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Does PAC-MAN Get Harder?

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Have you ever played Pac-Man before and you always felt like it didn’t get harder? Maybe when you played, you thought it started off as hard and got even harder after on level. No matter what you have thought, we will help you know all there is to know about Pac-Man in this article! 

So does Pac-Man get harder?

Although the game does not get harder in the sense that there become more ghosts and the level changes to be more challenging, it does become harder by speeding up the speed of Pac-Man and the ghosts. 

If you want to know more about Pac-Man and how hard it gets, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this video about a guy who actually passed the entire Pac-Man arcade game! Yes you read that right, he passed every single level without dying! 

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Why does it seem like the Pac-Man game doesn’t get harder?

Pac-Man does get tricky as the level increases. This is because as you get higher and higher in the levels, you begin to move faster and faster. Since there are many things in Pac-Man that are not common to a general gamer, it does not seem like the game level is increasing. Normally you will be able to tell that a game is increasing by the number of enemies or by how much damage they do when they damage you. 

The Pac-Man game has a lot of things going on the same screen. The goal of this game is to eat all the seeds or dots without getting caught by the ghosts.

Many people think that the Pac-Man game is the same no matter how long you play. This happens because it uses the same Pac-Man and ghost and the same level of displays no matter how many levels you play. 

PAC-MAN is one of the most popular games in the history of gaming. Not only in the past, but it is still cherished all over the world today. Because of its simplicity, smooth gameplay, and features, it is liked by everyone. Even pro gamers and people of all ages want to play Pac-Man.

How does Pac-Man get harder?

From the developer’s perspective, there are many variables and things that are adjusted to increase the difficulty as the game progresses. Things such as the speed of Pac-Man, speed of ghosts, dot speed, ghost spawn speed, fright ghost speed, and more manage the difficulty of the game. 

As the levels increase, these factors are given a different setting to increase the difficulty of the game. Similarly, the earlier stages have less value for these factors that causes the challenge of staying at a slower pace. 

In Pac-Man, the yellow Pac-Man has to eat the dots and fruits without getting caught by the ghost. When the game starts, the difficulty is at the beginner’s level. This causes the Pac-Man to get the most control of the situation. 

As the game increases though the difficulty increases, even in a single level. This causes the ghost to speed up. After some time, the ghosts also try to catch the Pac-Man by surrounding it from all angles. 

This causes a chaotic situation that eventually leads to getting caught up by the ghost. If you know the game enough though, then you can eat the ghost repelling dot. It causes the ghost to turn their color blue and causes them to move away from the Pac-Man. This also makes it to where Pac-Man can eat the ghosts to gain extra points. 

Adjustment in the variable factor such as ghost speed rate, and Pac-Man speed are the critical features that cause the game difficulty to change.

Although the game difficulty increases with each level, it does not get to the degree that it is unplayable. Since the game has very few basic controls and the game revolves around just one object it is easy to play. 

Pac-Man’s difficulty depends upon the console or device you are playing on since it can be played with joysticks, remote controllers, keyboard, and regular controllers. Even though the pressure changes with each different console, it also has its own challenges.

A person who is an expert on playing this game on the console will consider it as challenging to play on another device. This is another way that the game is challenging on a whole different level. 

Do the colors of the ghosts matter?

Each ghost in Pac-Man has a specific role assigned. With the increase in level, their role gets increasingly harder to play.

The red ghost has a specific role in chasing you. The other ghosts have different tasks to position the Pac-Man in front of the red ghost. The orange ghost moves randomly, whereas the blue ghost stands itself at a fixed point. 

Factor on which PAC-MAN’s difficulty depends

There are many factors on which the complexity of the game depends. A detailed working of all of them is given below.

  • The most common factor on which the game’s difficulty depends upon is the speed with which the Pac-Man moves. It increases at specific points in the game, and as the level increases so does the speed of the characters. 
  • Difficulty also depends upon the speed of the ghosts. In the beginning levels of the game, the ghosts move at a fairly slow rate. This makes moving the Pac-Man to get all of the dots very easy. The problem comes as the speed of the ghosts increase as you pass every level. 
  • In addition to their speed, their spawn speed also increases. Therefore, it is getting harder and harder with every level you pass. The warps on the sides of the screen also play an essential role in the game.  Typically, the ghost speed slows down near time warps. Sadly that is true only for the beginning levels. When you start playing the later levels, it will not be the case, as the ghosts quickly move in and out from the left and right warp.
  • The music also helps in judging the game difficulty. When the Pac-Man is eating the dot or seed, the background music is just regular. But when the situation in the game gets intense such as when the Pac-Man eats the fruit, the music speed and tone change, which adds to the difficulty of the game, as well as making the game more enjoyable to play. 

Can I play Pac-Man today?

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Now that you know Pac-Man continues to get harder as you pass levels, you can play knowing what to expect. You also now know that the colors of the ghost matter and you can judge which direction to go based upon the ghosts. No matter how much strategy you have or don’t have, Pac-Man is still an extremely fun game to play and enjoyable for every person of every age.