducting any harm taken during the supervisor battle) is counted up. Finishing a kingdom wins a peak, while extra peaks are earned by accomplishing certain measures of beats. Peaks are required to play new realms, which is controlled by the number appeared. Clearing all the realms in an area opens the following arrangement of realms. Players can return to prior levels to attempt to get more beats, accordingly obtaining more peaks.

The Donkey Kong Jungle beat is very different from the Donkey Kong arcade game of 1981.The 1981 game came as an arcade game. The storyline was such that in its first release, King Kong was the enemy, and opponent who had Mario’s girl in custody, while the newer versions had a somewhat different storyline. An example is the 1982 version, where the game was renamed Donkey Kong Jr, where the game has a much different storyline from the original. 


So now that we have learned all we need to know about Donkey Kong Jungle beat, we realize there are different versions of the game and with those different versions we find that you can play the game with or without the bongos, depending on which version you play. You can get the Wii U version which simply uses a controller. This just means you would not be able to enjoy the fun part of the bongos, which is in the traditional Gamecube version.

No matter which version of this game you play, you’re bound to have fun as it is a great game.