Does The Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite Need A Memory Card? (How Big?)

Does The Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite Need A Memory Card?

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If you’re considering purchasing a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite you will probably want to know as much about them as possible before you make the purchase. One of the biggest questions many people ask is about the memory of the devices. 

The one thing that everyone wants to be careful of is knowing exactly how much memory these devices have. This is because you will need to have a game downloaded if you do not want to carry that specific game cartridge with you and you do not want to be limited on memory. 

If you ever plan on downloading more than a couple of games to your Switch then you will absolutely want to get a memory card. The Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite only come with 32 GB of internal storage which means your space for games is under 16GB even with a new console.  

Even though most games range from .5 GB to 4 GB of storage, most people still want to add a memory card so they do not have to carry Switch games with them. If you are looking to purchase a memory card for your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite you can find them by clicking here

What is the best memory card for the Nintendo Switch Lite? 

Because there are many different memory cards that you can purchase for the Nintendo Switch Lite you may be confused on which one you should spend your money on. If you have not done much looking you will soon find out that there are various brands as well as various storage capacities available. 

This is where many people get overwhelmed when they see all the different brands as well as the different prices. Some people prefer to purchase the cheapest memory card while others prefer the most expensive. 

Some people think spending more money on a memory card will make it last longer or be better in the long run. Although this is partially true, it is not always true, and you will want to be cautious of overpriced items. 

If you are looking to purchase a memory card for your Nintendo Switch Lite you will probably want something that has high storage capacity and is not the most expensive but also not the cheapest. Having a memory card that is in the middle of the road is normally the best way to go as you get the high storage capacity without breaking the bank. 

Because most people will not use any more than 256 GB of storage for their Nintendo Switch Lite, you will want to purchase a memory card that has at least that amount of storage. The best memory card for your Nintendo Switch Lite is the SanDisk 256 GB micro SDXC card

This memory card not only has a good amount of storage, but it is also not extremely expensive. It has incredible speeds and is specifically licensed for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems. 

This allows you to know that this card will work with your device without any issues as well as it comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This memory card will allow you to store your download games, screenshots, video captures, and save games all in one place. 

How many games can a Nintendo Switch Lite hold?

Another question that many people often ask is how many games a Nintendo Switch Lite can hold. Although this is a very good question, it really depends upon what games you are downloading as well as what memory card you have in your device. 

If you have a large enough memory card there is not a limit to how many games you can have on your specific device. As of right now the person that has the most games on their Nintendo Switch device has just over 2000 games downloaded. 

This is why many people will purchase a memory card for their Nintendo device based upon how many games they want to download. If you only have a couple of games and you do not plan on downloading very many, you may not even need a memory card for your device.

If you are an avid gamer and you like to switch between a bunch of different games, you will definitely want a memory card. Based upon how many games you want to have downloaded though will decide how big of a memory card you need to purchase. 

Is 32GB enough storage for the Switch?

Because the Nintendo Switch only comes with 32 GB of storage, some people wonder if they will need to spend additional money on a memory card or if that will be enough. Although the 32 GB of storage will be enough when you first start off with the Nintendo Switch, you may find yourself wanting to purchase a memory card the more you play. 

The 32 GB of storage keeps the Nintendo Switch running smoothly as well as gives the users enough space to download a few games and other items on their device without making it run out of space. However, if you intend to download more than just a couple of games you will definitely need to get a memory card to expand the 32GB that the Switch comes with. 

Neither the Nintendo Switch nor the Nintendo Switch Lite come with a free memory card though as Nintendo wants you to purchase that separately. This not only helps Nintendo make extra money by not including more memory, but it will allow you to choose your memory card based upon your specific storage needs. 

If your Nintendo Switch came with a 500 GB memory card, you may never fill it up, and if it came with an 8 GB memory card you may feel like they do not care. Although it seems kind of cheap for the Nintendo devices to not come with a memory card, it is really the best option for the user. 


Now that you know about the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite, you can decide for yourself if they need a memory card. Although many people would consider a memory card a need, some people do not play that many games or prefer the physical games over digitally downloaded ones. 

If you prefer to have the physical games over a downloaded games on your Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite, you will find out that you will not need any more than a 32 GB of storage that comes in your device. It all depends upon what games you want to play, and how many games you want downloaded. 

Because there are different memory cards available for your Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, the best well rounded memory card can be found by clicking here. Having a memory card in your device is always a good idea as you may go through 32 GB of storage far sooner than you might realize. 

Owning a Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite is amazing and once you own one you will never want to own anything else. This is because these devices are unlike any other gaming device on the market today. 

If you do not own a Nintendo Switch Lite, but feel you are ready to make that purchase you can find different colors and styles of the device by clicking here. If you want to purchase the regular Nintendo Switch because you preferred to have the device mobile as well as as a home gaming console you may find it by clicking here

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