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Does The Switch Lite Use USB C?

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The Switch Lite is one of Nintendo‘s greatest and the gaming devices they have ever made. If you have ever played on one then you know just exactly what I am talking about by the amazing graphics as well as the great game design and overall feel of the device in your hands. 

Not only does the Switch Lite have an amazing feel in your hands but it also has amazing technology that can allow you to play games on the go no matter if you are in Wi-Fi or not. With all the different charging capabilities on different devices today many people want to know if the Switch Lite uses USB C?

The Nintendo Switch Lite actually uses the same USB C charger as the original Nintendo Switch uses. They continue to use the USB C charger so if you were ever in need of a replacement charger you will be able to use any USB C charger that you have to charge your Switch Lite. 

Unlike Apple, they did not make the device have a proprietary charger because Nintendo is all about the best experience for every user. 

Nintendo has always been good with making sure that all of its gaming devices are user friendly and they take everything into consideration including the type of charger that you will need when charging your device. Nintendo wants to make sure that you have the best experience when you were using their device from the time you open the box till the time you sell the device to someone else or hand it down to your kids. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite is meant to last a lifetime and it is taken care of and used properly there is no reason why it will not last a very long time. These devices are extremely popular and even the people that are not giant Nintendo fans love these devices because of the technology that they have in them two play all your favorite games on the go. 

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Can a Samsung charger charge a Nintendo Switch Lite?

If you have ever been at a friends house or on the go somewhere and you did not bring your Nintendo Switch Lite charger you may be wondering if you can use a Samsung charger to charge your device. Even though a Samsung charger is a USB C, many people will still ask this question as the sun is a lot smaller than the Nintendo Switch Lite and they do not want to damage their gaming console. So can a Samsung charger charge a Nintendo Switch Lite?

The good news is that any Samsung USB C charger will charge your Nintendo Switch Lite easily. This allows the Nintendo Switch Lite to have a universal charger with any USB C cable. This gives you the ability to charge your device no matter where you are. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite is all about having freedom from cords and being able to be on the move while playing your favorite games. Allowing the USB C Cable to be universal and work with any USB C charger is just another way Nintendo was thinking about its customers when they made this device

Is there a charging light on the Nintendo Switch Lite?

When you plug in most devices they will have some sort of LED indicator light to let you know that the device is charging as well as some products even have multiple LED lights that will let you know how much the battery is charged. Because the Nintendo switch light is so user-friendly many people think that the Nintendo Switch Lite would have one of these LED indicator lights. The problem is if you own a Nintendo Switch Lite, you have probably never seen one of these lights on your device. This leads many people to wonder if there is a charging light on their Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Although you can adjust the settings to show the status bar of the battery on the home screen while the device is charging, there is no charging light on the Nintendo Switch Lite. 

Although no one is quite sure why there is not an LED charging light on the Nintendo Switch Lite, many people have learned just to tap their screen to check the status of their device when it is charging. 

How do I increase the battery life on my Nintendo Switch Lite?

When you’re playing your Switch Lite one of the things you want to do is continue to play the games that you love and not have to wait for the device to charge. Although everyone knows that a battery will eventually die, there are many ways that you can increase the battery life of your device while you are using it. 

Although the Nintendo Switch Lite already has an amazing battery for gaming that will last you quite a few hours, many people always want to try and stretch their battery life and get as much out of the battery as they can. Everyone is always looking for that extra 30 minutes to an hour of playing time instead of charging time. So how do I increase the battery life of my NintendoSwitch Lite?

There are four ways to increase the battery life on your Nintendo Switch Lite while you are using it. They are:

  • Lower the brightness 
  • Turn on sleep mode in settings 
  • Turn off controller vibrations
  • Turn on airplane mode

Although you may not be able to use all four of these ways to save your battery at the same time, you will be able to use one or more of them while you are playing your Nintendo Switch Lite.

Because there are many games on the Nintendo Switch Lite that require Internet most of the time you will not be able to have on your airplane mode, but when you are playing a game that does not require you to be online you will definitely want to have your airplane mode on as this will save your battery. 

Most of the time you will be able to have your brightness lower and even though it may make the device a little harder to see, this will increase your battery life by quite a bit. Well most people do not think about it turning off your controller vibrations does not affect the game that you play or how you play it at all but instead will increase your battery life giving you more time to play. 

If you are like me, then you are always on the go and when something comes up you will normally just set down your Switch Lite and not remember to actually power off your device. Turning on sleep mode in settings is a great way to fix this as it will automatically make your device go to sleep after a short period of time. Doing this will not only save your battery but it will also make sure that if your device ever happens to come on while you were traveling and it is in a bag or your pocket it will turn right back off and not waste the battery. 


Now that you know the Switch Lite uses USB C to charge it, you can see why Nintendo actually decided to use this charging port rather than its own proprietary one. Nintendo is all about putting its customers first and using a USB C charging port on the device is just one of the main examples of them putting their customers first.