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How Are Atari Games Made?

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Do you own an Atari and wondered where all the games come from? Maybe you want to design games for Atari someday and want to know what that entails. Well this article will help answer any questions you might have! 

So how are Atari games made? 

Building up a game is a long procedure including altering programming code, collecting the system, and experimenting the subsequent binary value. 

If you are interested in learning how to do this, or just more about Atari games in general, you should continue reading this article. You can also watch this video to learn how to build an Atari game. 

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History of the Atari

The Atari 2600 or Atari VCS was launched and produced in November 1982. It was a video game that connected to the TV via cable wire via VCR. It is a microprocessor hardware-based game that is stored on Rome cartridges. 

Developing games for the Atari 2600 is a lot less complicated today than it was when the console originally released. Today, there are numerous useful online networks of committed software engineers, promptly accessible documentation, devices, and test code.

The Use of Basic in Atari

A 2600 processor is a configuration of a cartridge that includes a loop panel with ROM, which is the main and basic level, and a silicon chip is just like a structures and program. The structure and program of the cartridge displays the game on the TV. 

A PC traditionally includes memory, a processor, and process in and process out systems. The 2600 has a processor of 6507, memory, and process in and process out structures (Joyce Stick and pedal for data).

A Processor

The 2600 CPU is a different type of processor used in PCs. For example, Super Nintendo, Atari Home PCs, Nintendo NES, and Apple II all used the 2600 CPU. It is utilized in every device since it is cheap to produce. It is pretty simple to program, yet also practical. 

The 2600 utilizes a 6507 chip. This chip though was only a 6502 wearing sheep’s apparel. The 6507 can address less memory than the 6502, and many people didnt like it for this reason. 


When the Atari was originally manufactured, memory including both ROM and RAM were very expensive. There are only 128 bytes of RAM and that usually depends on the capabilities of the cartridge. If the cartridge could not handle 128 bytes of RAM, then the Atari would not actually produce that much.

Process In and Process Out

The Atari commitment is made through correspondence with Joyce Stick and pedal controllers. There are additional barriers to control; for example, capsids – as the case may be, it will not benefit them as much. The production ends with a TV picture of the sound. This picture is what the gamer sees and hears on the TV.

The Buildup method of Atari

Building up a game is a hard procedure for the 2600 including altering programming code, collecting the system, and experimenting the subsequent binary value. The initial step is to assemble the apparatuses essential to play out these assignments.

The source code or programming code is at least one content document containing rundown directions and encoded designs that make up a game. This information is changed over by the developer into a double. This means that the data that is set is correct for a cartridge and is constrained by the 2600 itself.

If you want to change the source code, you need a word processor, and you can do it by yourself if you want to. The best alternative is to use Microsoft Developer Studio due to its highlights. Although if you choose, any word processor will work for what you need. Bundles coordinate the improvement procedure (alter/collect/test) into your content manager, and they  become accessible. A simple developer-studio reconciliation allows you to double click on a line, and the editorial manager will correct the source code which is causing the mistake.

To change the source code into a parallel structure, you can utilize an assembler. A construction agent is a program that turns over low-level computing construct into a paired arrangement. Every one of the 2600’s improvements nowadays are finished by utilizing the great cross-stage. Most people prefer the constructing agent ‘DASM’ which was composed by Matt Dillon in around 1988.

The development of the game in the ’80s involved making binary imagery, assembling binary code, and then manually placing the binary code on the EPROM, or putting this EPR in the cartridge, and plugging it into the 2600. It was a gradual process, and sometimes it only took about 15 minutes to see the change!

Nowadays, you can see immediate changes to the code due to the accessibility of good emulators. An emulator program is something professed in another device. The emulated 2600 is able to run double the ROM pictures and show the outcomes as you would put a cartridge containing ROM with that support.

The present 2600 emulators are great along these lines. Rather than consuming a ROM, on an Atari, you can simply see it on the emulator instantly instead. Also if there is an issue, you can return and alter your programming code, submit the code into the double, and rerun it again on the emulator. All of this can happen now where before it would have to be placed on the cartridge and tested on the machine to make sure it was working properly.


Now that you have an insight into how Atari games are made, you can have a better appreciation for the original Atari games that took so long to create. If you are interested in creating your own, we hope this article was helpful. If you are looking for ideas to design a game of your own, you may want to watch this short video! This video will go over the top 10 Atari games ever created. 

If you want to create a game in the top 10, these are the games you will be up against, and need to compete with as far as game play, skill level, story line, and ease of playing. Although not everyone will be able to create games like these, we are sure if you put your mind to it, you can create a game that is a masterpiece and fun for you and all of your friends and family to play! 

If you find yourself reading this thinking you don’t even own an Atari yet, here is the best place to buy one! No matter what your skill level is, or how often you play video games, the Atari 2600 is a classic console, and is loved by so many gamers! There are even people who love the original Atari games such as PacMan and Space invaders that do not even own an Atari. Even though not everyone loves or even plays the Atari 2600, there is no denying that the games of the 2600 became and are some of the top rated games ever created by any gaming company in the world!