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Does the Sega CDX Play 32X Games?

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Do you own a Sega Genesis and a Sega CD? Maybe you just recently heard about the Sega CDX, or you have owned one for a long time. The one question everyone wants to know is:

Does the Sega CDX play 32x games?

The Sega CDX was designed to play both the games from the Genesis as well as any Sega CD, it also plays 32x games and can even use the attachment if you so choose! This is definitely an all in one console! 

If you are looking to buy a Sega CDX you can buy one right here. If you already own one, and are wanting to learn about the CDX and if 32x games are safe to use with it, you will want to keep reading. You can also watch this short video to learn all the information if you are like me and don’t like to read. 

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History of Sega CDX

The Sega CDX is also known as Multi Mega and is a portable CD player that plays both Mega Drive and Mega-CD games, as well as audio CDs, and CD+G discs. The unit was released in North America as the Sega Genesis CDX and Multi Mega CDX in Brazil.

The Sega CDX play 32X games

As we see the Sega CDX can play Mega drive games or Sega Genesis whichever you prefer. The 32X game console is backward-compatible with Genesis games and 32X is the add-on of Sega genesis. So it makes clear that the Sega CDX can surely play the 32X games.

Is a 32x safe to use on a CDX?

Now we know that the 32X is compatible with the CDX, but the safety issue always comes first. Some people say the Sega CDX overheats when it plays 32X games or it can’t play 32X games, but these are simply rumors. The truth is that the Sega CDX can play 32X games without any problem. I found this information to be true from friends as well as personally. As far as I have found, if your console is working properly, then there is no reason why your console cannot play 32x games. 

Sega CDX and 32X games

Sega CDX

A lot of well-reviewed games are available in the Sega CDX library. Because the Sega CDX is a portable gaming console, it’s library is not that big, but the available games are well-reviewed and loved by everyone who plays them. Some of the games are:

  • 3 Ninjas Kick Back
  • 3×3 Eyes Seima Densetsu
  • After Burner 3
  • Ah-3 Thunderstrike
  • Battlecorps
  • Dark Wizard
  • Demolition Man

Sega 32X

Sega 32X is an add-on of the Sega genesis. It is compatible with the Sega genesis so all of the Sega Genesis games can be played by the 32X. But Sega 32X has its own game library with 34 games as well. The Sega Genesis system supports a library of more than 700 games created both by Sega and a wide array of third-party publishers and delivered on ROM cartridges. So including the Genesis games, the 32X can play 734 games. Top sellers included Sonic the Hedgehog, its sequel Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Virtua racing, Disney’s Aladdin and many more. 

History of Sega CDX and 32X

Sega 32X

The Sega 32X is an Add-on of the Sega genesis and it was released in 1988. In 1989 the console was then released as the Genesis for the North American market.

Although the earlier release of the Sega CD add-on had been commercially disappointing, Sega began to develop a stop-gap solution that would bridge the gap between the Genesis and the Sega Saturn. This would serve as a less expensive entry into the 32-bit era. 

The decision to create a new system was made by Sega CEO Hayao Nakayama and broadly supported by Sega of America employees. According to former Sega of America producer Scot Bayless, Nakayama was worried that the Saturn would not be available until after 1994, and with the recent release of the 64-bit Atari Jaguar this would not be good. As a result, the direction given was to have this second release to market by the end of the year.

Sega CDX

The Sega CDX is the rear version released by Sega in 1994 in North America and it is a portable CD player. It plays both mega drive and Mega CD games along with audio CDS and CD+G discs. About 5000 CDX Units were released in North America and are considered rare and collectible.

Its size is compact and the addition of a headphone port enabled it to play audio CDs on the move powered by two AA batteries. The unit featured front-mounted CD control buttons as well as a backlit LCD screen to display the tracking number. An extra line-out port was provided for connection to stereo equipment.

Technical Specification of Sega 32X

Though 32X is an add-on of the Sega Genesis, it’s inserted into the system like a standard game cartridge. The 32x can be used only in conjunction with the genesis system  as well as the CDX. This is because the add-on(32X) requires its own separate power supply, a connection cable linking it to the Genesis, and an additional conversion cable for the original model of the Genesis.

The CDX is backward compatible with Genesis games along with the 32X that has its own game library. Not only this but also could be used in conjunction with the Sega CD to play games that use both add-ons.

The 32X is not only suitable for the Genesis model one but also suitable for Genesis model two because of its spacer. An optional spacer was offered for use with the Sega Genesis CDX system, but ultimately never shipped due to risks of electric shock when the 32X and CDX were connected.

Installation of the 32X also requires the insertion of two included electromagnetic shield plates into the Genesis’ cartridge slot.

Seated on top of a Genesis, the 32X measures 115 mm × 210 mm × 100 mm (4.5 in × 8.3 in × 3.9 in). The 32X contains two Hitachi SH2 32-bit RISC processors with a clock speed of 23 MHz Which Sega claimed would allow the system to work 40 times faster than a stand-alone Genesis.

Its graphics processing unit is capable of producing 32,768 colors and rendering 50,000 polygons per second. Which provides a noticeable improvement over the polygon rendering of the Genesis.

32X Region Free? 

It depends on the game actually. The 32X is basically an add-on but it has its own freedom. There are a lot of variations of 32X models. Such as Super 32X in Japan, Genesis 32X in North America, Mega Drive 32X in the PAL region, and Mega 32X in Brazil. According to the law of region free, we can tell that 32X is not region free. 


Now that you know about the CDX and if they can play 32x games, you can go plug in your 32x and start playing. This Console really is one of a kind, and although may be a little expensive, the fact that it can basically play every sega game ever made makes it invaluable to collectors and Sega lovers alike!