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How Big Is A Record Player?

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Record players have been around for generations but in recent years records have started becoming more popular again so more and more people are having questions about them. That is where this article comes into play as we will try to answer the important question, how big is a record player? 

There are a few different types of record players so the size and weight of a record player will vary depending on the style player that you have. In general record players will be 20 inches long, 15 inches tall, and weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. Again, this can vary a good amount depending on the manufacturer and the style of player that you have or are looking to buy. 

When discussing this question, it is a good idea to talk about the different types of record players. Some are portable, meaning they can go from room to room or even outside without much difficulty. A few use batteries, but most still require an electrical source to work.

Next are turntables. It would be easy to think they are the same thing, but they are slightly different. These may be used by a disk jockey or at home in a stereo system. They tend to be a bit bigger than a portable player and nearly three times the weight.

Third are retro phonographs. These have the old fashioned fluted speaker as seen in old movies and film clips. Because of this, they are taller than either of the others mentioned above. That said, the mini versions aren’t much larger than a normal record player. They are about the same size in most respects as a portable record player.

Amazon has basic size information about record players, although it doesn’t have the sizes of the various components of the player which will often affect the height. 

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How Big Are Portable Record Players?

The Innovative Technology VSC-550BT-TQ will be our representative of the portable record player. Unlike vintage players, it also has the capacity to use Bluetooth and play other formats of recordings.

The player is thirteen point nine (13.9) inches wide. This may seem like the size all record players should be, but it isn’t the case. However, the turntable on the player is larger than one of the others to be featured in this article.

Because it is portable, it needs to have a lid. This makes it a little taller, but not the tallest on this list. It is ten point one (10.1) inches deep. This allows for most of the album to be on the platter, rather than hanging over the edge. Care will still have to be taken, as about two inches will be hanging off of it if you are playing a 12 inch record. 

With the lid closed, the record player is five inches tall. Naturally, when in use it will be as tall as the lid is, but that is not calculated into the size. The player is an easy weight for most to carry at only five pounds and not quite one ounce.

How Big Are Turntable Record Players?

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK  is our sample for the turntables. For most of us there isn’t a huge difference in a record player or a turntable as they both play vinyl records. However, for audiophiles and professionals there is a difference.

There is also a difference in size and weight. Two turntables were examined, the one above and another. Both are bigger and heavier than the portable record player. Since these are likely to be used by professionals, that is to be expected.

The length of the two are similar; one is twenty point seven (20.7) inches, the one above is nineteen inches. This provides plenty of protection for the vinyl album on the turntable, as none of it will be off in space, waiting to be tipped over or warped if left on the player too long. 

The width of each is not as close. The one above is nearly five inches wider than the other model at seventeen inches. The other model is twelve point two inches. This may mean some overlap, although it is unlikely to be too hazardous to the vinyl.

The height of each of these is measured differently. The above model is based on the lid being closed and is seven inches tall. The other model is fifteen point eight (15.8) inches tall. Having the lid on the player, especially when not in use, helps keep dust particles out. There are also dust covers for them, which those who have a large investment in vinyl will most likely want to have.

Turntables tend to be heavier than portable players. In part this is because the weight of the system is greater. Many believe that weight has an effect on sound. That said, the above is only eight pounds where the other player compared to it is fourteen point nine (14.9) pounds. 

How Big Are Novelty Record Players?

Chocolate record players: This is an area of extreme creativity. The first one was made in 1902 by Stollwerk, a German confectionery company. The record player was small; approximately seven inches in diameter and about twice that in height. It was not chocolate, but it played chocolate records. After playing the record, those who wished could “eat the music.”

While the idea didn’t last long at the time, it has given rise in the twenty-first century to all kinds of creative confections, usually made of chocolate. The players, tables for them to sit on and even the records are often made of chocolate and some of them actually play music.

Mini Vintage Retro Gramophone: The classic look of the early twentieth century gramophone can’t be denied. It brings back the history of the Roaring Twenties, speakeasies and to a certain degree the Great Depression and World War II. However, those gramophones had some limitations that the current novelty gramophones don’t have.

This gramophone is eight point two (8.2) inches wide, six point seven (6.7) inches deep and thirteen inches tall. It weighs in at five point five one (5.51) pounds and is considered portable. However, unlike those a century ago, these have Bluetooth and other modern conveniences such as a USB port. This makes it ideal for many occasions, especially for those planning a retro party.

It is probable that record players come in many more and different sizes. With today’s micro technology, there may even be record players (and records) that fit on a keychain at some point in the future. 


Because of the variety of record players and record player manufacturers there are a variety of many different sizes and weights as well. Even record players that are identical in size can weigh significantly differently because of the components inside and what the player itself is made of. 

The best way to know the exact size of a specific model is to find it online and ask the seller for exact dimensions and weight. Amazon will have some of these but they are not always accurate.

You can often message or email stores and ask them for the exact size and weight of the model before buying if you have a specific spot that you want the record player to sit inside.