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Does The Nintendo Switch Require A Subscription? 

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The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console that can be used on the go, and as a home gaming console. The thing that sets the Switch apart from any other gaming console is that it can be used at home and on the go. 

Because everyone wanted the Switch when it first released, they were immediately sold out as soon as they hit the shelves. Everyone wanted the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo could not keep up with demand. 

Everyone loved the fact that you could use it on the go and at home, but they also loved how you could download all of your games on the Switch and not have to carry any physical ones with you anymore. The Switch was a console unlike anything ever created by any gaming company before. 

Because the games can be downloaded on the Switch and you do not need to carry around physical games for the Switch, many people are curious about needing a subscription for the Switch. Do you have to have one if you own the Switch? 

The Nintendo Switch does not require a subscription. You only need to pay for a subscription if you want to use your Nintendo Switch to play online against your friends. 

While most people will pay for a Nintendo online subscription to play with their friends anytime they want, it is not required if you own a Switch. Some people prefer to play their games not online and only play against their friends locally. 

This is also something that a lot of parents prefer to keep their children safe. They do not want their kids to play other people online that they do not know, so they will never sign up for a Nintendo online subscription. 

If the subscription was required, you would also have a lot of backlash from the people who purchased the device. Why would you buy a gaming device that can only work if you pay a monthly fee to keep it operational. 

Thankfully Nintendo did not do this, and made the subscription to play games online optional. Even though most people choose to have the account, some still choose to play games offline.

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Does the Nintendo Switch need WiFi?

When you pull your Switch out of the box and you open it for the first time, you are probably thinking just how amazing this console is! It is unlike any other gaming console ever made, and can do so much more than what other consoles can do. 

When you are setting up your device, you are probably sitting at home, and ready to get it all set up and play your first game. If you are super excited, and you just cannot wait any longer, you may want to set up your Switch on the ride home. 

If you are going to set it up, you are probably wondering if you need WiFi for the Switch to work. 

You will need WiFi to originally set up your console, but after that, the Switch does not require WiFi to work properly. This means you can play games on the go, and never have to worry about having WiFi while you play your games. 

Some people only play the Switch on the go, and if it required you to have WiFi to play the games, they would never be able to play on the go.  Just because most stores have WiFi, changing from one network to the next would take time, and be very annoying if you were just out walking around shopping. 

If you were on a long car ride, you would probably also be out of luck as you would be on the go and constantly losing signal as you jumped from one tower to the next. Not having to use WiFi at all times allows you to choose if you want to play online or simply play a game on your Switch locally. 

Most of the time playing locally is best if you are on the move, or just out and about. If you are sitting at home, or maybe at a friend’s house, you will probably want to connect to the WiFi in order to play your games online or even unlock special access in a game. 

There are many reasons to want to play with your Switch online, but for every person they are different. Some prefer online gaming while others just want to download games. Most of the time though, people will not play online when they take the Switch on the go with them. 

What does a subscription to Nintendo Switch do?

While most everyone who has a Switch has a Nintendo account, they may not have a Nintendo Switch subscription. This subscription can be paid monthly or yearly and if only a few bucks a month. 

If you are going to be paying for a subscription, you obviously wanna know exactly what you are paying for. So what does a subscription to Nintendo Switch do? 

The Nintendo Switch subscription gives you access to play multiplayer online against other Switch users in almost any game! You also get cloud backup for some of your games, and are even able to play some of the original NES and Super NES games for free! 

While some people do not want to pay for an online account, you really do get your money’s worth if you play your Switch consistently. The ability to play other people online is something that will challenge you and make every game you play that much more challenging. 

Because you also get access to play original NES games and Super NES games, you can relive your childhood and not have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy the games and the systems all over again. 

The Switch subscription is only $3.99 for one month, $7.99 for 3 months, or $19.99 for the entire year! This is extremely cheap compared to XBox which is $9.99 for one month and more than 3 times the prices of the Switch online account for a year! 

Nintendo users love what you get with the online subscription, and most of all they love the price! So if you are thinking about getting the subscription, go ahead, it is worth the money!