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Does the Switch/Switch Lite Come With A Game? 

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The Switch and Switch Lite are both popular Nintendo consoles. If you have been looking to purchase one of them, you know just how hard they can be to find. 

Not only are they hard to find, but once you own them you have to unbox everything and see what is included in the box.

There are many different things included with the Switch and the Switch Lite. 

Neither the Switch or the Switch Lite come with a game with the original package. There are some console packages that you can purchase that do come with a game but those are typically special ones that are produced for a limited time. 

The consoles that come with a game, only come with one particular game, and will be in the form of a digital copy. 

Some people will even buy the console and take the game out for themselves. They would then package up the console and sell it for the original purchase price. Doing this would allow these people to get a free game, as some people are willing to purchase this system at a higher price just because it is available. 

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What does the Switch Lite come with?

The Switch Lite is a smaller, more portable, lighter version of the Nintendo Switch. Unlike the Switch, the Lite version cannot connect to the TV, or be used as a home gaming console.

Many people like the Switch Lite because it is easier to take on the go. It is also easier to find in stores and online than the original Switch. Since the Switch Lite is easier to find, and a lot of people like it, many people are wondering what exactly the Switch Lite comes with. 

The Switch Lite only comes with the device and the AC charger adapter. It does not come with a dock or controllers or any games. 

If it is basically just the device, why do so many people buy the Switch Lite instead of the Switch? People will buy the Switch Lite instead of the Switch because it is better to use on the go, and it is cheaper than the original Switch. 

Not everyone wants a device that can be used on the go and as an at home console. Although that is something no other company has been successful at creating, if you are always on the go, the Switch Lite is probably better for you. 

If you do want the original Switch because you want to use the device on the go and as a home gaming console, you may still need to settle for the Switch Lite. That is because the original Switch consoles are always sold out in stores, and if they do come in stock, they normally sell out within a few hours. 

Can you watch Netflix on Nintendo Switch Lite?

The Switch Lite has a ton of abilities similar to the original Switch. Even though it is smaller and more lightweight, it can still perform extremely well and hold all of the games you would want to play. 

If you are on a long trip though, you may not want to just play games the entire time. If you like to watch movies and TV shows, you may be wondering if you can watch Netflix on the Switch Lite. 

Sadly you cannot watch Netflix on the Switch Lite as it is not supported. You can only use the Switch Lite to watch shows on Hulu and YouTube. 

There have been many people wondering about if the Switch Lite will ever allow Netflix to work on their device, and at this point it is unclear. Nintendo wanted the Switch Lite to be used for gaming, and with such a small screen, you are better off using your phone or tablet to watch movies if you are on the go. 

The Switch Lite can watch TV shows with Hulu, but Nintendo put its focus on using the Switch Lite for gaming instead of watching TV shows and movies. If you are wanting something to watch movies or TV shows on, you will probably want a tablet or Ipad. 

Both a tablet and Ipad would allow you to watch TV shows and movies on the go, and would give you a better experience. If you want to purchase a tablet that Netflix works on, you can find it by clicking here.

How many games can you download on Switch Lite?

Now that you have purchased a Switch Lite, you are learning all of the features that the device is capable of. Not only can it play games on the go, but you get the same access to the Eshop as you do with the original Switch. 

The real question is, that with the device being so small, can you download as many games on the Switch Lite as you could on the original Switch? 

The Switch Lite has 32GB of internal storage which will allow you to download an average of 5 games. It also has a micro SD card slot that can give it an additional 2TB of storage which is enough for hundreds of games. 

Since you have the removable storage, you will want to purchase a micro SD card. They are not that expensive and will allow you to download as many games as you want to without ever worrying about running out of room on your device. 

There are many different micro SD cards that you can buy for your Switch Lite. One of the best is the one made specifically for the Switch Lite. While it is not 2TB, it is considerably cheaper, and will allow you to download all the games you will want to play. 

This micro SD card is made by SanDisk, and is designed to specifically work with the Switch Lite. This means that you will not have to worry about buying it and it not working or being formatted wrong for the Switch Lite. You can buy this special edition micro SD card by clicking here.