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Having Problems With Your Arcade 1up Spinner? Here’s The Fix!

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Do you have an Arcade 1up machine and love playing it? As much as everyone loves these machines, there is one major issue with a couple of them, and that is the spinner! Well we have some good news for you! In this article we will show you hwo to fix the Arcade 1up spinner. 

So what is the Arcade 1up Spinner fix? 

To fix the spinner on the Arcade 1up machine, you will need to replace the spinner itself. This isn’t too hard if you follow the steps below in this article.  

If you follow the steps below in this article you will no longer have any issue with the spinner sticking and making your arcade 1up machine basically unplayable. If you are more of a visual learner, you can also watch this video to learn how to fix and replace the spinner. 

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Arcade games are still used for entertainment purposes in many parts of the world. The arcade games are developing together with networking games and game consoles. Arcade classics have started reappearing as mobile and PC games. The arcade gaming industry has remained popular in Japan and the U.S. to the present day. 

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What is an arcade machine?

Arcade games are still popular in the Eastern hemisphere and a lot of people are still very enthusiastic about mods and new technical upgrades that are still being developed today. 

Japan and the U.S. are two countries with a lot of arcade enthusiasts in them. Although a lot of enthusiasts do not like the newer machines, they do love the new technology that is coming out and is able to be added to the original arcade machines, 

When people think about arcade games, most people think about the racing and shooting games that are popular in today’s arcades. The thing is that before all of the new technology though, the arcade games were mostly pinball and simple games like Pac-Man.

The arcade games all came before the world of video games that are currently available to be played in people’s homes. The original arcade games were a coin-operated entertainment machine typically installed in public businesses such as restaurants, bars and amusement parks. 

What is an Arcade 1up machine?

Atari is an interactive entertainment production company. Arcade1up is Atari’s latest venture. It is currently leading the retro video game trend with their ¾ scale licensed arcade cabinets. After winning the 2019 Tech Toy of the Year Award (TOTY), Arcade 1up continues to be a fan favorite.

Most arcade games are video games, pinball machines, electromechanical games, redemption games or merchandisers. Because of growing technology and video game consoles, the Arcade 1up machines have revolutionized the way people have been able to play arcade games. 

It has allowed people the option to be able to build and play their very own arcade machine inside their own home. Although this may not seem like a big deal for the generation that grew up with video games, this is such a big deal for those who grew up in the era of going to an arcade to play a video game.  

What is an Arcade 1up spinner?

The spinner control comes on three of the arcade one up cabinets; the asteroid cabinets, the asteroid deluxe cabinet and the Atari twelve in one cabinet. A spinner doesn’t fix all the issues, it just makes the dial control play more like a spinner control as it should have been. 

If classic arcade games were meant to be played with a dial control, then the control panel would have contained a dial control instead of a spinner control. You can play your Arcade 1up machine with a spinner control by replacing the dial with this spinner. , or you can try using this hack below. 

How do I fix the Arcade 1up spinner?

STEP ONE: Remove the control panel by removing the four screws that hold it in place, and lift the panel up.

STEP TWO: You will see a connector once the panel is lifted up. Remove the connector from the bottom of the control panel. 

STEP THREE: Remove the panel and place it upside down on a soft surface. 

STEP FOUR: Remove the plastic cover on the bottom of the control panel that protects the wiring by removing the six screws that held it in place. This is a pretty easy step.

STEP FIVE:  Remove the spinner control from the control panel. For that we have to first remove the spinner control bracket that is held by two screws to hold it in place to the underside(which is now the top) of the control panel.

STEP SIX: Now you can see the shaft and the PCB that actually sends the signals to the computer. The next part is to remove the spinner knob held by two screws. Remove the two screws in the bottom plate. 

STEP SEVEN: Remove the base plate off the spinner knob and the shaft on the spinner control.

STEP EIGHT: Remove the main part of the spinner and wrap a piece of electrical tape around the spinner shaft.

STEP NINE: Put the spinner plate back on it. Go around the spinner shaft with the electrical tape just once. And make sure your electrical tape is not too wide. You only want it to be as wide as black piece on the spinner shaft.

STEP TEN: Now you can rotate to spin the base plate left and right and that makes everything turn. Now we have to add weight to the spinner control.

STEP ELEVEN: Put a stack of pennies to add a quite bit of weight to the spinner. Insert the four stacks of penny rows into the cavity of the spinner knob. There should be 10 pennies in each stack. You can make a penny stack by putting them together using electrical tape. Place each stack on the top of another one.

STEP TWELVE: Now we have to add spacers to the screw thread holes on the bottom of the spinner control knob. This is done to create space between the baseplate and the top knob because when they screw together they can press against the control panel and it could cause  it to rub. You can just place a piece of black electrical tape over those screw threads so the screw thread will go in it and will give you enough spacing to make the clearance.

STEP THIRTEEN: Tighten the spinner control knob and rotate it really fast. And you will see that it won’t even move.

STEP FOURTEEN:- Reinstall the control panel.

How do I enhance the performance of the spinner?

We find that most people prefer to replace the spinner as that is the way the game was originally intended to be played.

  • Replace your plastic dowel spinner with real metal spinner controls that have ball bearings and flywheels.
  • This can be done by following the same steps above to disassemble the board and spinner knob, and then in reverse order once you replace the knob. 


Although replacing the spinner may not fix everyone’s issue with the machine, we have found that this is the best option and what most people prefer to do. So now that you have fixed or replaced the spinner on your Arcade 1up machine, you can go ahead and turn it on and start playing the game how was intended to be played originally.